1. WeHoSuperhero says

    Almost an hour and everyone in the office is still talking about it. It felt awesome and reminds you how powerless you are! Now they are saying it’s a 5.4.

  2. damien says

    I moved here from the east coast 6 months ago and just a few minutes ago I was in my pool when the earth started shaking. My first earthquake! WTF?

  3. says

    I’m in a downtown LA high-rise and it rolled quite a bit over here. Not bad! I’ve lived here my whole life and this was pretty much garden variety.

    Certainly mother nature is under-achieving on the earthquake front.

  4. Mike says

    A big jolt here in Costa Mesa, CA (Orange County) but no damage as far as I can determine. I haven’t seen any reports of deaths which are directly attributable. A spokesman for the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office said there were no reports of injuries in the Chino Hills area – which was the epicenter of this particular event.

  5. OTTO says


    Doing nothing like that. This is a blog…when you get information, you post it. I certainly am not in the business of ‘spreading rumours’. I hope that the information that I got is incorrect. Don’t judge so quickly.

  6. Sergio says

    @otto: currently the phone lines are being maxed out by the sheer number of callers but soon after the quake I couldn’t get my landline to work for a good half hour.

  7. Otto says

    I will correct myself DEZBOY. I work in Atlanta at a major news network. Believe it or not-we are not always correct. Thank God we were wrong. We just go by the news on the ‘ground’.

  8. alguien says


    cell phones were scrambled for a little while – i was able to receive a text but could not reply – but they seem to be working again. there was no problem at all with landlines.

  9. peterparker says

    I was sitting at my computer, talking on the telephone. My dog was asleep on the bed. He lifted his head, looked around, dropped his head back to the bed and went right back to sleep. We hardly felt it.

  10. Tralfaz says

    Matt – Don’t be an asshole. I live in Los Angeles and NO ONE has been killed or seriously hurt.

    Go back to Perez Hilton’s site and spread that bullshit.

  11. beejers says

    It certainly was a good one. Strong enough to be felt, not strong enough to cause serious damage. All in all, a good ride.

    Having grown up in LA, its drilled into our heads to seek cover immediately. I got my staff to safety while my customers crowded around the plate glass windows to see what was happening outside. After all, one never knows if its going to keep going like it did today(which lasted quite some time) or if its going to intensify like it did in 1994. Seriously? Lets gather by the windows that are visibly vibrating?

    I’d rather look like a fool like Kent Shockneck from the local NBC affiliate diving under the desk during a live broadcast back in 87 than some fool needing to pick shards of glass out of his eyeballs…

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