1. Rafael says

    His boyfriend is very sweet. The show looks more interesting than I previously thought and with an audience of nearly 4 million people, it is destined to influence the perception of the core. Good for him and us too :)

  2. Nathan says

    there are rumors he’s being approached by Marvel Studios to play Captain America. how awesome would that be to have a gay actor play the Living Legend and symbol of America? let’s go Marvel!

  3. Dback says

    Captain America? Wow, that’d be cool. He certainly has the right look for it. However, I think getting an actor who’s not only openly gay but SCOTTISH to play “Captain America” might set some people off.

  4. says

    Given that I haven’t had cable for 14 years, this question is rather mute, but: is it going to be shown here in the U.S.?

  5. Dback says

    Josh, you bad boy, be careful. I queried that yesterday about the “Project Runway” guys in what was intended as a tongue-in-cheek manner, and a whole firestorm ignited. :) (And for those who were wondering: 65% top-35% versatile.)

  6. Michael Bedwell says

    Barrowman was at ComicCon in LA this week [along with other gay faves Hugh Jackman, Chris Evans, Keanu Reeves, Michael C. Hall, Mark Wahlberg, Gerald Butler, et al. … Who knew! I’ve GOT to get out more!]. Here’s an account of yesterday’s “Torchwood” panel from the “LA Times” followed by amateur video clip.

    “John Barrowman is clearly comfortable in front of a crowd.

    The star of the British sci-fi series ‘Torchwood’ went to school in San Diego and, back in town with a sizable contingent of his family, the actor bellowed, stood on his seat, sang and playfully groped his fellow cast members during a panel in Ballroom 20 on Thursday at Comic-Con.

    Barrowman was asked by a fan during a question-and-answer session whether he would consider ‘rocking the blond hair’ and donning the star-spangled superhero Captain America. Barrowman was emphatic that he would like to do just that if Marvel Studios calls.

    ‘He’s one of my favorite superheroes. … My dad is probably sending the studio an e-mail right now’, the square-jawed actor said, nodding toward his parents in the in the front row of the huge ballroom.

    ‘Torchwood’ executive producer Julie Gardner piped up and said she would ‘intercept that e-mail’ to hold on to her action hero.

    The rowdy panel for ‘Torchwood’ was laced with sexual innuendo and flirtation and the crowd was delighted with the steady stream of wisecracks by Barrowman about his character, Captain Jack, and his sexual preferences.

    [WARNING: “Torchwood” spoiler ahead.]

    The highlight was tender ad-lib moment: A young woman asked if Barrowman and fellow cast member Naoko Mori (who played Tosh until her death this past season) would sing a duet of ‘Sun and Moon’ from ‘Miss Saigon’. The pair starred in a stage production years ago and, after a bit of fumbling to remember the lyrics, they performed it to the delight of the crowd.”

    VID already up:

    Jesus, what a voice!!! And Mori, too!

    Top? Bottom? Well, FICTIONALLY, here’s Barrowman’s response to a question yesterday about him and his “Torchwood” character. NB: “Ianto” is another man in the series.

    “There is a lot of John Barrowman in Captain Jack. And a lot of Captain Jack in John Barrowman… And a lot of Ianto in Captain Jack.”

    Perhaps he was referring to what happened after this scene:

  7. Michael Bedwell says

    THIS JUST IN! Either the “a lot of Ianto in Captain Jack” quote above is from a different event or the source misremembered this exchange during the panel as recorded below when it appears that Gareth David-Lloyd who plays Ianto delivers the line to everyone delight[including Barrowman’s]:

    And more of Ianto & the Captain jacking it:

  8. gr8guyca says

    In case people aren’t that familiar with John, he’s also an amazing singer. He was in “Sunset Boulevard” and has been seen a lot on British TV as a singer. (Go to YouTube and search for his musical performances.) He’s kind of like Hugh Jackman; an actor who can also sing and dance. It’s funny that he has an American accent, but that he says, “schedule” the British way, “shed-jul.” Anyway, he’s hot, talented, and, according to this clip, a sweet guy with an adorable boyfriend. What’s not to like?

  9. Gordon says

    Who the fuck cares whether being gay is genetic or not? We’ve known for ages that being black is genetic, did that do anything to lessen racism? No. Gay people are not some mutation of straight people. We are who we are, they are who they are. Time to get over this ridiculous, unhelpful fixation with how it happens. Just be glad that it happens! Have a lot of sex to show your gratitude!

  10. Jimbo says

    When are they doing the one about what causes heterosexuality? Because that’s the one we need to find cure for. But you can bet your bottom dollar that as soon they identify the placental factors influencing homosexuality, they’ll be marketing a drug for expectant mothers at risk!!!

  11. Tim says

    John Barrowman is an arrogant self absorbed twat who isn’t up to the challenge of discussing anything with any importance. This programme was utterly one-sided and poorly argued to the point it was embarrassing. The conclusion? That because John had an older brother and a miscarried older male sibling, he’s gay. According to one doctor (who made no attempt to substantiate this claim), his mother’s body developed antibodies against him (I know how she feels) and this made him gay. It’s a biological eugenics of the womb! Not only is this idiotic and insultingly simplistic, it’s dangerous talk.
    Plus, his pallid complexion makes me sick.

  12. athiest says

    Bravo Tim; I absolutely agree. This kind of pseudo-science is now routinely presented as “evidence” of a genetic or biological basis for homosexuality. Evidence it is most certainly not. When they discovered that Barrowman was no different biologically or genetically from a straight man, they continued to search for “something” that would magically “prove” it. The craven desperation to find biological proof of sexuality that Barrowman displayed was proof of nothing more than his desire to believe that he was born gay. The conclusion he came to was based on part assertion, part speculation and pure sentiment, but not evidence.

    I agree with Gordon; why the hell do we even need to know the so-called “cause”? It is absurd to talk in terms of causation where sexuality is concerned; it is far too complex a matter. The desire on the part of many politcally active gay men to argue the genetic basis for homosexuality plays straight into the hands of those who Jimbo alludes to; i.e. those would exterminate the “at risk” foetus. Let’s have none of it.

  13. Gordon says

    Right on, Atheist! What’s all this fixation about proving that a person is born gay? I was born, I’m gay, that’s enough for me.

    The whole “how did this happen” question is nothing more than thinly disguised homophobia, whether on the part of straight or gay people. Gay people who worry about how they got that way are, I believe, agreeing with society’s subliminal message that straight is better than gay. Stop obsessing, guys! Come out, be proud, suck a lot of cock!

  14. says

    Why is it that all the guys on here who say, be proud, immediately reference having lots of sex or sucking a lot of cock. You pathetic lot…there more to being gay then merely sex. In my opinion you are merely the ones who enforce that all we do is run around and screw.

  15. rich says

    This seems so 1981. Haven’t we gotten past this public embracing our gayness, and emphatically stating that being gay is a part of who we are? Maybe older folks are still doing this, but I for one quit thinking like this a long time ago. And those younger don’t seem to need to analyze their gayness at all. Who is the audience for this tripe?

    Also, I hate the way he says GAY in all caps when he talks. “I need to know why I’m … GAY!” He sounds like some minister in Arkansas trying to be PC: “There’s nothing wrong with being GAY. If you want to be GAY, then that’s your business.”

  16. Tim says

    Actually, if you think about it, there isn’t really much more to being gay than sex. That’s kind of what it is, no?

  17. Hank says

    Eve Sedgewick in the early 90s in an essay called “how to bring your kids up gay” wrote ( and I am trying to paraphrase from memory, ) that she would feel less chilled by science’s breezy confidence that it would soon find the cause of being gay , if she had ever, even once, heard someone say we have to figure out how to make sure kids DO turn out gay…