News: Bombing Budapest, Video Violence, Marilyn Digs Her Own Political Musgrave, Portland Even Gayer Than McDonald’s & More

Quinto_zachary1road.jpg Magnum, a gay sauna in Budapest, Hungary, was the target of four petrol bombs early today. This is the second bombing in a week. In both cases, the perpetrators called first to make sure people were inside. “We are doubtful if the police are really protecting the gay establishments as they promised,” says Gabor Kuszing of the Hungarian gay-rights group Patent Association.

road.jpg Two female students were arraigned on charges of aggravated assault after videotaping their beating of a lesbian classmate whose PDAs were said to upset them.

road.jpg All of Big Sur, California, was ordered evacuated as an 11-day-old fire continues to rage.

road.jpg Colorado Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave goes back to the anti-gay marriage well that nearly cost her her job.

Mcdavid_1road.jpg Keep Your Eyes On Your Fries: The American Family Association thinks McDonald’s is so, totally, like gay.

road.jpg For Obama, even some formerly fire-engine red states have got the blues. But it’s not all “blue skies”—the largest group on his own Web site is devoted to urging him to reconsider caving on FISA.

road.jpg Portland tops the “Gay Ghetto” list. (Where’s New York???)

road.jpg Scientology’s $8 million-dollar secret.

road.jpg A modern-day West Side Story may be in the works.

road.jpg Joe Lieberman is not popular.

road.jpg Chris Martin of Coldplay used to “worry that he might be gay” until he realized he loved boobs. He attributes his sexual anxiety to his Christian upbringing. “What I grew up with was, if you even think about boobs, you’re going to hell,” he tells Rolling Stone. “But let’s face it, they’re fantastic.”

road.jpg Lindsay Lohan threw herself a prom-themed 22nd birthday at the Hollywood Roosevelt Wednesday. Her date? Top-hatted DJ Samantha Ronson.

road.jpg Democratic House candidate Darcy Burner of Washington owes her life to her five-year-old son, who awakened the politico and her husband in time to flee an early-morning fire that destroyed their home.

road.jpg Jai Rodriguez to star in a new musical about a Cuban refugee “who sets sail on a turbulent journey that leads him all the way to Hollywood and into the arms of a fiery, redheaded movie star named Lucille Ball.” Waaa!

road.jpg Ever seen Swoon? Its director, Tom Kalin, is back with Savage Grace, the true story of socialite Barbara Daly Baekeland. Julianne Moore plays the neurotic woman, who was said to have bedded her own son, Antony (Eddie Redmayne), as a means of curing his homosexuality. Instead, it probably helped drive him toward what became a grisly day of reckoning in 1972. The movie—out in limited release in the U.S. for the past month—is generating a big stir due to extended portrayals of their incestuous liaisons.

road.jpg Watermelon makes me horny.

Mroad.jpg Madonna’s Sticky and Sweet Tour setlist might very well contain classics “Borderline” (not presented live in 23 years) and “Into the Groove,” the Oscar-winning “You Must Love Me” from Evita and, of course, “La Isla Bonita”…a song Madonna seems to think is on par with “Vogue” considering how often it’s trotted out. Other oldies under consideration? “Dress You Up,” “Everybody” and “Angel.”


  1. the queen says

    bombing the baths? how rude!
    re swoon: incest and child molestation, it’s as american as apple pie… just ask nancy grace!

  2. Rich says

    Any list that’s topped by Atlanta is suspcious. No culture. Crappy ethnic restaurants. It’s even lost its’s most celebrated bar (and druggy hangout). It’s a place for people who are afraid of a real city. OTOH, it may be a sign of generic gay ghettos have gotten.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    Ugh-oh. They let out the secret of the sexual power of the watermelon. What they didn’t tell you is that excessive consumption of whatermelon will darken your skin and curls up your hair. Soon there won’t be a white man left in the United States.

    ‘Ol JOHNNY LANE and his Klan members will be runnin’ around in confusion trying to kill each other.

  4. SoylentDream says

    That Scientology article is awesome! I knew most of the facts beforehand but having them presented in a way that puts them all together was very enlightening.

    I suggest that, if you have the time, you read it. Well worth it.

    Proud to be an SP!

  5. says

    OMG!!! I was in Magnum in May!

    Turns out that and the bar that was firebombed (Action) were recently listed on a neo-nazi website as queer bars and good targets. Hope the police find those bastards!

  6. westcoastkid says

    The best gay towns in America?

    I believe I would be remiss if I did not throw into the mix of America’s best gay enclaves my adopted home city of San Diego.

    Let me begin the tour with the community of Hillcrest with it’s block after block of gay owned and gay friendly businesses. No need to be closeted here fellow gays. Despite what you may have heard about the conservative nature of San Diego the gay scene here in Hillcrest is thriving.

    A short walk to the south of Hillcrest is the huge and cruisie Balboa Park where it seems every afternoon there is a volleyball game or two in progress and oh, if sunbathing the day away on a blanket while surrounded by dozens of other like minded hot gay guys sounds interesting, this is the spot for you.

    San Diego will be holding it’s annual Gay Pride Events ( July 18th-21st) in Balboa Park as usual. Last year over 200,00 sated souls were in attendance.

    Next door to Hillcrest is Northpark, Hillcrest’s “sister” community. Here the gay scene continues with gay owned bars, restaurants and other businesses.

    A short distance to the east and north is the community of Kensington. More gay owned/gay friendly businesses as well as a gay bedroom community of elegant 1930’s Spanish style homes with picture perfect yards.

    Don’t forget the near bye desert and mountains for you outdoor/hiker types. Lots of secluded nooks and cranny’s for the adventurous to seek out. And oh, if you must, LA is an hours drive up the road and Palm Springs, a two hour drive northeast.

    Just another day in America’s Finest (gay) City.

  7. says

    The Scientology article is especially timely in light of the fact that Cruise is being edged out by Will “Down Low” Smith in the Miscaivage hierarchy.

  8. Jimmyboyo says

    I love watermelon

    Words of warning though to those thinking of going on an all watermellon det.

    Though refered to as “the food of the angels” by many a poet , and beingfull of nutrients…..ALL melons wther watermlon, honey dew, cantelope, etc hae a mil laxitie affect.

    In other words, the more you eat the looser your stool.

    Enjoy all the melons, but for a boost to your pecker look towards horney goat weed which won’tcause loose stool in large amounts.

  9. says

    Funny that Chris Martin would make such a big deal about how awesome boobs are when he is married to Gwenyth Palrow. I have bigger tits.

  10. says

    word to Chris Martin: I’m gay and I have an unnatural fascination with boobs. I don’t want to sleep with women at all, but I think boobs are awesome. Maybe it’s watching Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill! and Beyond the Valley of the Dolls! that did it for me.

  11. Derrick from Philly says

    Wow, JIMMY! You mean, watermelon is also an inner cleanser? Wonderful! Then, it’s just as good for us “Bottoms” as it is for the “Tops”. It will help with intimate flavors for intimate tasting too– now, that’s desperately needed (except for frat boys–they don’t care about tastes or smells).

    The watermelon: an all purpose aphrodisiac!

    How about watermelon cocktails? Vodka or Rum? Nothin’ wrong with making it more palatable.

  12. Chas says

    “except for frat boys–they don’t care about tastes or smells”

    How are you unlocking all of these secrets? I thought I was the only one who had figured that out. Honey-D, we must have watermelon cocktails sometime.

  13. rudy says

    Derrick, You must try my award-winning (since high school, lo those many years ago)picnic/concert in the park recipe for a Watermelon Bomb:

    Choose a large seedless watermelon (thump it with your thumb and choose the one with the most solid sound); open a fifth of Vodka (no need for flavored or high priced libations); [Pour yourself and highball]; pour the rest of the vodka s-l-o-w-l-y into the watermelon by cutting a triangular chunk out of the watermelon and resting the bottle up to the neck inside the fruit. Chill, cut, and serve

    Darlin’ this is guaranteed to loosen lips (top and bottom) and lead to much social interaction. Cin! Cin!

  14. Himbo with highlites says

    I tried that watermelon drink a while back due to its acclaim and report to you that its nasty and that coming from a person who will consume red bull and vodka without no prob.
    I wasted an entirely good watermelon and fucking bottle of grey goose on it. Don’t do it.

  15. Himbo with highlites says

    San Diego is excellent in many ways,but the quality and concentration of gayness pales in comparision to SF and, yes, even Dallas. Reminds me more of a west coast Houston. Its a gayborhood, but you would never guess.

  16. Rick says

    I was in the middle of reading the Scientology article when I had to leave for work… I just got home and the article is gone. Ridiculous and scary.

  17. Br!on says

    Scien’tool’ogy! Just so brilliant to sue the people that leave or talk bad about you. Keeps it quiet and no ones thinks yer weird. KaDuh.

    Chris Martin is a super sweet guy. I’ve interacted with him many times. But really bad argument considering. . . the wife.

    I eat watermelon almost everyday. Love it. Stools are fine, thanks.