MoveOn, FOX has started a petition urging FOX to stop smearing Obama using “racism, prejudice, and fear” to combat recent on-air Obama/Osama comments, the “terrorist fist jab” incident and Michelle Obama being identified as “Obama’s baby mama.”

Ironically, Obama seems to have “moved on” from MoveOn.

Meanwhile, John McCain is employing one of the infamous Swiftboat Veterans For “Truth” to combat an assault on his service record by Democrats. You know, the men he called “dishonest and dishonorable” back in 2004 when they went after John Kerry. The only reason the Swiftboaters were so effective in maiming Kerry in 2004 was the fact that their service created the impression of insider knowledge. In this case, their main function would be as a brand to attract skeptical right-wingers into the McCain fold.

We’ll see if truth really does win out, and whose truth it will be.