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News: Prisoners Of War, On Set With Cyndi, Servicing Obama, Aren't Ross & Rachel Like 45 Now?, Unfriendly Skies & More


road.jpg Freedom: Ingrid Betancourt, a Colombian presidential candidate held by the "Marxist-inspired" insurgents FARC in the jungle since 2002, has been rescued along with 14 other captives. Interesting that this happens while John McCain is in Colombia. In totally unrelated news, it's been revealed that a top John McCain fundraiser, Carl H. Lindner, Jr., has a history of supporting terrorist groups. The Cincinnati billionaire oversaw the payment of $1.7 million to a Colombian paramilitary group now defined as terrorists by the U.S. government and described as an "illegal right-wing anti-guerrilla group tied to many of the country's most notorious civilian massacres." Conspiracy theories aside, there's also been a long-overdue McCain campaign shake-up.

road.jpg Rush Limbaugh is the $400 million-dollar Elvis of talk radio.

Matus_valent_200806_1_530road.jpg Bodybuilder Matus Valent shares recipes and visual access to his physique at connex24.7. And he's got quite a way with words: "My most often food I eat throughout the whole year is grilled chicken breasts with rice, but I would say my most favorite is a Steak, preferably from an upscale steakhouse. It can be Fillet Mignon, Ribeye or New York strip prepared medium so my muscles can get some of the highest quality protein." High-quality meat really does contain the best protein.

road.jpg After Cyndi: Rocker and gay-rights activist Cyndi Lauper welcomes After Elton for an As the World Turns set visit.

road.jpg Ask Obama not what your country can do for you, ask Obama what you can do for your country.

road.jpg Does it pay to get gay-married?

road.jpg For the first time, Army and RAF troops in the UK will be allowed to march in Gay Pride parades wearing their uniforms. Controversially, gay soldiers will be reimbursed their traveling expenses in getting to the parades, even though soldiers are not reimbursed for other functions—like attending the Queen's Garden Party.

road.jpg Will the cast of Friends be there for you?

Fox20080702steinbergroad.jpg FOX deliberately alters images of New York Times reporters Steven Reddicliffe and Jacques Steinberg to enhance their point that they are "attack dogs."

road.jpg Cuppa Joe...Bob...Bill...: WEtv set loose 15 shirtless, coffee-serving men in Midtown Manhattan to build awareness for its new show Hot Coffee Break, on which studly guys perform mundane tasks. Did I mention the network is aimed at women?

road.jpg Openly gay Bishop Gene Robinson is set to preach at London's historic St Mary's, Putney, in the diocese of Southwark, at the invitation of church rector Rev. Giles Fraser. Says Fraser, "I am delighted that Gene Robinson is preaching in Putney. His exclusion from the Lambeth Conference, a meeting for listening, is an absolute scandal. He is a gracious and deeply courageous man of God."

road.jpg Cindy McCain is very, very spendy.

road.jpg Barack Obama shores up Hispanic support, so Bill Richardson might be off his short list. Obama also has the "grudging respect" of former Vice President Dan Quayle. There's a ringing endorsement.

20080625_westmanroad.jpg Okay, so Pete Wentz is not gay and damn him for being on the cover of Out. But he's got a (cute) gay business partner...does that help?

road.jpg American Airlines may be laying off up to 900 flight attendants beginning August 31—and if you don't get why this is a gay story, you must take the train.

road.jpg Sunscreen is annoying to put on and most of it might not even work adequately.

road.jpg Madonna is allegedly having an affair with Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez. Denied. Now A-Rod's wife, Cynthia, is allegedly shacked up with Lenny Kravitz. Word to the wise: Madonna, Rodriguez and Kravitz all share a manager—Guy Oseary.

road.jpg If "hotheaded" John McCain is elected president, his first trip to visit volatile French President Nicolas Sarkozy might be a real smackdown.

road.jpg And the people who live on Gay Street think they have it hard...check out New York's newest awkward avenue.

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  1. Can I just say how much I LOVE that you're posting news twice a day. It makes me so very happy. :)

    Posted by: Cameron | Jul 2, 2008 5:35:18 PM

  2. If they make a Friends movie, I think it should just be about Gunther.

    Posted by: crispy | Jul 2, 2008 5:41:46 PM

  3. It's almost like Andy never left for vacation! You're doing a great job holding down the fort - thanks!

    Posted by: Philip | Jul 2, 2008 6:14:35 PM

  4. Pete's business partner is more than cute. He's fucking perfect. I haven't read the article yet because I don't want to undermine my fantasy...

    Posted by: Paul R | Jul 2, 2008 6:22:41 PM

  5. And like Elvis, Rusty's a junkie who's going to end up dropping dead on the crapper.

    Posted by: David Ehrenstein | Jul 2, 2008 6:47:12 PM

  6. The cute gay business partner only helps if Wentz is fucking him.

    Posted by: David Ehrenstein | Jul 2, 2008 6:49:43 PM

  7. Thanks David! Your input is always so appreciated.

    Posted by: D.R.H. | Jul 2, 2008 7:10:54 PM

  8. I'm elated to hear Ingrid Betancourt has been released! I met her when she spoke at Javeriana University in Cali, Colombia only days before she was kidnapped. Her memoir is terrific, too. Quite obviously, it needs a new edition. I'm so pleased she and the other hostages were released safely. Viva Colombia!!

    Posted by: Daniel | Jul 2, 2008 7:48:28 PM

  9. Carl Lindner is also rapidly anti-gay, anti-free speech, and anti-union. When he ran Chiquita banana, the company was implicated in helping finance death squads that helped "break up" (re: kill) unions in Honduras. He's basically about as evil as they come. And a friend of McCain! Shocking!

    Posted by: ted | Jul 2, 2008 9:00:03 PM

  10. Cyndi Lauper deserves much more success! Her new album is brilliant! Please support her music! Her record company doesn't support her music because she supports Gay Rights.

    Posted by: Paul Demke | Jul 3, 2008 12:42:13 AM

  11. Oops. I meant rabidly.

    Posted by: ted | Jul 3, 2008 1:16:07 AM

  12. Well sunscreen might be annoying to put on, but it's the only true "anti-wrinkle" cream available. For such appearance-conscious and age-fearing gays, I'm surprised by how many guys don't bathe in the stuff. Excuse me... I need to re-apply.

    Posted by: Cam | Jul 3, 2008 6:39:38 AM

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