1. Philip says

    Gotta love how they used extreme stereotypes to define gay people at the bottom of the second page.

  2. says

    How many vowels can you put in the middle of ped-phile?

    Let’s see, “pedaphile”? Wrong. That would be someone who likes Pakistani sweets.
    um… “pediphile”? Wrong again, though it sounds like maybe a person who likes members of a Bantu-speaking tribe.

    “peduphile” would get you a lake in Malaysia,
    “pedephile” would actually mean something like gay, c/o French and presumably Francophone African slang.

    “pedophiles”? but there’s no connection to sexual orientation there.

  3. John in Manhattan says

    Oh dear, crude doesn’t begin describe this. Were they drunk? Seriously, were they when they put this together?

    I was prepared to be offended by Rinehart’s toons but this is so embarrassingly bad I almost feel sorry for the tool. No doubt Sally Kern is rubbing her labias over this one. Sad, sad folks.

  4. shamed okie says

    Just called his office (405-713-1502) and left a message with his very sweet receptionist. I told her that Commissioner Rinehart had misspelled “pedophile” at least twice in his comic book and that he might want to grab a dictionary to put next to his bible when he writes the next one. She replied that she had absolutely nothing to do with the comic book and offered me the phone number to his “campaign office”…(405-590-8245)…which i double-verified, and I think it’s actually HIS PERSONAL CELL PHONE NUMBER. I left him basically the same message (though this time, in my rage, a few expletives may have slipped out). Feel free to call and tell the douche what you think of him. Cheers!

  5. paul says

    Holy crap! This thing is amazing! Seriously, I can’t even believe it’s real. It’s so freaking hilarious! It looks like Charles Manson’s prison doodlings. Did this Rinehart person do this himself, or did he farm it out to an asylum full of lunatics? I kind of love it a little bit.

  6. anokie says

    As an Oklahoman I can only comment to how people that have common sense view it…and that is pathetic. This guy is going to prison he is usuing the tried and tested strategy that the Republicans (which he is) have used and that is to “scare” the constituents of his district, which I’m sorry to say has worked in the past. But, I really do think that most in his district will not fall for it. He has gotten very negative press here and not very well liked. He’s just grasping at strings, you just have to laugh at him, he’s a joke.

  7. anokie says

    As an Oklahoman I can only comment to how people that have common sense view it…and that is pathetic. This guy is going to prison he is usuing the tried and tested strategy that the Republicans (which he is) have used and that is to “scare” the constituents of his district, which I’m sorry to say has worked in the past. But, I really do think that most in his district will not fall for it. He has gotten very negative press here and not very well liked. He’s just grasping at strings, you just have to laugh at him, he’s a joke.

  8. JeffRob says

    There is no apt analysis for this other than that it is certainly a victory for us.

    I mean, you have GOT to be kidding me.

  9. Paul R says

    It looks like something a 12-year-old redneck would have come up with. Maybe he should have asked the woman who did the drawings if she’s ever drawn ANYTHING before.

    I guess he had to cut corners on production values because he’s a crook. This has actually improved my mood today!

  10. Paul Rl says

    I can’t believe there’s something called a Roads Scholar program. (I had to look it up because this guy is clearly not a Rhodes scholar.) What a stupid, confusing name.

    I think the weirdest this is his continual use of “good ol’ boy(s)” in a perjorative sense. In most places in the South that term isn’t associated with liberals and gays. Like I bet his county is just crawling with flamboyant, out gays demanding “special” rights.

  11. jason says

    Brett Rinehart sets of my gaydar. He’s got that undeniable “closet gay” or “closet bi” look about him.

  12. Mark says

    well. What kind of “get out the vote” fear-mongering tool is this supposed to be? Hell, I was laughing my ass off by page two!

    This dude must be a clown to think this even has a chance of winning over any voters.

    …and I can’t stop laughing. .. .. ..

  13. markt says

    How much do you want to bet that Mr. Rinehart here is a self-hating, bitter, closet-queen. IMO, the fixation on anal sex often gives it away … if so, feel almost bad for the man; he may be so closeted whereby he’s never even acted on what he knows is his true self and feelings, in which case the bitterness would reach almost unbearable levels and one of the manifestations could be these silly drawings. I’m sure it’s a lot harder being gay in places like Oklahoma.

  14. Mark says

    Wow! What’s scary (and make me question my own sanity) is I find it to be a brilliant advertising piece. It’s highly effective of getting his points out there, off-the-charts buzz, and absolutely ensure every voter will know his name and his issues..even if it screams “Hi! I’m a fucking nut job who’s also up on felony charges and yet I’m asking for your vote another time!” This dude is way beyond being a homophobic asshole with a truckload of axes to grind with the good ol’ boys. Hopefully Oklahoma has a decent psychiatric prison ward after the AG has no choice but offer a plea deal of criminal insanity. Can you imagine what his testimony would be if he did take the stand in his own defense. One more time, Wow!

  15. chonga says

    i called too (405-590-8245) and confirm that it is definitely his personal cell phone. i think everyone should call and voice their opinion. he is, after all, a public servant.

  16. says

    It’s like something a hateful toddler would dream up- maybe Damien Thorn’s first kindergarten artwork…

    Who’s taking bets as to how long before the Seantor is busted in a Men’s Room?!

  17. callnow says

    I called his office and left him a nice little message about his spelling errors and how pathetic and sad this cartoon is.

    YOU SHOULD DO IT TOO! (405-713-1502)

  18. RB says

    Hopefully this will backfire and cause him to lose the election! This is pathetic fear mongering at its best. He is already a loser so lets hope that he does not get elected too.

  19. TonyG says

    I think the wrong comic book movie is opening today… What would Christopher Nolan have made with THIS material?

  20. Zigzag says

    Clearly inspired by the tracts handed out by evangelicals to scare people into being “saved” yet it fails in its purpose due to the numerous spelling and grammatical errors.

    Sad that this guy thinks he is qualified to hold public office but even sadder that he will most likely garner more than a handful of votes if not win outright with this display of public ignorance.

    I agree that he looks like a self-hating closet case. Very sad, indeed.

  21. ian says

    omg. lol. i’ve seen comics that exposed the gay agenda. but they were professionally drawn, and i was totally expecting that kind of execution.

    lol. this is just laughable. like. so bad, no one could make it up.

    those poor people in Oklahoma.

  22. says

    You hear that Satan?! Brent Rinehart’s got your number (and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he eventually calls).

    This is the lamest thing I’ve seen this decade. What an asshat.

  23. anon says

    Isn’t it the Oklahoma City city council?

    Not exactly going to make it to the cover of the New Yorker, is it?

  24. Tom Joad says

    It’s so bad it’s awesome. I’m addicted. More comics, please, Bret Rinehart!

  25. Matty says

    Before anything else, I think someone just ought to explain to Mr. Rinehart that A DEPENDENT CLAUSE CANNOT STAND ALONE. Jesus. “If I can get the kids to believe homosexuality is normal!” At least support your bigotry with proper grammar, sir!

  26. Garst says

    What an arrogant ass! It’s one thing to have someone else promote you as a righteous leader, but to self-promote actually makes him, for lack of a better word, evil. The Bible teaches people to be humble, but Rinehart is far from that.

  27. I Heart Ryan Reynolds says

    Matty, your grammatical advice is bad. Dependent clauses can and often do stand alone. Rinehart is using a future-more-vivid conditional sentence with an elided apodosis. Instead of telling the reader what will happen, he invites the reader to imagine what will happen if Satan can get the kids to believe that homosexuality is normal. Mechanically, Rinehart should have used an ellipsis, not an exclamation point, but otherwise it is a grammatically effective sentence. “If I can get the kids to believe that homosexuality is normal . . . .” Rhetorically, it’s a pretty slick device since Rinehart’s intended reader is homophobic and her imagination will run wild at the thought of children being indoctrinated by homosexual propaganda.

  28. Jasper says

    Yes, I also think he’s a gay virgin. I would like to pop his cherry…the hard way, know what I’m saying?

  29. Jasper says

    Yes, I also think he’s a gay virgin. I would like to pop his cherry…the hard way, know what I’m saying?

  30. Colin says

    He even looks like Bob Allen! Recall the homophobe FL legislator who was arrested in the men’s room. This is amazing. I wish I had studied psychology. It seems like this would be like a palentologist finding a rare fossil :)

  31. p alfonso says

    Who cares if Brent spelled pedophile incorrectly, everyone knows what he was saying. Who in their right mind would want to allow their son to be unsupervised with someone who sexual preference is another male. That is why the Boy Scouts reject the acceptance of homosexuals in their ranks.
    Brent’s homophobic attitude cannot be understood unless we understand its definition from a heterosexual point of view:
    A heterosexual person who believes that:
    Homosexuality is a disease and homosexuals are trying to create an epidemic.
    Digging into your lover’s bowels is not the natural way for humans to have intercourse?
    Unfortunately the way in which AIDS was able to spread as fast as it did?
    And the lists goes on…

  32. I Heart Ryan Reynolds says

    Your comments are full of slanders against the gay community. You are paranoid if you think that a gay man can’t supervise male children. Homosexuality does not equal pedophilia, and it’s a right-wing lie to suggest otherwise. Also, just because you don’t like homosexuality does not make it a disease. That’s an excellent example of dehumanizing, bigoted rhetoric that’s out of step with every mainstream definition of disease. Most reasonable people seem to agree that human sexuality runs the gamut, and it’s pretty dictatorial and narrow-minded to try and stigmatize same-sex attraction. Also, your claim that gays are trying to spread this alleged disease is just another right-wing slander, totally without foundation. Your characterization of all gay sex as anal sex is just plain wrong, nothing but stereotypical assumptions. But even so, trying to categorize sex acts as either “natural” or “unnatural” is just stupid and anti-sex. People like to have sex with one another, and anal sex is just one way to have sex. You could just as easily describe oral sex as “digging into your lover’s digestive tract”, but it’s still a very popular and effective way to have sex. As gross as you make it sound, there is a long and happy tradition of anal eroticism, both heterosexual and homosexual, and it can be practiced safely. If you don’t like it, then don’t partake of it, but it’s no excuse for slandering the gay community, for demonizing them, and for trying to leverage the power of the majority against them. Your tired comments about AIDS are factually incorrect; HIV is more often spread through heterosexual contact. Your rhetoric is the typical bullshit we’ve been hearing from right-wing Christians for decades, i.e., you can’t think rationally, you’re anti-sex, and you might as well come out and argue for a gay Holocaust, since that is what you are implicitly suggesting. Try selling that shit on a fundamentalist Christian website, we’re not buying it here.

  33. p alfonso says

    As they say; it is the truth that hurts and honestly I don’t mean to hurt anybody.
    I just would like to see you people do what you do among yourselves and keep to yourselves. Stop looking for a behavioral acceptance that you are not going to find.

    Slander, paranoid, dehumanizing, bigoted, unreasonable, stereotypical, right winger, stupid, demonize, I feel flattered coming from you. My emotions are undisturbed, my feelings untouched, my resolve unchanged, my views unaltered and will continue to protect our children from the confusion that you live in.

  34. I Heart Ryan Reynolds says

    You haven’t stated the truth about gay people. You’ve only spread crazy-talk and right-wing propaganda. And if your views remain unaltered (not that I care), it’s because you don’t respect reason and truth, but rather you cleave to hatred, superstition and mendacious right-wing rhetoric. You may want gay people to keep to themselves, but who cares what you want? You’ll never get what you want. Your views are beyond the pale, and they place you within a feeble minority. In this country, reasonable minds have slowly but surely prevailed over zealots like you for the past twenty years. And those are the last words that I have to spare for a nutjob like you!