P G & E Donates $250,000 to Defeat California Gay Marriage Ban

Pacific Gas & Electric has donated $250,000 to defeat Proposition 8, the anti-gay marriage ballot measure in California, according to the L.A. Times:

Pge_3“The utility also said it will spearhead the formation of a business advisory council that will seek to get other businesses around California to to defeat the ballot initiative that would amend the state constitution to define marriage as only between a man and a woman…The donation from the utility, and the formation of the business council, represents a shift from the last time that the question of gay marriage was on the ballot, in 2000. Back then, many businesses stayed on the sidelines. This time, in addition to PG&E, other large corporations such as AT&T and Wells Fargo also have donated to defeat Proposition 8. Analysts said businesses may be more willing to get involved this time because they have more gay and lesbian employees who are out and in positions of power and because they believe the amendment could hurt business if passed, by giving the impression that California is not friendly to gay and lesbians.”

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  1. ggreen says

    Maybe this will cause the gay haters in the state to boycott PG&E and found their own energy company run by real hose power, windmills and their belief that they are right. I hope we can thank the business that support the defeat of this hateful proposition and punish the businesses that support it (Hyatt, Fox, Rockstar energy drink etc.)

  2. says

    Andy it would be great to update your post with an email or address where were write and thank PG&E for their vital support. Since I’m sure they’ll be hearing from the haters, we need to let them know what they did was right.

  3. alguien says

    i’m thinking that if this bill is voted down (and i believe it will be) it will take a considerable amount of wind out of the far right’s sails. this could be the crucible.

  4. Banne says

    Today’s earthquake in California is clearly a sign that God is not happy with the gay marriage in California.

    You should all pray for forgiveness.

    *note sarcasm*

  5. anon says

    It’s sweet of them, but the general liberal consensus for the last decade has been to ban corporations from interfering in elections, so they should sit this one out, legal or no.

  6. says

    No, if they were trying to buy their way into “heaven” they would be supporting this proposition.

    I believe they need to be thanked. Their action is a positive one and good for the people of the state.

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