1. Jimbo says

    No surprise. There have been many reports in the Australian media recently suggesting a decline in the standards of Qantas maintenance due to outsourcing to Asian suppliers. It seems it’s only a matter of time until there’s a serious accident.

  2. Keith says

    I recommend the book Ask the Pilot by Patrick Smith – it’s a compilation of Q & A from his newspaper column about flying. There are lots of questions in the book related to aircraft maintenance, safety, and previous crashes. We are all exponentially safer traveling by plane than by car on the ground.

  3. Rugger says

    I too lost my luggage this last June on a non-stop Southwest flight. It was never found and I slogged through the claim process. When all was said and done, I received a settlement check….less depreciation! Never mind that I had to replace all the lost items with new….Southwest told me that everything is depreciated 10% for every year you owned it. Note to self: never, ever check your luggage. If you must and need to file a lost luggage claim, dont be honest as to the age of the item!

  4. AG says

    I’m relieved that no one was hurt. The pilot and crew should be commended on a safe landing.

    If I’d been on that plane, the article would have read differently: “It was terrifying, but everyone remained calm, except for one American we had to anaesthetize with barbituates and Tanqueray after he soiled himself. He kept screaming he was ‘too young to die,'” whereupon the passenger rolled her eyes and made looping motions with her finger by her left ear.

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