1. davefromtampa says

    And to think I was just about to sign off for a while, thanks Andy! Shake your money maker, boy. The numchuks were a hoot. Too bad he is not on America’s Got Talent, then I would watch it.

  2. Beans&Franks says

    What is the purpose of this video besides complete narcissism? Does he expect to get a fitness job after showing his butt on YouTube? Is he launching his own porn line? Maybe I am just jaded and he’s out to have a good time no matter what. But it doesn’t seem like a great career move.

  3. soulbrotha says

    Gay-4-Pay??! What you meant to say was he’s paid BECAUSE he’s gay, right? Cuz there is no way this chile is straight. Look at his personal pics on his site. Honey, please.

  4. JJ says

    Wow. Is that really Reese Rideout? I wonder if his wife knows what he does on the side. Turns out this “Nicolas Ryan” has been married for the past year to (*gasp*) a woman!

  5. gabriel says

    Come on, that was so funny/cute. I don’t think he had a purpose other than showing his sense of humor… look at all the cooky stuff he did.

    That made me smile and laugh so much. I loved it.

    Thanks Andy!

  6. Rex says

    He actually has admitted that he find both sexes attractive. So I would say he is Bi.:)

    He sure knows how work those hips then again after seeing him on randy blue I am not surprised that he can move that

  7. Jack says

    Dammit!! Why must you tease me Andy?!? I tried so hard not to laugh too loud at work but I couldn’t help myself.

    You bastard…LOL.

    He’s cute and funny. My sweet chile o’mine. :)

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