1. Rikard says

    What’s your point Rivendell? He is who he wants to be. I don’t care what kind of hymen check you want to do, or what level of modification satisfies you, since on a genetic level he will always have that pesky second X chromosome and no darned Y. Maybe you are just living up to your name and trying to create division.

  2. Leland Frances says

    A loser as a teen in a cheesy Hawaiian female beauty pageant, the older Thomasina is getting the ultimate revenge that Carrie would envy. Forget blowing up the prom with your telekinetic powers, who “[she]he wants to be” is Attention Whore of the Century! And she/he has won.

    And what perfect timing! Which story do you think is going to get more attention today from Vern & Vernella America: the first Congressional hearings on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell since it became law or Story #114 on The “Man” Who Had A Baby? Scheduled to testify today gay Marine Eric Alva and his leg blown off in Iraq or the latest posed topless pictures of Thomasina “What? You want to take another set of pictures of little old ‘all we care about is our privace'” Beatty and her/his breasts cut off by surgery holding the baby “delivered via ‘his’ vagina”?

    There is no whore like an attention whore. Enjoy the back of the bus, kids. Better bring your own food and water. Because of attention whores like Thomasina we’re going to still be there for quite a while.

  3. says

    I struggle to understand any kind of transgender impulse that would allow someone who believed themselves to be a man – that whole trapped in the wrong body argument – and yet would be prepared to go through a full pregnancy.

    They are a lesbian couple with an added freakish layer of body modification.

    And yes, they can do what they like but they’ve done what like and then flogged the entire bizarre mess to the media. Over and over again.

  4. scientitian says

    Yeah, this dude is an attention whore, but you guys are total assholes. Do you have any respect or compassion for transgendered people? Turning your discomfort toward transgender into hatred, phobia, and insults makes you absolutely no different that homophobic heterosexual bigots.
    His (yes, HIS) wife couldn’t have a kid, and so they made the only decision that would allow them to biologically have a child. His only crime is parading himself and his child on camera, which in ANY situation (trans or not) is unhealthy for the child’s upbringing.
    Jesus christ people, open your minds a little. Both we and the trans community represent people who cannot help or change what we are, and only want to be accepted by society. Ask yourself: if you weren’t gay, would you still be accepting of gays and lesbians? Or does your current disgust toward transgender indicate that you’re only open to homosexuality because you are a homosexual yourself?

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    Thank you, SCIENTITIAN.

    Good to hear/read a gay man show his humanity. I needed to read your comment. You may have helped me to loose the “Evil, Gay Bitch Blues” ….’cause I had ’em bad this mornin’.

  6. rudy says

    Well stated Scientitian. As for Leland Francis/Michael Bedwell, poor dear appears to be off his meds, again. Remember, he who screams the loudest, a la Rivendell, is usually not only wrong, but also covering for a personal shortcoming (and all y’all know to whom I am referring).

    While I deplore their decision to prostitute the pregnancy and birth to the media, knowing that it would bestir just such scurrilous comments, I do not think it for commenters to judge harshly their decision to establish a family of their own.

  7. Leland Frances says

    Scientitian, while some are certainly expressing generalized transphobia [for lack of a better term], my comments are directed solely at this specific transgendered person. And there is more than one, as you yourself put it, “crime [of] parading himself and his child on camera, which in ANY situation (trans or not) is unhealthy for the child’s upbringing.”

    This person and his partner are apparently narcissistic pigs that they care more about POINTLESS attention to themselves [is there a huge movement for FTMs having to fight for the legal right to bear children that we haven’t heard about?] than branding their child in the unenlightened public’s eye as a freak herself—GUARANTEEING a life from preschool to kindergarten to grade/middle/high school in which she will constantly be interrogated/tormented about the nature of her birth over which SHE had no choice. Short of actual physical abuse, I never thought I’d consider Britney Spears a better parent than someone else. Britney meet Beattie.

    The second “crime” is one of failing to consider the ramifications on other transgenders as well as LGBs of purposely parading this [in the eyes of the general public] freak show again and again around the media world. Do they have a legal right to be self-centered asshats? To chose to figuratively finger fuck their bottomless egos in front of cameras. Absolutely. And I and others have an equal right to denounce them for it.

    And NO this was not their only option. Beattie’s eggs could have been harvested, fertilized, and carried to term by someone else.

    That would have been problematic, procedurally and financially [in addition to eliminating all those irresistible opportunities to be photographed bulging bearded and shirtless], but the PRIMARY option we’re talking about which they CHOSE not to employ was absolutely effortless and entirely free: keeping it all PRIVATE.

    Instead, their [BOTH Beattie’s and “his” “wife’s”] unprecedented megalomania is ricocheting on ALL of us, INCLUDING other Trans people, reinforcing an uneducated voter population’s fears and confusion. Thus delaying our LGB AND T equality is the collateral damage. And fuck anyone [and not in the good way] who doesn’t understand that.

    Beattie is effectively a cultural terrorist who cares about NO ONE but himself. Anyone wishing to contribute to the Susan Juliette Beattie Therapy Fund, call me.

  8. RP says

    My only question is: If they were having so much trouble conceiving, why didn’t they just adopt?

    There are so many children out there in need of homes. I’ll probably get flack for saying this too (it seems differing opinions are forbidden by some posters on this site… infact I think a lot of posters come here expressly to argue, but I digress), but in the face of that much adversity conceiving it seems selfish to not adopt in my humble opinion.

  9. scientitian says

    Indeed, there are many children that require adoption. Adoption, however, is extremely expensive. More to the point, do we consider all heterosexual couples who choose to conceive instead of adopt (when able) selfish?
    All Thomas Beattie needed was a sperm doner and an understanding and well-informed doctor. No years of paperwork and fees for adoption, no costly and dangerous extraction of eggs (this is NOT a simple procedure, mind you) followed by the expense of a surrogate mother. This was the simplest way for them to have their own child, and I can’t blame them for choosing it.
    I also don’t buy the argument that they should be blamed for “reinforcing an uneducated voter population’s fears and confusion.” By that same argument, gays should stop holding hands in public, having parades, or otherwise lobbying for rights that may cause fear or confusion in uneducated voters. I personally am not going to living my live around how others may fear or perceive me, and I don’t expect them to either. I stand by my attention whore statement, however, in that publicity of this degree is bad for ANY child regardless of family or birth mother/father.

  10. says

    Attention whores? Maybe. But if that is the worst crime the Beaties are guilty of, so be it. They seem prepared to love and care for this child in the best possible way. I can’t say the same of a lot of straight couples who have children by accident or have them and then abuse them, etc.

  11. paul says

    I’m also with Leland on this. I guess it’s all about finding new ways to get attention nowadays. They’ve shut down the circus sideshows and moved the performers to the much more lucrative television & magazine market. Get that money, Beatie!

  12. Paul R says

    I’m not touching the isssue of whether having a kid was a wise move, as long as it’s healthy. But I do get very tired of seeing this guy not wearing a shirt. It provokes a visceral reaction and seems intended solely to shock.

  13. RP says

    Scientitian, I was referring to the fact that they chose this route after Mrs. Beatie was unable to conceive (from what I gather). I am sure that fertility treatments and the countless doctor visits are comparable to the cost of adoption.

    Also, I never stated nor insinuated that couples who can conceive without difficulty are selfish. I was merely stating my personal opinion that if a couple seems to face insurmountable difficulty in conceiving themselves (id est one is an infertile woman and the other is a transgendered man) that couple is selfish to (seemly) not consider adoption.

    You misconstrued my words.

    I also respectfully disagree that “[t]his was the simplest way for them to have their own child” given the attention this situation has created and the stigma this child will face growing up (which is unfortunately inevitable).

  14. dezboy says

    Someone with a vagina and ovaries had a baby and it’s a big deal because she calls herself Tom???? This is such a non event. She is not a man. She is a woman.

  15. Clay says

    My God, I agree with Leland. It’s not at all transphobic to be disgusted by this sad exhibitionists’ desperate plays for attention, nor to be concerned about the potential impact of his/her carnivalesque publicity stunts on wider community issues. Does anyone think, for example, that this will make it easier to get ENDA expanded to include transgendered and transexual people?

    And that’s in no way a shot at transgendered people, their families, etc. It’s simply calling a dumb move a dumb move.

  16. scientitian says

    One point of importance is that fertility treatments and countless Dr. visits are often in part or completely covered by health insurance – adoption is not. I personally find this quite ridiculous, as it would seem to be in the state/nation’s best interest to promote adoption, possibly by covering most or all of the costs involved.
    I’m sorry if I misconstrued your words. My ultimate point (not necessarily directed at you) is that while it may be fair to criticize this couple for being selfish or attention whores, referring to Thomas Beattie as a “she,” “he/she,” “lesbian,” or “freakshow” is incredibly ignorant, hurtful, and unnecessary. I feel like I’m lecturing a bunch of homophobic jocks here, but get your ass out there and make friends with a trans person and see if you’re still comfortable spouting crap like that again. You might find they’re REAL people who deserve respect and compassion. How crazy would that be?

  17. says

    The level of disrespect contained in these comments is enough of a reminder for me why many transgendered people feel out of place in the gay community. It seems that transphobia is alive and FLOURISHING within the gay community. Agreed, the Beaties are attention-seeking idiots. But disrespecting Mr Beatie’s gender is a completely different issue, and completely unacceptable. How can gay guys and girls expect straight folk to accept them if they can’t even accept other marginalised people in similar boats?

  18. Harvey says

    Will no one take the other side of this? I think the Oprah interview was well done, respectful and in point of fact an extremely educational way for (let’s face it) a curious and trans-ignorant America to learn about boilerplate transgender issues. Obviously they’re making some “sweet scratch” on this lurid trade but who else here is turning down fistfuls of 5 figure checks for what is going to be a reported story anyway – only now not told in their own voice. Look, I’m not seeing the downside here. What about the positive aspects of Christine Jorgensen’s unasked for fame? Is this so conceptually different? I’m not saying that there isn’t such a thing as bad publicity but in the long (aside from all of us being dead) I can’t not see how this doesn’t actually help. Maybe in the short this doesn’t help a trans-inclusive ENDA get passed but America changes it’s collective mind on issues when people are exposed to issues and talk them through. You know, family members finally become unafraid to talk, coming out to coworkers, allies are made, bridges are built, eventually nonthreatening stupid vapid sitcoms are written. Then… slowly… rejoice! folks on the couch in Peoria, IL are bored into unintimidation and the vote swings the other way. That’s what democracy looks like: A soul stealing inefficient exercise in repeating yourself ad nauseum until everyone old enough to vote against you has died of old age and you’re too old to enjoy the rights you’ve procured while you shuffle around in your quad walker boring kids to death who already take this new paradigm for granted treating your tales of righteous activism and hardscrabble victories as if they were yet another hackneyed retelling of the insufferable injustices under the Stamp Act of 1765.

  19. Dana Everett says

    I think it takes a lot of courage to do what they are doing. His wife is an amazing person by giving him all of that support and love he and the baby will need right now. I respect their decision to have children. It is no different than a gay couple of the same gender wanting to have children. God will help them in every way possible. God will not punish them because of this decision, he will love them unconditionally, no matter what. I just know that these people will make sure their daughter knows the truth about who they are and will raise her with all of the love they have and will teach her to respect people for who they are, not what they did. I wish them all of the luck with their new family. They deserve the best!!! Let’s just stop the nonsense and leave them alone, they have done nothing wrong, it was their decision. Get over it!!!

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