1. ButchSF says

    Just saw Jay Brannan perform last night in SF at “Bottom of the Hill” club. He was *wonderful* !!! He mentioned he had just done this with Margaret :-)

  2. Paul R says

    For the life of me I can’t understand the line in the chorus containing the word “project.” Can someone help the apparently hearing impaired?

    He’s adorable.

  3. ggreen says

    Is so funny because it’s so true. I have met so many guys that claimed they gave great head. (I wanted to tell most of them that their fathers must have just been kind in their praise) Good head is an art form most fags lack skill in.

  4. Madrigaal7347 says

    Just saw Jay, he’s a deeply talented fellow. Amazingly adroit, and personally very sweet. If you get the chance to see him on his tour (in Seattle Saturday the 26th of July) or in Chicago — GO already!! You’ll be glad you did (and he sings this song).

  5. Nick says

    Hey Paul, I think they say, “if your dick was poor…you could be the projects.” “the projects” meaning the “ghetto” I suppose since they said poor. I don’t really get it though.

  6. Mike in the Tundra says

    This is rather gross, but I just had an AHA! moment. A couple of weeks ago, I had a bad virus and kept thinking that I would feel better if I just threw up. I tried five times with the finger thing and nothing happened. That gag reflex has been gone for a couple of decades now.

  7. mikey d says

    Here are the lyrics :

    “relax your necks”
    a work in progress
    by jay brannan & margaret cho

    the sun’s beating down on my back
    i got me a big burlap sack
    i’m smilin’ cuz it’s harvest time
    out to the fields to get what’s mine

    i got your balls in my hand
    i’m the queen of this fertile land
    you think it’s your dick but please understand
    your whole package is under my command

    to be adept at oral sex
    you need to lose your gag reflex
    if dick was poor, you could be the projects
    if you relax your necks

    maybe you’ve heard that i have class
    but i’ll stick my finger up your ass
    let’s go over what you ate
    be sure there’s no horses at the gate

    never met a dick i couldn’t milk
    my esophagus is lined with silk
    i’m a hooker of a different ilk
    drinking every drop you ever spilt


    come children gather around
    to pain and suffering no longer be bound
    go forth and gather dick by the pound
    and bring me all the love that you found


    (c) 2008 jay brannan & margaret cho

  8. says

    “Nick | Jul 26, 2008 2:41:27 PM
    Boo… its no longer available…”

    Yes, it is still available as are the rest of Jay Brannon’s videos.

    If you got a “We’re sorry. This video is no longer available” message, it is a glitch that has been prevalent for some time and seems to be getting worse. No word from Google/YouTube on a fix for this annoying problem.

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