News: Robert Novak, New Yorker, Katy Perry, Montreal, Gavin Newsom

road.jpg Yuengling Beer distributor’s driver fired following anti-gay assault on Brad Walsh, photographer boyfriend of fashion designer Christian Siriano.

Vfroad.jpg Vanity Fair takes jab at New Yorker cover.

road.jpg OK: Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears to reunite.

road.jpg Eurogames get underway on Thursday in Barcelona: “More than 30,000 tourists are expected to attend the Olympics-style games which could pump 30 million euros (47.6 million US dollars) into the local economy, according to Barcelona gay sports group Panteras Grogues (Yellow Panthers) which is organising the event.”

road.jpg Send Newsom in: SF Mayor obtains city computer codes from imprisoned city computer tech Terry Childs after week-long stand-off: “The first thing I want you to know, Mr. Mayor, is that when you walk out of this room, you will have the computer codes.”

road.jpg Hispanics make up 22% of new HIV cases: ” So far, the toll of AIDS in the nation’s largest and fastest growing minority population has mostly been overshadowed by the epidemic among blacks and gay white men. Yet in major U.S. cities, as many as one in four gay Hispanic men has HIV, a rate on par with sub-Saharan Africa.”

road.jpg Project Runway winner Christian Siriano discusses his new fashion line

Hulseroad.jpg Male model Bruce Hulse recalls his first gay-themed shoot with Herb Ritts: “His request was one I might not normally have accepted, but I knew that Herb would take exquisite and tasteful photographs that would be seen by the world as art. I also didn’t want to pigeon-hole myself as being homophobic. I wanted to be receptive to any and all ideas, as long as they involved the right team and the best photographers.”

road.jpg The New Old Gays: Apparently, swish is back.

road.jpg Rihanna takes a ride into “Disturbia” with David LaChapelle.

road.jpg Syndicated columnist Robert Novak cited after hitting a pedestrian with his black Corvette in DC. Claims he didn’t know he hit anybody but witness says victim was splayed across the front of his car.

road.jpg 35-year-old Swedish serial killer of gay men sentenced to life in prison.

road.jpg Robert Mapplethorpe remembered by some of his subjects.

Armaniroad.jpg Giorgio Armani is a Speedo guy.

road.jpg Katy Perry and the media’s “kiss” of hypocrisy: “Not only is the media sending a mixed message in heralding Perry, they’re undermining any stand they might want to take in support of gays in the future. How can anyone heed their warnings not to disrespect gays when they roll out the red carpet for an artist who has done exactly that? The real point seems to be they’ll do anything for an audience.”

road.jpg Car-free zone in Montreal’s gay village a huge success: “Even the naysayers, those who were opposed to closing the street, have changed their tune as the terrasses stay packed from Wednesday to Saturday night and merchants are dancing to the tune of ringing cash registers.”

road.jpg The International Herald Tribune goes on a shopping trip in Provincetown but mostly at the Marc Jacobs boutique.

road.jpg Hartford Courant: 2010 Census must count gay marriages. “Bureau officials should acknowledge the reality that same-sex couples are legally married in the United States — and fix their procedures for counting and describing America’s estimated 780,000 same-sex couples and their families. They should certainly stop altering the accurate responses of same-sex couples who describe themselves as married. Decisions about data collection should not be driven by political and value-laden judgments about marriage. They should be grounded in the demographic and legal realities of this nation.”


  1. says

    I’m a New Old Gay . . . who listens to indie rock. Oh, wait . . .

    My dad was an Old Old Gay and I grew up listening to showtunes and Barbra and Bette and I get vicious when anyone dares to diss the old guard. It may be campy stereotype to you, but it was my childhood!

  2. John in Philly says

    Shouldn’t the Vanity Fair cover show McCain in a K.K.K. outfit and his wife as a pole-dancing stripper? That would be much closer to the New Yorker cover.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    Sounds to me like you had a great dad, ALEX…but I should’ve figured that out from your postings. Positive minded fathers usually sprout forth pretty good sons.

  4. prodigal says

    I about split a gut when I read “the terrasses stay packed from Wednesday to Saturday night.” Terraces, perhaps? Oh, well. It is a gay area so maybe “asses” is preferred.


  5. Marco says

    I am glad people are bagging on Katy Perry for her “edgy” crap songs and their inherit crap messages. Before anyone barks “it’s only song” or “get a sense of humor” or what have you, read the article.

  6. I Heart Ryan Reynolds says

    Hey Marco, I hate Katy Perry, too. Her songs are full of pseudo-rebellious posturing. And she is an engine of homophobic propaganda. But sadly you are right: if you dare criticize her on this website, then yes you will find that you are attacked for not having a sense of humor, or not being “chill” enough, or for being PC, etc. In any case, you are not the only one who sees her for what she is. Thanks for your courage in calling her out.

  7. messiah says

    “you’re my experimental game”
    “not what good girls do, not how they should behave”

    Saw her on some VH1 show, some regular comic chick was acting all lezzy on her and Katy looked like a deer caught in the headlights. I don’t think she planned it and I’m sure her boyfriend didn’t mind it. She should go back to gospel music.

  8. Michael says

    Re: The Sweedish serial killer. It always amazes me when I hear about guys who troll online for casual sex. Then we wonder why there is so much alcohol and drug abuse in the gay population…. guess it must be low self image.

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