Social Taboos Fuel HIV/AIDS crisis in Pakistan

A new report reveals the effect that social taboos are having on a growing HIV/AIDS epidemic in Pakistan as men are forced underground due to stigmas about homosexuality:

Pakistan“The report, authored by Syed Ali and colleagues from Aga Khan University, Karachi, said ‘in Pakistan, seven times more men are reported to be infected with HIV than women. If unconfirmed reports are to be believed, the prevalence of HIV among homosexual and bisexual Pakistani men is reaching alarming proportions.’ … Under Islamic tenets, sex of any kind, other that between husband and wife is strictly forbidden. Homosexual behaviour can lead to stigmatisation, discrimination and ostracisation from family and friends, and even prosecution. The authors noted ‘most Pakistanis tend to believe that HIV transmission through illicit sexual activity cannot be a problem in the Muslim world.'”

Say the report’s authors: “One would suppose that the fear of God in itself would be enough to discourage illicit sex among men who have sex with men (MSM)…Unfortunately, the moral approach only serves to drive the behaviour underground.”

Pakistan Couple Jailed As Gender Switch Plans Unravel [tr]


  1. Derrick from Philly says

    “Homosexual behaviour can lead to stigmatisation, discrimination and ostracisation from family and friends, and even prosecution.”

    Hmmm…sounds like Alabama under a McCain/Huckabee Administration.

    Seriously, y’all know about my obsession with Arab, African, Asian Sub-Continent men–anyone exotic! But now, I’m starting to let go of that fantasy. It’s too much trouble, child.

    What was homosexuality like in these places before the rise of Western style homosexuality or Western GAY Culture(and the world wide publicity it’s receiving)?

    Maybe they shouldn’t have a Gay Rights Movement in these places–just keep things the way they’ve always been for centuries….oh, what the fuck am I saying? Please delete. Sorry.

    Forget exotica, I’ll just take a regular ol’ American boy. You’ll see me waiting outside the gates of one of Pennsylvania’s state penitentiaries.

  2. says

    LOL @ Derrick…You kill me every time!!

    Well, the QUEEN is right, the DL is universal AND eternal(it seems). I read somewhere that Ugandan guys have unsafe sex with each other because they believe HIV is only transmitted via heterosexual sex since all the billboards cater to such couples only. How sad!!

  3. Marc says

    When will the world end this fear of sex? And, when they add thier faith into the mix, it turns into something bad, gay, straight or trisexual, and, men are going to get it no matter how repressive the country they live in are.

    Sex is a normal part of human life, not something to be feared or hated, as long as it is, we will continue to see sad articles like this one.

  4. says

    We shouldn’t refuse it just because of this. It’s a essential part of our life. We biseuxal don’t think so. As for us of , we are open to explore life. But seldom such kind of bad thing happen. We should take measures, then it will not be a problem.

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