1. Jeff says

    C’est pas seulement les Chinois qu’il fait trembler! Wow… I’m weak in the knees, too! He’s a mega hunk.

    Bonne chance à Pékin, bô mec!

  2. Michel Filion says

    And Alex is such a nice kid! I did a photoshoot here in Montreal with him and he was a gentleman. And he trains right next to my kickboxing class.

    Michel in Montreal

  3. dc-20008 says

    interesting how they hide his large cock in the earlier cover by showering water on his body. This is a man for whom speedos were invented! Woof!!

  4. Justin says

    “From twink to man”? Are you implying that twinks aren’t men? I think that’s pretty poor gender politics to be playing on one of the net’s most popular LGBT blogs…

  5. says

    Hotness personified.

    I’ll second Shabaka on the Québécois men: one of the main reasons we live in Montreal now 😉

    He’s in a TV ad for the Olympics now, one of the few ads I don’t mind seeing repeated 3-4 times an hour here.

  6. says

    i remember 4 years ago being introduced to Msr. Despatie right here on Towleroad and feeling like a gross chicken hawk [even though i was only 30] for lusting after him.

    well, i’m okay with it now. holy frackin’ smoke he’s matured nicely.

    he’s it.

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