1. Jeff says

    C’est pas seulement les Chinois qu’il fait trembler! Wow… I’m weak in the knees, too! He’s a mega hunk.

    Bonne chance à Pékin, bô mec!

  2. Landis says

    I saw that on newstand and I was going to buy a copy, but the article was not about him.

  3. Michel Filion says

    And Alex is such a nice kid! I did a photoshoot here in Montreal with him and he was a gentleman. And he trains right next to my kickboxing class.

    Michel in Montreal

  4. dc-20008 says

    interesting how they hide his large cock in the earlier cover by showering water on his body. This is a man for whom speedos were invented! Woof!!

  5. 24play says

    Looks like a pint-size (decilitre-size?) version of Julian Vincenzo on the new cover.

  6. Justin says

    “From twink to man”? Are you implying that twinks aren’t men? I think that’s pretty poor gender politics to be playing on one of the net’s most popular LGBT blogs…

  7. says

    Hotness personified.

    I’ll second Shabaka on the Québécois men: one of the main reasons we live in Montreal now 😉

    He’s in a TV ad for the Olympics now, one of the few ads I don’t mind seeing repeated 3-4 times an hour here.

  8. says

    i remember 4 years ago being introduced to Msr. Despatie right here on Towleroad and feeling like a gross chicken hawk [even though i was only 30] for lusting after him.

    well, i’m okay with it now. holy frackin’ smoke he’s matured nicely.

    he’s it.

  9. Ary says

    Why is he shaving his chest?!!? Oh God, he is so sexy with the stubble and so but with that chest hair, he would be _the #1 hot hot hot hottie_!