1. Wayne in KC says

    I don’t think you can say that someone died “of an apparent suicide.” If you take the word “of” out of that first sentence it will be greatly improved. Thanks.

  2. Allan in NYC says

    Holy S$#%!

    He lived in my apartment building…

    And the worst part of the situation was that it was his friend who walked into the apartment and found him. Everyone in the building was shocked and devastated.

    The cops also unnecessarily took his body and weapon out through the front door.

    Poor soul.

  3. thin mint says

    I didn’t hear about this until last night. What a loss — still in his sixties.

    Science fiction was a safe space when I was a nerdy gay kid. He gave me so much, and helped me grow up.

    Sad news.

  4. gregnsf says

    Publishing under the name Thom Demijohn, he was also the co-author, with John Sladek, of the cult classic “Black Alice”. And he was openly gay since the 1960s! Sad to see him go.