1. Claes Lilja says

    No more of my cash will be going to A&F!!! Fiscally Republican??? Like going from a giant surplus to a record-breaking budget deficit in less than 8 years?

  2. Ty says

    At least they mention Liberal !

    BTW Anyone over 30 who wears A&F looks absolutely ridiculous! Like wearing a toupee, embrace your age girls ! You are a man, not a boy,
    grow up, or as Dennis Kucinich said

  3. Jake says

    I think it would make more sense if it said “Fiscally Conservative, Socially Progressive, Sexually Liberal” because a person can actually be all three things. It’s difficult to take a portion of a party’s platform without getting the whole thing.

    I think I’ll take some of Obama’s Iraq strategy, a bit of Hillary’s Health Care, and as much of John McCain’s wife’s fortune as he can forget about… it doesn’t usually work like that.

  4. BozemanKen says

    Huh? Fiscally Republican? Do you have to be younger than 20 to understand the complete stupidity of that comment? Thank god my six pack disappeared somewhere in the 90s.

  5. Matt says

    They forgot “predictably craven”. Don’t forget those pathetic cowards caved in to the right wing hate mongers when they complained about the A&F Quarterly.

  6. Richie says

    I’m 24 and I feel way to old to wear A and F. I outgrew abercrombie at 19 and moved on to better stores. I hate seeing the gays wearing Abecrombie when they are 40 thinking they are young and hip. I mean, when you are a bit more mature shouldn’t you grow up and wear more sophisticated clothing? I would think one would get a job, make some cash, and not have to hang out at frat bars for quarter beer night. I mean, I’m fairly young but I feel too old to be the Abercrombie quarter pitcher night kinda guy.

    Anyone else agree?

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