1. Paul R says

    It’s these kind of dingbat policies that make it impossible for me to consider a military career, even if I were straight as an arrow. Kicking out gay linguists is obviously really stupid. But they also can’t manage to train new Arabic speakers? This has long been a well-known need. Idiots.

    If I were one of the gay linguists who got kicked out, I’d be both pissed off and relieved to be free of such a poorly run institution.

  2. Sergio says

    A long long long time ago when i was more naïve I wanted to be a linguist for the army and this is just the friggin’ icing on the hatecake.

  3. says

    And lord knows the gay quotient is very high among language people, a trend that continues with my students. I’ve always thought it had some connection to the talent for passing, which we all do before we come out. Same goes for acting.

    I’m not sure what music has to do with it, but singers/musicians tend to be good at languages too. Another skill/interest not rare among gay men.

  4. paul says

    The saddest thing is that, I would certainly assume, it would be gay people who be the most loyal to this country in opposition to religious extremists. Believe it or not, US Military, we’re on the same side as you.

  5. Michael Bedwell says

    Despite growing support for repealing the ban on out gays in the military you can be sure that the majority of people running the Pentagon, and the Antigay Industry, will fight it tooth and nail.

    If you genuinely care about this issue, join the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network at

    Thank you.

  6. Paul R says

    KevinVT, as I’m sure you know, there have been many studies documenting gay men’s tendency to have right-brain skill sets, which accounts for our high representation in these areas. It’s no stereotype that gay men are more skilled in creative arts, whether linguistics or (dare I say it) interior decorating, among many other fields. But I certainly agree that it may partly be due to us having to act as something we’re not in certain (sometimes many) aspects of our lives.

  7. CJS says

    Keith Olbermann has a great segment on this. He accuses Bush and McCain of being more afraid of gays than terrorists. It’d be a great post if you could find it, Andy!

  8. Andy Banned Me says

    How many G.I.s lives could have been saved had there been a linguist available?
    If American kids had to die to keep the gays out, so be it I guess. What’s Senator Jim Webb’s opinion on this?

  9. Yeek says

    Interesting points, Paul R.

    Actually, if you look up “stereotype” in the dictionary, the word “untrue” does not appear. Basically a stereotype is described as an oversimplified generalization about a group. So I guess I’d say that gay men being more skilled in the creative arts is a stereotype in that sense. There’s some truth to it, but it doesn’t tell the whole story.

    My guess is you’d agree with me, but maybe I’m wrong.

  10. anon says

    I think the stereotype arises because gays were accepted into the creative arts first and only now are coming out in other major professions. You couldn’t, for example, for the longest time, be a gay doctor. It’s not just the military that rejects gays.

  11. Paul R says

    I agree with both Yeek and Anon. Many gay men are more skilled in creative arts; not all. And our talents obviously extend into many other areas.

  12. Neoteny says

    Oh, Army Army Army.

    That’s what you get for trying to suck yourself off, you bang your head against something really hard.

    You’re just a sore loser Army, trying to fix with money what should have been done away with long ago.

    You look so stupid.

  13. Johnny B. Anders says

    Sad that both sides of these questions go for sensation over substance.

    The military doesn’t make the rules, but it is required to follow them. The reason “don’t ask, don’t tell” is still in force is that the American public and the politicians that represent them apparently want it. I served for 23 years and many of my fellow soldiers were gay and everyone knew it. We didn’t care. Only dickhead politicians who like scaring grandmas and fascist activists give a shit.

    I also spent a total of five years at the Defense Language Institute and can assure you from personal observation that many of the cases of so-called “language specialists” or “experts” getting kicked out for being gay are bull. A surprising number of these gay students manage to get along fine until they finish the free language training and then decide to come out, thereby forcing the military leadership to enforce law forced upon it by civilian leadership. Sweet free education program, not to mention an excellent case study in political baiting. Quite of few of them could read the weather page of Al Jazera, but bailing before final tests allows them the convenient ambiguity to claim that they were “skilled, highly trained linguists”. My ass. Lazy shitheads who found an easy way out is more like it. Fuck ’em!