Arrest Made for Gay Man’s Murder in Brooklyn Park Cruising Area

Twenty-six-year-old Santiago Perez has been arrested and charged with the murder and robbery of 41-year-old Afzal Muhammad in a wooded part of Brooklyn’s Prospect Park late last month, according to the Brooklyn Eagle:

Nypd“Police and emergency responders at first did not consider the case a homicide, though subsequent investigations led police to begin a search for suspects with a focusing of efforts on Lookout Hill. It is known as a gay ‘cruising’ spot—where men meet in the relative anonymity provided by the thick wooded overgrowth provided by the surrounding trees. Nearly three weeks after the incident, detectives from the 78th Precinct Squad developed information that led to the eventual arrest on Tuesday afternoon of Santiago Perez, 26, charging him with murder and robbery in connection with Afzal’s killing. One source with knowledge of the investigation said police believed Perez, described as a homeless man, posed as a male prostitute in order to lure Afzal into the wooded thicket. Once out of sight, Afzal was to have been hit in the back of the head with some type of heavy, solid object, causing the severe blunt trauma that the City Medical Examiner had placed as the cause of death in the official report.”

The Brooklyn Paper reports that Perez’ lawyer claims a confession offered by his client while in custody was the result of police threats of torture.

(image brooklyn paper)


  1. Derrick from Philly says

    I’m truly sorry about the (gay or “down low”) man that lost his life from this risky behavior of some of us, BUT this is what some folks on this blog have been waiting for– for months now: ammunition against us immorals.

    Get ready, KEVNVT & THE QUEEN, here they come. The HOLY ROLLER HOMOS!

    “See this is what your irresponsible behavior leads to!”, they’ll roar (with slightly hidden glee).

    Oh, go take a hike in the park, you preachin’ pansies.

    We never said we could stop psychopaths from taking a stroll through the park too. Yes, these risks (sometimes fatal) come with the territory. Unfortunately, for some of us, there aint nothin’ in a gay bar or Internet hookups that can take the place of this dangerous freedom.

  2. DCN says

    The man’s behavior in no way lessens the horrific tragedy of his murder, nor does the murder obscure the criminality of such behavior.

  3. tiger says

    Since everyone cancelled their Manhunt account, they are using other sites like barebackrt and dudesnude. Noone is cruising parks anymore. The murdered man was probably not even gay!!

  4. says

    Tiger, I think what you should have said is that the dead man probably didn’t self identify as gay. I hate to be all LGBT about it but I think that’s closer to what you meant.

    Btw, the guys on dudesnude are WAY too hot for me to even think about!