1. says

    His church burned? I just feel terrible about that–really distraught.

    Also, as the partner of an active-duty airman, “fag-riddled military” is my new favorite phrase.

  2. says

    We should all pitch in and buy the property and turn it into a gay mecca complete with a huge flagpole that flies the rainbow flag in the face of Fred Phelps.

    Maybe she’ll sell to us.

  3. JLS says

    “Thankfully the lord our god keeps us in all our ways. The noise that they made the fire was so big and voluminous the popping and cracking woke people up.”

    Jesus christ, religious people are so crazy.

  4. David T says

    Let them spew their hate. Many of the people they target are anti-gay, religious zealots themselves. It’s the perfect opportunity to ask them how it feels when someone uses the Bible to hate. They are getting a dose of what gays endure every day.

  5. thin mint says

    Very unfortunate, very misguided.

    To the best of my knowledge, the Phelps crew has never been violent, so someone has actually succeeded in sinking beneath them. Congratulations on the achievement to that wretched soul, whoever they may be.

  6. says

    i don’t believe for a second that it was set by anyone but a member of the phelps clan.
    if someone sets fire to your house, what do you do — call the fire department or grab the video camera?
    also, the smoke had hardly settled before every media outlet on the phelps’ fax list got a press release blaming fag judges, etc. for the fire.
    maybe in their next attempt to get attention, the phelpses will try self-immolation.

  7. Paul R says

    Oh come on, Thin Mint. WTF? Violence doesn’t have to be physical. These people are among the lowest, most hateful lifeforms ever to disgrace the face of the earth. And you have no proof how or who started the fire. Almost any crime against these zealots is justified; their activities are criminal, as recently ruled in a case where they picketed a soldier’s funeral. NO ONE can sink beneath them. It’s simply not possible.

    That said, their absurd rhetoric has probably done far more to help than hurt the “gay agenda.”

  8. queendru says

    “Too much incendiary language in one place?” – ANON = Best comment of the day!

    I don’t think the old woman is paranoid in the least. I love that her surname is McQueen.

  9. Tralfaz says

    I’d bet money the Fredricka and/or the Swamp Monster daughter of his set this fire.

    Too bad they did fuck up and set themselves a blaze.

  10. AggieCowboy says

    And she complains about being told to leave!

    DUH! It’s a crime scene, idiot. You’re interferring with an investigation (which is illegal) and potentially destroying evidence (or is that on purpose so you can make your claims of apathy against the police and judges?).

    Oh…and did you turn over video evidence from the surviellence camera? Although, from the looks of things, it would have to have had night vision to be of any use.

  11. rudy says

    Ah Paul R, Try reading Thin Mint’s comment again, s-l-o-w-l-y. Make sure you note the negative disjoinder term ‘but’. “[A]nyone but…” means that Thin Mint believes that the fire would have been set only by a member of the Phelps Klan. Your (justifiable) anger at the homophobic Phelps subverted your reading comprehension.

  12. thin mint says

    Yes, violence totally has to be physical. “Sticks and stones” you know.

    Rudy, I think you’re referring to James’ comment below mine.

  13. oblong says

    I couldn’t help but laugh at “fag-sympathsizers…fag-riddled military”. Are they for real? Honestly? Or are they actually an anarchist group of queers making an even loonier point about the rest of the religious right?

  14. RB says

    Let the mother f***er burn! This is the one and only time the firetrucks should have broken down.

  15. thin mint says

    Oblong, I think what they primarily are is just self-promoters. Paris Hilton is a closer comparison than a real activist from any part of the political spectrum — like her, Phelps and his crew understand that in this culture notoriety is a kind of power.

  16. Harry says

    I honestly wish the whole compound would have burned to the ground with everyone inside. I would love to have seen the incinerated bodies of Fred and his daughter Shirley in a loving embrace.

  17. Phil says

    Oh what a shame someone tried to burn these lovely people! I personally think they are a very misunderstood group of people who are actually helping create a better world.
    Ha yeah right next time people use more petrol and maybe some gas cannisters lol

  18. stevedenver says

    I like Timothy’s idea about purchasing the property and turning it into a gay mecca. Maybe a gay guest house with a private nude swimming pool and a “playground” with “glory hallelujah holes.”