1. patrick nyc says

    A great speech and a fantastic job by the Dems after the last two this one looks like a real winner. I’m volunteering for the first time in a Presidential race, doing trips down to PA on the weekends. I usually work for local races since NYC is always blue, I’m told PA is going to be close so off we go. Go Obama.

  2. Rad says

    I watched the convention. It was powerful and motivating, even on the small screen. After the four nights, I feel… enlighten and encouraged that there are two good men of integrity and sincerity in this race.

    I was most appreciative of two things; tax cuts for new business owners (I am becoming one), and that EVERY speaker that SHOUTED we need equal rights for gays got a rousing round of applause, if not standing ovation.

    Would you ever hear that at the GOP convention?

    Go Barack! Go Joe! Go America!

    I felt included. I felt like I was being spoken to.

  3. says

    One of the most amazing and inspiring speeches I have ever heard. Contrary to the media hype about the stage and backdrop, it could not have been more perfect. The producers and the orator are masters at their craft. And, the message is now clarified and sincere.

    Last night, in less than an hour, I came full circle to support Barack Obama for President.

    It will be impossible for McCain to upstage Obama.

  4. jason says

    Obama’s sop to the gay community was that we are “brothers and sisters”. A more indifferent platitude I can hardly think of. What I wanted to hear was substance, not feel-good nonsense.

    As for what Democrats in general stand for, it’s something called “male heterosexual fantasy”. Under male heterosexual fantasy, gay and bi men are marginalized, “hot lesbians” and “hot bi babes” are embraced. You see this in nearly every structure that evolved with liberalism, from porn to pop music.

    The simple fact is this: at least half of our oppression is due to unwritten rules and conventions that operate at the socio-cultural level. The Democrats represent continued oppression of gay and bi men at this level.

  5. Tom S. says

    Great coverage of the convention guys!

    I’ve always been a Hillary fan but the more I hear and watch Obama, the more I like him. Once Hillary was defeated, I knew I was going to vote for him, it was just a matter of how passionate I became.

    I really enjoyed the photos as well. The second to the last photo was a mindtrip!!

  6. Landis says

    Was it just me then, that I thought the speech was a tiny bit sub-par? I thought he stuttered. He was not as smooth and passionate as his other speeches…

  7. scientitian says

    I don’t see where you’re coming from with this gay men and lesbians disparity in the Democratic party – do you have any evidence of this?
    Admittedly, the Democrats are taking the cautious route in regard to GLBT rights (they are politicians, afterall), but at least the value statements brought forth in democratic speeches are all positive ones. If anything, I would say the dems are much more liberal about GLBT rights than they let on, as they’re afraid of scaring off the middle-of-the-road voting populace. The Repubs on the other hand…let’s just say we’ll be hearing a lot about family values from St. Paul in the next few days. This city is going to be hellish for the next week :(

  8. Bading says

    It was perfect! Barack’s speech was truly inspirational. Plus, the Palladian symmetry of the stage lent a more appropriately serious backdrop to the proceedings. I too will now more actively campaign, rather than just donating money, to take America back!!!

  9. Jimmyboyo says


    Cool. I read somewhere that Bill Clinton will campaign with Obama in PA, Ohio, and Michigan. Hopefully you get the chance to see Bill in PA on one of your weekends. That would be soooo cool. Get a camera phone if you don’t have one yet.

    Johny Lane?




    I will say it is just you . Hoping that you win our bet. :-)


    I posted this in another thread last night. Pat freaking Buchanan “slavery was great” arch-conservative and nixon speech writer gushed over Obama’s speech.

    Hell hath frozen over

    Rachel Maddow’s stunned look is priceless

  10. says

    Brilliant and inspiring. I will campaign this man and do anything thing I can to help get him elected. We all should. We can not afford another four years of Bush and that is what McCain offers.

  11. daveynyc says

    Obama was amazing. Great speech. It was a good night to be a Democrat..He did a great job! I thought everything came together perfectly. The fireworks were a bit much but an outstanding night all around. Getting excited about November now.

    Obama ’08

  12. MAJeff says

    Well, Jason’s convinced me. I’m so sick of seeing Lindsay Lohan everywhere that I have no choice but to vote against Obama.

  13. Derrick from Philly says


    Oh, my God. There is a God. If one Obama speech can cause y’all to have a drastic change of heart, then, yes, Montana, Colorado, Missouri, Virginia & Nevada are possible! Of course, I think the brilliant & gracious speech by Senator Clinton also helped your hearts in making that changing process. A great Democratic Convention–they showed some real class.


    do you know that there are bisexual “hit” women who will gladly silence you for a few dollars? We don’t have time for your foolishness today.

  14. Landis says

    Hey Jimmy. I already told you I am totally happy if Obama wins. I just dont think he can so i took a bet.

  15. says

    Pretty inspiring, and a very good mix of sticking it to McCain where it hurts (defense & foreign policy) and spelling out some specifics: health care, education, fighting the RIGHT war, renewable energy, tax cuts for 95% of working families…

    Plus he mentioned same sex marriage and living lives free of discrimination. Yes, that part could be more energizing, but given the national climate, I understand why it’s in there with abortion, guns, immigration. The right present the Dem. party as all abortion and same sex marriage all the time.

    I’m still hopeful Obama will deliver on his promise to push for marriage equality, at least in terms of all the rights, if not name. Let it be in the second year, as Barney Frank suggested, fine. It’s still much much much more likely to happen faster with Obama in the White House.

    And then there is the Supreme Court issue… Those of you who point to CA justices having been appointed by Republicans — great for CA! But the truth is that our major opponents on the Supreme Court — Scalia, Thomas, Alito, now Roberts — would NEVER have been appointed by a Democrat.

  16. Jimmyboyo says

    I’m getting scared

    Joe Scarborough , repub hack, on his show on MSNBC is gushing about the speech.


    its chaos next cats will startliving with dogs ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


  17. daveynyc says

    Jimmyboyo Derrick Zeke- lol

    YES. Hillary’s DNC speech has (finally) inspired me to throw all the support I’ve given to her to Obama. I’m a proud Democrat and I want the White House in Nov. I think it was great that Obama acknowledged her again last night within the first minute of his speech too..I think he will make a fine President..

    As Hillary put it:

    “We don’t have a moment to lose or a vote to spare.”

    Obama ’08

  18. JeffRob says

    Oh. My. God. McCain just picked a 44 year old first-term Gov of Alaska as his VP.

    The oldest man ever to start his first term, and therefore the most likely to croak or become incapacitated while in office, just picked a woman that very, very few Americans (Repubs especially, I would think) would be comfortable having as Commander in Chief.

    What was he thinking?!

    More on topic: Obama was absolutely amazing. I would even dare to say that that speech has ushered in a new era of post-partisan politics. Or at least, it should have.

  19. says

    I think TelePrompTer-challenged McCain has his work cut out for him after last night, no matter who he picks as his running mate. (As I write this, Palin looks to be the one–interestingly calculated choice, I’ll give him that.) The Democrats emerge from this energized and unified. Listening to Obama last night, the potential for actual change in our country–and in the perception of our country around the world–seemed completely real to me for the first time. Now is our chance to move beyond the disaster of the past 8 years. It’s exciting.

    Jason, honey, your troll shtick is tired. Time to go searching in the outback for some new material.

  20. JT says

    My 2 cents:

    I thought that the speech was pretty good, with the exception of his comments about same-sex marriage – I thought he was a wee bit tepid. I can understand why he might think he needed to be so (not wanting to go too radical), but I would have liked a tad more commitment.

    Having said that (and echoing RAD’s observation), what was heartening was the noticeably enthusiastic response from the crowd. It was a response by people that I feel would have embraced a more committed stance on his part. It is THEIR commitment that gives me the most hope.

  21. Jimmyboyo says


    1- rabidly against gay marriage

    2- rabidly anti-choice

    3- rabidly anti-evolution

    4- under investigation already by her legislature

    4- husband works for a FOREIGN Oil company = BP. Not just public enemy #1 at the moment but a non american oil company to boot

    Right this moment, Rep Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D) Florida and HUGE Hillary supporter is tearing Palin a new a@@

    “Horribly incompetent’

    “Insulting to female Hillary supporters to think this would tempt us with her anti-choice stand”


    “No experience…..”

    You Go Debbie.

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz rocked via telephone on MSNBC

  22. says

    She also looks exactly like Karen Walker from Will and Grace. I can’t believe no one has mentioned it. Really… put a martini in her hand and she could be Anastasia Beaverhausen.

  23. Plaindrome says

    So the Obama show is finally over huh? good riddance! welcome Palin! What a choice, way to secure the PUMA votes for McCain! Thanks Democrats for ruining another chance to take the White House.

  24. says

    Plaindrome [sic]:

    Are you serious? Honestly? The woman is being investigated for corruption by the Alaska legislature, she’s anti-choice, the only thing she had done before being elected governor two years ago was being mayor of a small Alaska town, and her husband works for big oil. Are you kidding me?

    If you don’t like Obama, just say so. But don’t try to tell people that the Hillary supporters are going to flock to this big-hair Phyllis Schlafly wanna-be. Frankly, I think the Palin choice is the best thing to happen to the Democrats since Laura Bush started taking clonazepam.

  25. Las Vegas says

    It was a well crafted and executed speech. Frankly, it had to be because if that speech had flopped he would have it would have set him back a significant amount.

    However, after the smoke had cleared and the fireworks faded I reviewed the speech again for an article I need to write I have some questions. These are not the type of questions he should have answered in that speech last night bur he has about two months to get the answers. Some of these questions relate to the gay community specifically and some not.

    Most of these question all start the same…How? I don’t accept the answer that Congress will have full control of the House and the Senate. If that happens then possibly Obama gets a pass on monay programs…but if it doesn’t…what happens?

    So Mr.obama has a few questions to answer. Despite the platitudes and expressions of hope from this comment thread the reality is that they are pretty close together in the stats. Yes, he will get a bump from this convention but historically that has not always been a deciding factor. John McCain hasn’t stayed in the Senate all these years because the people of Arizona are stupid and lazy. The man knows how to campaign…and he’s been doing it a long time..

    So Mr. Obama How?

    How do you give a tax cut to 95% of Americans? Tax the hell out of the remaining 5%? This smells slightly of class warfare. Clinton tried to do this but once he got into office he was faced with the reality of what that would do at the time to the economy. Basically he blew the whole thing off and went on his merry way.

    Why would you think that having limited rights for the GLBT community is enough? This is a community that has been battered on the rocks at the Federal level since a couple of months into the Clinton administration and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell became the reality for this generation of Gays and Lesbians. What does your plans for the gay community have that Bill CLinton lacked? How can your promises to this group succeed where others have failed some what miserably.

    These are merely two of the nearly twenty questions I walked away with last night. Just because the Republicans won’t do much or anything for the gay community at this shouldn’t automatically give a pass to the Democrats not to be questioned about their plans and the reality of implementing them in both a non-Democratic Controlled Congress and a Democratic controlled Congress.

  26. David says

    He has my vote (obviously) but truth be told, I was looking for more. I wasn’t as inspired as I have been in previous efforts, and I honestly thought it was a bit of a missed opportunity. Perhaps it’s just because I’ve heard him speak now so many times, or because I thought Hillary blew the roof off the place. Maybe my expectations were too high. Whatever it was, it was enough, but it wasn’t more than enough, all of course in my opinion.

  27. Derrick from Philly says


    why wouldn’t a House and Senate with an even greater Democratic majority be willing to raise taxes on the top 5% incomes in the United States. And they shouldn’t stop at income taxes. There must be other ways to make the wealthy pay a little more.

    As far as America’s Gay Community: LAS VEGAS what other candidate from the two major parties has even bothered to mention the existence of Gay Americans in his acceptance speech…ever? Do you think that John McCain or Governor Palin will mention gay people’s civil rights in their acceptance speeches?

  28. anon says

    Two new things we learn from Andy’s slideshow (we already knew he was impossibly handsome):

    Andy likes horseys.

    Corey Johnson is either Andy’s bff or his new boyfriend.

  29. patrick nyc says

    The Milkman

    I too noticed the Karen Walker look, while most mention Tina Fey from SNL & 30 Rock. SNL should have a field day with this pick.

    As for Plaindrome and the other trolls just ignore them if you can, I know sometimes I can’t help messing with them but don’t take their shit seriously, they are beyond clueless.

    Congrats again JIMMYBOY on your choice being a good one.

  30. Paul R says

    I think all regular commenters should agree never to respond to Jason again. He clearly has some major problems.

    As for the speech, it was amazing. As someone who hasn’t seen Obama speak too many times, it was incredibly inspiring. Yes perhaps there were a few too many rose-colored promises, but that’s what politicians do to get votes. I follow politics closely but after the primaries I generally have to take a break. If this was the introduction to Obama for many voters, he’ll get a huge bump, and there’s no way that McCain will be able to come close in his oratory—not to mention, Obama will destroy him in the debates.

    Any gay man who is bitching about us not getting enough play can shut up. Reps of labor, pro-rights, gun control, and other perspectives can say the same thing. Were he to harp on any of those issues for too long, he would have lost votes. This isn’t Fantasy Island. The fact is, he had the balls to mention us.

    If you seriously think that voting for McCain and his crazy VP choice will improve your lives, even excluding gay issues entirely, you need therapy.

  31. says

    The DNC amazed me this year! Great speeches from Kennedy, Michelle, Biden, Hillary, Bill, and Barack. I was a bit nervous with the stadium but, WOW, unbelievable and truly inspirational. I was also happy to see the DNC hitting back against the ridiculous Republicans who want four more years of the same policies. Cheney and Rumsfeld were experienced too and look what that got us. Oh yeh, and Jen Hudson with the Star Spangled Banner…goose bumps. While Obama isn’t for gay marriage, he is for giving civil unions the same federal rights as marriage, supports ending don’t ask don’t tell, and supports full inclusion of gays in the employment non discrimination act, as well as increased funding for US HIV/AIDS treatment. Don’t assume Obama can win against the RNC, get involved, get your friends involved, give money, and VOTE for OBAMA!!

  32. david in davenport iowa says

    I chose not to watch and have am glad for the decision. That “event” had nothing to do with improving the quality of life for everyday Americans or restoring our nation’s loss of moral leadership.

    That “event” was anempty spectacle-flash with NO substance-a HUGE ego surrounded by a cult of personality.

    Sen Obama has 2 main strenghts; the first is the weakness of his basic positions and the second is obssesive political ambition.

    I put my “Hillary for President” sign back in yard Wednesday night.

  33. says


    Nevada is not a “possibility”.


    I went to this convention a hard core Hillary supporter.

    Two things happened.

    1/ She sold out her supporters by agreeing to the most heinous roll call in our party’s history so she could save her own political skin. All the money and work and time that her supporters put into getting to the convention and she stabbed us all in the back! I never believed what people said about her until this week in Denver.

    None of us expected some crazy last minute crap was going to go down and Hillary would be the nominee. All we wanted was to vote and have all of our hard work acknowledged. When I heard California “pass” I got so mad for those hundreds of people (Obama supporters got fucked too, they didn’t get to vote after all of their hard work.) who had worked so very hard to have their vote snatched away because Hillary cut a deal! At that moment I said to myself, FUCK HILLARY CLINTON!

    2/ The atmosphere in Denver this week was ELECTRIC! If everyone could’ve seen and felt the energy and sheer joy of everyone because they were participating in the political process we wouldn’t be worried about the election because we would all be out with a hundred friends on election day to make history. I decided on Thursday afternoon that I personally could not let all the energy of the young voters, the first time voters and all the different types be lost in the next election cycle if we lose the Presidential race. So many of them will be so discouraged that they may never return to the process. Which, of course, means their children won’t grow up with a voting tradition and so on and so on.

    And the simple fact is this; the reason all that enthusiasm was in the very air in Denver is Barack Obama. From his supporters to his detractors, he has brought America back to the process of caring about the future of America. Everyone I have spoken to, on the left and on the right had an informed opinion this election year.

    For my own blog I have interviewed every type of person including a 4yr old Obama supporter who had our train cheering. Every single person I stopped and talked to had an opinion and was going to vote. I even talked to non-citizens including a waitress from China who said Obama “inspired” her.

    As of this week I am a Barack Obama supporter and I pledge to personally deliver 100 people to the polls on election day. I challenge every Democrat to set a goal and deliver voters on election day 2008.

    Sorry if I sound crazy but I have never had an experience like I had this week in Denver