1. Rad says

    I watched the video preview and honestly, that’s how personal trainers sound. I was one at one time, and that was how my clients and I interacted.

    It takes a LOT of dedication to get a body as ripped as that, I hope it was natural and not enhanced with HGH. He does not exhibit the signs of someone on steroids, just someone who is a little… cute but stoopid.

    And if my body looked like that, Hell yeah! I’d be modeling every chance I got! Cause, Honey, when the 6-pack abs turn into the Kegger abs, it’s over. Collect your Dickie Do award and call it a day.

    Dickie Do – When your tummy sticks out further than your dickie do.

  2. says

    Just a note, it’s VERY clear he on a good bit of steroids, I won’t run down the list but his body has very little to do with dedication and everything to do with connections and sports science.

  3. AscensionRain says

    Whats the use of a beautiful body with an ugly inside?

    I’ve fucked around with super-attractive men before, and in the end, I left for home just as lonely as I left. (Shrugs)

    Find a real man people. Not goodlooking little boys.

  4. PeKeMo says

    Jocko, unless you have the evidence to back up that little bit of bitchiness you just posted, then shut up and go back to jacking off to his pictures.

  5. Mark says

    Wasn’t he the “youngest natural professional bodybuilder” in the country? I’m pretty sure one has to pass tests to qualify for that, and if anything improper is found one can’t have the title.

  6. says

    Natural Bodybuilding doesn’t rule out a steroid user, if you know what you’re doing you can stop using before a contest, maintain and still test clean. Natural bodybuilding tries to keep out the pro-hormone and illegal steroid user but there are plenty of drugs one can use to legally dope.

  7. Chad says

    He’s still gross looking to me. Even though he’s got a pretty face, he ruined his looks by his overworked body.

    He probably has a small dick (like most bodybuilders) and is overcompensating. He for sure loves himself way too much, but that could be due partly to youth and stupidity.

    It’ll be fun to see what havoc he wrecks in the house though, since those fools weren’t smart enough to vote him out.

  8. Joe says

    I swear to god Jesse was sitting in the back ground on Kathy Griffin show last night. Kathy and Her Mom were out to dinner with 10 guys in w.hollywood. and jesse was sitting in the back ground with another blow up doll wearing a red cap. check it out.

  9. Derrick from Philly says

    “…small dick (like most body builders)”


    when you have a chance– Google “Rodney St. Cloud”. Not a pretty face but oh, my…

    Don’t do it while you’re still at the office though.

  10. the queen says

    …. thanks for the tip miss derrick… rocking rod gives me the vapours and i almost dropped my bottle of smelling salts… oooooooooo babeeeeeeeee…..

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