Catholic League’s Bill Donohue To DNC: Pull Towleroad Credentials

Today, The Catholic League’s Bill Donohue, the mouthpiece of a right wing religious group who spends most of his time using his office to attack free speech, progressives, and gays, took it upon himself to call out the DNC for the diverse range of media it has chosen to credential at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

DonohueDonohue called on the Convention CEO Leah Daughtry to “nix” Towleroad and feminist blog Bitch Ph.D.‘s media credentials at next week’s convention. According to Donohue, we are the “most offensive” of the more than 120 blogs offered credentials.

Just today, Daughtry touted this year’s delegation as the most diverse Convention in Party History in a press release: “Opening the door of the political process to people who have never taken part in the past has been the bedrock of our planning for this Convention since we arrived in Denver one year ago…it’s only fitting that our delegates represent that same core value and Barack Obama’s unparalleled ability to bring more new people in to the electoral process than ever before.”

Bill Donohue’s Catholic League, unfortunately, is a right wing radical religious group masked as an advocate with no business meddling in the machinations of U.S. politics. Most Americans believe that the separation of church and state makes America strong.

Once again using the shameful tactic long used by right wing groups to link LGBT subject matter solely with sex, Donohue states: “Towleroad describes itself as ‘A Site with Homosexual Tendencies.’ Accordingly, it shows men in jock straps and underwear. It also has a post on Pope Benedict XVI that takes him to task for wearing a cape with ermine. Some of those who commented on this described the pope in a vile and profane way.”

Our recent reference to the Pope pointed out the hypocrisy of the Catholic leader’s wearing of fur, something that hasn’t been done since the 60’s.

In contrast, the Pope has deemed homosexuality an “intrinsic moral evil” and as recently as New Year’s Day ranked same-sex marriage with nuclear arms proliferation, environmental pollution, economic inequality, abortion, and birth control as threats to world peace.

Yet we would never suggest that Catholics not be able to attend the Convention.

If Donohue is so focused on sex, his time would be better focused on healing the epidemic of sexual abuse against children by clergy in the Catholic church, and considering the facts on the use of condoms, which the Church has said have no effect on the prevention of AIDS, rather than attempting to influence American politics by limiting the Democratic ideals of free speech, inclusion and tolerance.

For some background on Donohue, check out this post at Media Matters.

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  1. says

    Why is Billy Donaghue even reading Towleroad? No straight man I have ever met obsesses about The Gays. In my opinion, the only “straight” men who do are closet cases.

  2. RDM says

    In all honesty, I’ve never read ANYTHING disparaging of the pope or the catholic church on Towleroad.

    Notwithstanding the comments, of course. But by that measure you’d strip the credentials of the NY Times and Wall Street Journal as well.

    This man (whose league includes just himself, I think) has got his head firmly lodged in his ass.

  3. crispy says

    OMG, this is awesome! I’m the one who called the Pope a kid fucker (thank you, Kathy Griffin) and Bill Donohue noticed! How exciting.

    Hi Bill, you sexy beast!

  4. TomJ says

    My guess would be, Andy, most everyone reading your blog supports you. I think it’s great that you’re going to the Democratic National Convention. Hmmm. Didn’t you get invited to the Republican one as well? Guess not!

  5. Goober Peas says

    Bill Donohue is nothing more than a self-appointed gasbag who speaks only for a very small minority of hateful Catholics. The South Park depiction got it just about right. Why the media continue to give this cretin and credence is beyond me. Ignore him. He’s nothing more than a foul odor in the air.

  6. Bosie says

    This guy is a cum whore closeted case…I don’t go spy on religious sites to see what the Nazi-Religious-Right are saying about us…5t’s hard to get mad at these guys, when it is the people who put them in power. I guess america loves havign their children sexually abused and their women judged by their personal choices…sad sad sad

  7. John M says

    Wait, I don’t see any men in jockstraps. Perhaps this situation could be rectified in the interest of accuracy?

  8. CK says

    Since Donohue OBVIOUSLY reads this, here’s a message to him: Mind your own church’s dealings on sex (ref. sex scandals wherever we turn) and leave us out of it. Homosexuality is not ONLY about sex, as you well know (but would never be brave enough to say out loud), and TowleRoad is a VERY diverse blog, most of the time dealing with subjects OTHER than sex, and supplies general interest news targeted to the gay community.

    However, unlike all the pious self-righteous ones out there who think sex should not/does not have a place in normal people’s everyday life, we DO talk about it here as well, because it is a healthy part of the human expression.

    So, Mr Donohue, you can take your bigoted views and shove them! You are free to be Catholic and should be man enough to allow us to be who we are, gay, without your incessant judgement against us! We need no approval from you, but WILL fight back when attacked. The separation of Church and State exists to stop people like you forcing your religious views on others.

    I hope that when we inaugurate President Obama, he returns us to healthy enforcement of that intrinsically American, (and Constitutional, may I add) way of life.

  9. MCnNYC says

    Donohue is an #1A-hole no doubt.
    And Andy deserves to go to the coronation he has, for a LONG time, been carrying the torch for Obama why shouldn’t he be compensated for his unbiased support on his blog.
    (Sorry Andy it’s true)

  10. crispy says

    “Wait, I don’t see any men in jockstraps. Perhaps this situation could be rectified in the interest of accuracy?”

    How ’bout a picture of the Pope in a jockstrap? That would be hawt!

  11. echovic says

    Its funny how ‘homosexual tendencies’ is implied to be a bad thing!!! Of course I wonder if the Cuntolick League ever made a statement about the pedophile clique that are the ‘shepherds of their flock?’

    Sorry for the language, but these bigoted idiots really piss me off! These fuckers need to lay off of our rights, and we’ll lay off of theirs. Otherwise, we need to fight to criminalize Catholicism or something ludicrous like that. Idiots. They debase God’s name in their stupidity (and she’s pissed!).

  12. echovic says

    one more thing – since I’m bitching out here – why are they always so ugly? If God liked Mr Don’t Know Who so much, wouldn’t she make him at least a bit more attractive?

    And the ‘twilight of liberty’ book in the picture? He is reading out of that book to take away our liberties then? Asshole!

    I’d love to see a gay vigil outside this idiot’s house – or a million fag march to denounce bigotry!

  13. Greg says

    Well, you can always call Bill’s cell phone
    917-838-1051. When you call the CL’s office they give out “Dr.Donahue’s” cell.

  14. peterparker says

    But we did say vile and profane things about the pope. And he deserved every expletive!

  15. says

    From Daughtry’s rant: “Neither functions as a responsible media outlet…”

    Sorry, Daughtry. You’re way off base on that one. I get more up to date news here than anywhere else.

    Keep up the good work, Andy!!

  16. Tex... says

    I wrote both Bill and the DNC to voice support of Andy, The Daily Kos, and Bitch Phd.

    Honestly….the asshole needs a new hobby…besides pedophilia.

  17. paul says

    On the list of major sins, I am pretty sure that worshipping a human being who is in no way connected to God is really, really high up there. Yeah, at the top actually.

    Mr. Donohue might want to re-read his Bible (and not just the parts he likes this time) and think about where the Catholic Church and all of its “saints” and little statues and beads fit in with what he sees. My Bible tells me that those things are of the occult.

  18. So Left I'm Right says

    Andy, this is a high honor indeed — the modern day equivalent of getting onto Nixon’s enemies list. Although let’s not conflate Donohue’s lame-ass Catholic League’s importance with a president. What a scumbag bigot.

    Congrats Towleroad, you scrappy little media outlet, you!

  19. Jimmyboyo says

    If my crazy memory serves me right, Donahue (the bad one) has always publicly supported republicans.

    Why the hell does he care who is at the DNC?

  20. says

    I read your blog daily. In my opinion it is better than all the News Corp, B-Sky, CNN outlets combined. Keep up the good work. This is truly an entertaining and informative site.

  21. Chas says

    Actual email sent minutes ago to:

    Dear Mr. Donohue,

    I don’t get it. I don’t think is doing anything wrong.

    What’s wrong with men in under ware or jock straps? Don’t Catholics wear them too?

    And really, shouldn’t the Pope stop wearing lady’s clothing?


  22. anon says

    “Group” is a stretch. As far as I know, the Catholic League is a very small operation, though they do get significant donations. Somehow they manage to dominate the debate in the media on Catholic issues.

    BD should not have confused the post itself (which was merely snarky) with the comments made by our regulars, nor confused the political coverage on TR with the gay ephemera. It should be fun in Denver, though I’m a tad annoyed they won’t allow any protests near the convention hall.

  23. Mike says

    Bill Donohue does not represent the majority of Roman Catholics in the United States. Many of us are kind, loving, and affirming people who unfortunately are lumped together with the likes of this guy. I am a gay Catholic, and I hope that I can remind Towleroad readers that the Church is flawed, but that Catholics do much for some of the most marginalized. I agonize that we are on the wrong side of GLBT issues, to say the least, but please know there are people within the Church working to change it.

  24. Mike says

    You are either w/ us (free speech) or against us (terrorists). So Mr. Donohue as the man you voted for, Mr. Bush, said the terrorists attacked us because of our freedoms and by using such lame logic, you now support the terrorists. Yes towleroaders, you heard it here first, the Catholic “league” supports terrorism and is anti-American.

    From the “league” of shut your fat a-hole you stupid idiot and go live in the middle east where you would like to take us back to.

  25. Atagahi says

    Why does every Bill Donahue photo look like a pedophile’s mug shot? That insincere, smarmy smile makes one’s thighs protectively snap shut even if one wasn’t molested as a child.

    Ann Coulter could take lessons in sleazy from him.

    Now if I could just purge the mental picture of him in a little black cocktail dress flirting with J. Edgar Hoover from my mind’s eye…

  26. ARCH says

    Andy, Andy , Andy
    Have you been rattling the cages of the nice catholics again – shame on you, now you know what you should do; go and find that nice Mr D. at the convention and say sorry to him face to face (by the way please have it filmed for us all to enjoy).

    Keep up the good work Andy.

  27. says

    Andy, I think I love you about a hundred times more because you got on Donohue’s shit list.

    You’re rockin’ bigtime! Please keep up the good work!


  28. mike says

    Donahue epitomizes why I detest Catholicism and Catholics … his Pope, Ratzinger/Benedict, is a former Nazi and protector of pedophiles, but it’s pictures of guys in jocks that are offensive?!

    Fuck Donahue, fuck the Pope.

  29. Tread says

    Congratulations, Andy! Here’s to hoping you give a stroke to the Catholic Lea… er, Bill Donohue… er, fuck it, it’s the same person. Keep those jockstrap shots coming!

  30. Chris says

    Mike, while I believe that he is close in many things to Nazi ideology, it is still wrong to call him a former Nazi. Look it up.

    There are enough correct issues about this evil being.

  31. mike says

    Chris, I did look it up:

    Ratzinger was Hitler Youth, then Luftwaffe, then German Army. He watched Jews being led to their death and continued to serve the Nazi regime. He did not desert until days before the German surrender in 1945.

    He may have been a young Nazi (he was still in his late teens when he deserted) but he was a Nazi.

  32. duane Harrison says

    The Politicians and Churches would like nothing more than to take away our individuality and tell us how to think and how to act. We the people pay their salary by taxes and ties. Sure there is people that believe in many different faiths, and everyone is entitled to take their own paths in life. This is a country of freedom and Equality and free speach, to take that away encourages communism. If each person could have their way they would want you to have life their way. Thank God for our Freedom in the Great USA.

  33. says

    Wouldn’t to comply with Donohue’s request show that it is ok to opress the views of a faction? Whatta prat.

    Please read this as a message of continued support for Towleroad and Andy in all it and he does.

  34. Ctprep says

    I think Towleroad is an awesome blog. It is not loaded with one direct opinion. I look forward to reading your posts from the convention.