Catholic League’s Bill Donohue to Guest on Signorile Show

Williamdonohue01sThe Catholic League’s Bill Donohue will be on Michelangelo Signorile’s Sirius radio show today at 3:30 ET to discuss his anger at the DNC for giving credentials to Towleroad and Bitch PhD at this year’s Democratic National Convention in Denver.

In other Catholic news, a Roman Catholic Priest in Fall River, Massachusetts has fled the country to Brazil after being accused of sexually assaulting a minor in Connecticut.

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  1. JerzeeMike says

    Any excuse to get close to cock, eh, Mr. Donohue? This guy’s a closet case who hides behind the Kid-Fucker Cult to spew his hypocrisy and we shouldn’t be lending him validity.

  2. Bosie says

    I can’t say I’m surprised abotu sexual abuse in the catholic church…Its part of their job to sexually abuse boys & girls…BUT that is ok in their eyes….hipocrites!~

  3. mike says

    I can’t figure out if practicing Catholics are simply stupid people or just that heavily indoctrinated ….

    they claim to follow Jesus, but their Pope fought for the Nazis until 1945, and a half-century later became the Vatican’s pit bull to enforce a closure of it ranks to protect the Church and it’s pedophile priests … 2 millennia of incredibly evil works, and still guys like Donahue think gays-in-jocks are what’s offensive?!

  4. Michael says

    It’s a mixed blessing having a freak speak out against Towleroad. Of course, it’s not very nice, but bad publicity is still publicity. I’ll bet a lot of people who will become aware of what is offered here once they’ve visited will be illuminated. That’s pretty awesome.

  5. John in Manhattan says

    Like some of us, I don’t have SIRIUS and am working. I’d hope that Towleroad posts the audio later. All 20 seconds before Donohue hangs up.

  6. So Left I'm Right says

    Nice juxstaposition of Catholic priest scumbag and simply a “Catholic” scumbag.

    Michael, bad publicity is the best publicity that money can’t buy! Page hits must be going through the roof. (I hope!) And yes, a few will actually gain some enlightenment.

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