1. Paul R says

    I hate McCain, but I have to say that’s a pretty crappy ad. The guy speaks way too slowly, and the production values and—especially—the preschool rhyming scheme make it basically unwatchable.

  2. says

    If that’s the best they can do with 1 minute and 15 seconds, dems are gonna lose. Slow, boring, and wanting for detail, it’s a weak effort.

  3. says

    “Let’s use a man faking a Southern accent to give it that ‘authentic’ feel.” I’ve got to agree with MRKEVIN — it’s terrible.

  4. duane Harrison says

    Big oil profits at the expense of banking institutions and people. For the big oil companys greed there has been great numbers of money crisis laid upon the people which has passed on to the banking crisis. Not to mention the contribution to the fall of the US dollar, higher prices on food. There should be only increases within reason. To set the world in that kind of global crisis is uncalled for.

  5. says

    I agree. I am a strong Democrat and am doing all I can for the Obama camp. But this ad is not a very attention-getting ad that makes a significan impact. It looks cheap, is tawdry and boring, and doesn’t highlight “Exxon John’s” moronic approach to the oil crisis.