Edward Hopper and Provincetown


The NYT posted a multi-media piece on Edward Hopper last weekend in conjunction with this article, comparing Hopper paintings with the sites on Cape Cod that inspired them. The selection included this look at the old Methodist Church in Provincetown, now the Provincetown Public Library. A fascinating piece for fans of Ptown and the Cape.

(via kenneth in the 212)


  1. HaveAGayBash says

    And if you look really closely in the Hopper paintings, you can see a gay man being hit in the head and dragged down the alley near Spiritus and in just the right lighting one can even pick up the faint sound of DJ, Barry Scott being thrown into a wall by Provincetown police…

  2. tofer david says

    hopper is one of my favorites…thank you for sharing. i had not realized he had painted this piece of provincetown.