1. John in Manhattan says

    Next on the agenda… STOP using the slur “tranny” when referring to our transgendered brothers and sisters.

  2. Rad says

    That was it? They milked the Isis story for a day, and come up with a 20 second apology? An I wonder how many blowhards on Fox will chastise the apology?

    Yes, a tranny is something you go to AAMCO to have repaired.

  3. alguien says

    point one: it was a pretty lame apology-certainly not heartfelt in any way but at least some sort of acknowledgement. there was certainly no admission of wrongdoing involved.

    point two: i wasn’t aware that tranny was a pejorative. i use it around my transgender friends who i hang out with and they don’t seem to have a problem with it. it doesn’t seem like a put down, at any rate.

  4. AWT À MONTRÉAL says

    That was a half-assed apology if I ever saw one. I imagine what kind of public response Jarrett would have gotten if had used an equal class of insults when talking about the U.S.’s black minority or hispanic minority. Fox News embodies all of my fears about the United States.

  5. JerzeeMike says

    Their intention was NOT to offend? Are they serious? Thee only thing more offensive than Fox News would be if Westboro Baptist Church got their own series on Bravo!

  6. says

    Can I make offensive commentary on how god-awfully ugly Isis is? Man or woman?

    And keep sticking it in the Catholic League’s eye. They are so 1956.

  7. John in Manhattan says

    ALGUIEN, “tranny” is indeed a derogatory term despite Christian Siriano of Project Runway popularizing it. It may not “seem like a put down, at any rate” to you but you’re not a transgender person, are you?

    As far as “my transgender friends who I hang out with…” it reeks of “some of my best friends are…” A poor excuse if I ever heard one. I work in the health field and don’t have a single transgender patient who isn’t offended by the use of “tranny” to describe them. I’m sickened to know they’re subjected to it, especially from others in the LGBT community who know better but choose wilful ignorance over respect.

    You may use the term “faggot” as well around your friends but that doesn’t make it any less of a slur against gay people no matter how you try to justify its use.

    I have hope for you as even Christian came around (sort of):

  8. alguien says

    oh dear, mr. john in manhattan. i can appreciate your desire to do right by everyone but really, must you be so sanctimonious AND patronizing too?

    you have HOPE FOR ME? who the hell are you? give it rest baby, take chill pill, relax.

  9. Derrick from Philly says

    Uh oh.

    Come on, JOHN & ALGIEN, y’all are both progressive on the issue transgender/gay relations.

    I hate it when people I admire go after each other on Towleroad. I never recovered from the NIC/RUDY War or RUDY/NIC War (I don’t want to take sides).

  10. Mike says

    Wow, that apology just got me so emotional. I bet it came from the bottom of his hateful heart. Apology not accepted. 20 seconds is all they could give it because FOX doesn’t want to lose their target audience, that would be people like my parents 70 to 90 year olds.