1. peterparker says

    Though I believe Tyra Banks is an unfettered narcissist, I don’t see this particular photoshoot as being evidence of that or of any delusions of grandeur on her part. I think she did this photoshoot because she knows there are people out there who hold her in high regard as a celebrity but who would never vote for Barack Obama because he is a man of color. I believe this was an attempt on her part to show those people that having a mixed race president and a black first lady isn’t such a scary proposition. I don’t see any delusions of grandeur. Just a celebrity trying to use her popularity coupled with her minority status to help less enlightened Americans get over their racism so that we can elect the best man for the job.

  2. Bosie says

    GET OVER YOURSELVES PEOPLE…..What’s so BIZARRE, about this ??? seriously? The Obama voters see him as a god, he is just some dude saying pretty words….

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