Inside the Pepsi Center

Other Monday night speakers include: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi; Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri; Barack Obama’s sister Maya Soetero-Ng and Craig Robinson, Michelle Obama’s older brother; Jerry Kellman, mentor and long-time friend of Barack Obama; Representative Jesse Jackson, Jr.; former Indiana Representative Lee Hamilton; Tom Balanoff, President of Illinois SEIU; Nancy Keenan, President of NARAL Pro-Choice America; NEA President Reg Weaver; AFT President Randi Weingarten; Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan; State Comptroller Dan Hynes; Illinois State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulis; Chicago City Clerk Miguel del Valle; and Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper. Monday night will also feature a tribute to Senator Edward M. Kennedy.


  1. Mike says

    So, will this whole week just be Oprama/Biden news? Or will there be the normal stuff as well? Has this been explained yet? Andy, is there someone at your HQ keeping up with the non-DNC stuff? Like the cute pics and videos of Matt Mitchum kissing his bf on international television after winning gold? Stuff like that we’d normally see here.

    Cos I gotta be honest…the DNC is a snooze fest for me. I’m 100% blue but both conventions are nothing but propoganda fluff.

  2. gabriel says

    MIKE – look 3 posts down at OFF TO THE DNCC for all your answers.

    Andy/Corey – this is really exciting to have you guys there on the “inside.” Can’t wait for more updates to come

  3. jason says

    If were there, I’d be holding up a placard saying “The Democrats Have A Bisexual Double Standard”. And then I would point to the fact that liberals – including Democrats – glamorize female bisexuality but marginalize or demonize male bisexuality. I can’t stress enough how important it is for you people out there to understand this double standard. It goes to the heart of what liberalism is really all about – i.e. propping up the sleazy straight guy fantasy. Liberalism is NOT a fair or inclusive ethos at the socio-cultural level where unstated laws and conventions dictate the rules of social acceptability.

    If you really want to send a message to Democrats about their bisexual double standard, simply don’t vote for them.

  4. kujhawker says

    “Liberalism is NOT a fair or inclusive ethos at the socio-cultural level where unstated laws and conventions dictate the rules of social acceptability.”

    Your just figuring this out now?

    I feel old, I figured that out 20 years ago.

  5. ggreen says

    Inside the Pepsi center, on the Cheetos mezzanine next to Taco Bell Plaza, near the KFC pavilion just to the right of the Mr. Pibb rotunda we see several obese sports fans looking for a restroom/snackbar.

  6. astroboy says

    Hey guys, I’m here as well- and the excitement at the convention is inspiring.
    One correction, though, Obama will be accepting the nomination at Invesco Field, and not at the Pepsi Center.

  7. Derrick from Philly says

    “I can’t stress enough how important it is for you people out there to understand this double standard.”

    You’d better leave us alone with that mess.

    You’d be there with a placard, hunh? JASON, they’d wisk your ass out of that Pepsi Center faster than John McCain can say, “I don’t know. We’ll get back to you on that.”

    Dear, you know they probably have mental hospitals in Colorado too…with big, bisexual nurses–female & male.

  8. Las Vegas says

    Okay boys, how about some real news reported from there. Andy and Corey are too worried about who’s dick the have to suck to get some “news makers” and miss the real stories going on there. Like:

    Outside in a protest not long ago a Fox News Crew was just attacked. A small group of protesters just attacked them with the rest of the crowd chanting : Fuck Fox News and Fox News out.

    There’s some real news…why not cover the event and not worry about where St. Obama is going to annoint the crowd?

  9. sugarrhill says

    Las Vegas,

    Shouldn’t you be concerned with actual convention related issues ebing a delegate and all. Sad to see you’re still bitter about Hillary losing the nomination. Really “St. Obama”?

  10. Las Vegas says

    Well Nancy Pelosi was the one who called him a gift from God. And since she told everyone on meet the press that The Vatican had not decided when a baby is a baby yesterday I just thought that she was John The Baptist for Obama.

    BY the way protests outside the convention is an issue at the convention. Reading about which rock star is opening for them is not a convention issue jsut something else for you all to feel “good” that someone famous agrees with you.

  11. sugarrhill says


    For a proported delegate you sure seem as ill informed on Obama, again a mere mortal with flaws- just like us, as most die hard Republicans. I sure hope you put your energies toward changing, yet again, the way the Democratic Party selects their nominee. Perhaps it’s too demoractic. Perhaps a winner takes all approach, similar to the Republican Party, would be more appropriate for everyone’s voices to be truly heard?

  12. Jimmyboyo says

    LAS VEGAS is NOT a delegate

    Proof in point the multiple posts espousing every single repub talking point. Just read the anti-kenedy spiel in another thread that is almost straight from the mouth of rush limbaugh.

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