Irish Bishop Can’t Accept Homosexuality, Even if Biologically Proven

Harold Miller, a leading Irish bishop in the Anglican church, says the church can’t accept gays even if homosexuality is proven to have a genetic or biological origin.

MillerSaid Miller: “If you say that because you are born with a certain inclination then it is God-given and you should be free to follow that through in your life, it doesn’t make any logical sense whatever. You would then have to say that there are many different inclinations with which people are born — even if it is true that this is an inherent thing — and which people spend their lifetime trying to subdue. The fact that you are born with it doesn’t make any moral judgement on the inclination. People fight to subdue inherently bad tempers, depressive streaks or lots of sexual inclinations. Some inclinations are good, some are not good and some are mixed…I stood at the front gate of a Cathedral in America last month and read a notice saying ‘Anybody going on the LGBT parade come to the Cathedral first and have your relationship blessed by the bishop’…There’s no doubt about it — it’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered for a start — so the thing has widened already and you have to ask: what does it mean for someone who’s born bisexual to follow their inclination or inclinations? [Proving that homosexuality is natural] makes no difference at all.'”

Miller’s remarks are at odds with Church of Ireland Archbishop Alan Harper, who said such discoveries would be cause to reconsider Anglican practice on the issue: “It has not yet been conclusively shown that for some males and some females homosexuality and homosexual acts are natural rather than unnatural. If such comes to be shown, it will be necessary to acknowledge the full implications of that new aspect of the truth, and that insight applied to establish and acknowledge what may be a new status for homosexual relationships within the church.”

And also at odds with the mindset of Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, which was revealed in letters from 2000 and 2001 earlier this week.


  1. Jason says

    Then the church should really consider whether they want people with “inherently bad tempers, depressive streaks or lots of sexual inclinations” to be accepted either.

    Pathetic ignorance.

  2. rayrayj says

    Well when I engage in fantasy and role play I don’t want to invite them to play with me either so I figure we’re even. Besides my fantasy and role play is much more fun that theirs and doesn’t involve all that guilt.

  3. adam says

    Wow, so according to the good bishop, my hearing disability is an inclination and I need to fight against that? SWEET! Begone you accursed plastic earpieces that doomed me to a childhood of ridicule and social ostracization, for this man has cured me! 😉

  4. ImeldaMarcos says

    Clarifying that this bigot is from Northern Ireland and not the Republic of Ireland.

    Bigots in the North are struggling to come to terms with a less bigoted environment and as such are stirring up whatever they can.

    (And his argument that social changes cannot impede on the “word of God” is dumb! Christianity has made accomodations for many social advances over the few years that it’s been around. Dumbass!)

  5. anon says

    Were they to lose state funding in the UK (this is one reason why Faith Based Initiatives are so bad–stop them Obama, please!) over this issue then you can bet they’ll change their minds. GOD knows no one goes to church in the UK anymore.

  6. EOIN M says

    Oh dear, yet another fundie confusing sexual acts with orientation as defining a person.

    These church plebs need to grow up. He’s basically drawing comparisons with homosexuality and pedophilia, totally wrongly and sending a confused and confusing message across, as the church seems to love to do.

    Remind me why religion has no place in my life and why I’m so happy it doesn’t.

  7. Naturally Queer says

    The fact is, it doesn’t matter whether or not homosexuality is genetic. What if they discover that bigotry is genetic, does that mean that it’s okay for this fuckwad Bishop to be a bigot. We’ve known for centuries that race is genetic, but that didn’t decrease racial prejudice.

    Basic human dignity and respect are what we owe each other, gay and straight.

  8. mike says

    This dick-Bishop (like the rest of his ilk) never seems to be able to turn the argument around and use his twisted logic on himself.

    What I can never understand is why we aren’t taking the argument to these assholes? There is enough solid scholarship out there to rip holes the size of Texas in the theological fabric of judeo-christianity’s homophobia and its pathological obsession with the natural sexuality of gays and lesbians.

    What IS unnatural is forcing someone to deny the essence of their humanity.

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