McCain Takes $2300 Contribution from Owner of Gay Sex Site Manhunt


You may have read about founders Larry Basile and Jonathan Crutchley (above right) in Michael Joseph Gross’ OUT article entitled “Has Manhunt Destroyed Gay Culture?”

Crutchley’s political leanings are pointed out near the beginning of the piece:

“Crutchley, a liberal Republican with a tight white beard, admits that he felt anxious during Manhunt’s first years, before his and Basile’s initial investment of $800,000 bore fruit. Now, seated at his desk and surrounded by giant photographs of body builders’ glutes, Crutchley says the company brings in at least $2.4 million per month — almost $30 million a year — not counting ad revenues, and prospects for growth are strong. Manhunt’s success measures the extent to which online cruising has changed gay urban social life. Is it changing gay politics too?”

Crutchley’s right-leaning ways have been reported on before, in the Huffington Post, which reported on a contribution he made to the McCain campaign. Last week, Crutchley defended his contribution in the comments section of an April 2007 interview (which he apparently monitors) with Online Personals Watch:


And here’s the amount, via Open Secrets:


It appears John McCain has accepted the maximum individual campaign donation from the owner of America’s largest gay sex hook-up website.


After one of our irate readers emailed Manhunt informing them that they had cancelled their account, he received the following email from the company:

Dear Sir,

We are always happy to hear from our members, thank you for taking the time to
express your concerns. The subject that you have brought to our attention is a personal matter and is
not representative of MANHUNT. We thank you for your understanding.

Sincerely, Team MANHUNT