Notes from The Democratic National Convention


road.jpg Anti-war protesters target convention.

Kennedyroad.jpg Ted Kennedy to attend convention? “In a moment that is sure to bring down the house, US Senator Edward M. Kennedy is expected to attend the Democratic National Convention, most likely to deliver a speech tonight. Kennedy has been battling brain cancer since May, and his doctors are said to be worried that his treatment has compromised his immune system and that attending the convention could put him at further risk. Still, the senator has recently told people that he has a speech written for the convention and that he badly wants to come, pending a final medical consultation. Buzz has built among Massachusetts politicos that Kennedy would come, and yesterday a Bay State Democrat close to the family confirmed that Kennedy has decided to travel to Denver, probably for an opening-night address. “

road.jpg Dave Matthews and Sheryl Crow kick off Convention at Red Rocks Amphitheater concert outside Denver. Crow: “What I’m hearing from Sen. Obama is a lot like what we heard from Robert Kennedy. No matter what campaign ad we see or how it’s spun, hope is important. It’s what this country was based on. That tag that Sen. Obama’s been given (celebrity) is a campaign ploy, obviously, by the Republican party. I don’t see him hanging out. I have yet to see him at any celebrity events.”

Top photo: I shot these cops on horseback yesterday. There are mounted riot police everywhere in the city and various protests clogging the streets at any given moment during the day. It’s quite an atmosphere. I’ll be posting photos of my time here, and soon we’ll have a slideshow for you.


  1. Las Vegas says

    Now there’s some values we can appreciate in the DNC. John Edwards can’t come because he stuck his dick in someone that wasn’t his wife and is currently banished. Kennedy, who killed someone, is a drunk, and comes from a politically corrupt family who initially got their money from bootlegging and stock market speculation. Oh yeah and whose father wanted to give Europe to Hitler is lauded as a hero and bought his son the presidency through mob ties and a corrupt Chicago Syndicate (sound familiar about CHicago)…ugh it never ends. Doesn’t ANYONE at the DNC actually stop and think before acting?

  2. Bill Perdue says

    The ABC (Australia) report is an indicator of what life will be like for the next occupant of the White House, except it won’t be thousands marching, it’ll be hundreds of thousands.
    The ABC (Australia) reports that “In the United States, thousands of anti-war protestors have marched through the city of Denver to the site of the Democratic National Convention.
    An estimated 5,000 police and security personnel, including the Secret Service, are on high alert, as helicopters patrol overhead.
    The Denver convention falls on the 40th anniversary of the 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago which erupted in violence as anti-Vietnam protestors fought running battles with police.”
    Obama and McCain = war = Nixon.

  3. Jimmyboyo says

    Las vegas

    Glass houses and misinfo

    1- Cindy Mccain’s Father and uncle …In March 1948, a federal jury convicted both Hensleys of concealing sales of black-market liquor. Jim Hensley’s six month sentence was suspended (NYT recent expose)

    2- Cindy mccain’s father also….the hensely brothers went into the liquor business with Kemper Marley who was indicted in 1976 for ordering the assassination of Don Bolles, an investigative reporter for The Arizona Republic investigating Marley and the Hensley’s (cindy’s father and uncle) for mob ties

    3- Mccain capitulated with the enemy and gave info to get better treatment, to the extent of even making anti american films clips for the enemy

    4- mcbush = bush pt 2 ….Prescot Bush, jr’s grandfather had money and property confiscated by FDR due to Prescot bush’s dealing with the nazis. Was called “Hitler’s banker”. Bush family members were also caught as part of a coup attempt to overthrow the USA gov and replace the FDR administration with a fascist regime modeled after Musolini’s Italy and Hitler’s Germany. The general pegged as their man to lead the military in the coup attempt turned stooge and spilled the beans to the FDR administration resulting in large amounts of money and property confiscated from the Bush family amongst others. were not shot by firing squad for treason due to too many of the ringleaders being leaders in US businesses so FDR let them live free so as to not upset the US economy.

    5- Laura Bush on a clear weather evening with nothing in the road…ran a stop sign running over her then boyfriend killing him. Ran back and forth a few times over him, not just once.


    Beware of that glass house and repub elephant sticking out of your as@

  4. Bill Perdue says

    In his slimy support for the Germans and connections with Pacelli’s pro-NAZI Vatican, FDR’s ambassador to England, Joseph Kennedy, JFK’s father, was just as bad as Prescott Bush.

    It’s true that when Democrats like Jimmyboyo call the Vietnamese ‘the enemy” it’s perfectly consistent with their support for the genocidal invasion and occupation of Iraq, the illegal invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, and Obama’s plans to invade Pakistan and expand as well as extend the war.

    The truth is that both candidates are sellouts (although neither had to go very far to sellout) to the military-industrial complex.

    They have no principles and neither do their hacks and shills. But not to worry, the antiwar movement was instrumental in dismissing LBJ and Nixon from office in disgrace. We’re ready and able to do the same, politically, for the next occupant. It’ll be fun.

  5. Las Vegas says

    Once again knee jerk liberals miss the point..again. My point you morons is not the shady past but the fact that John Edwards was not invited to the convention due to his minor problems of screwing someone and yet they have no problem foisting Teddy and Bill who have done far worse.

  6. Jimmyboyo says

    Las vegas

    You are a liar to begin with. You claim in another thread that you are a delegate at the dem convention yet your words “knee jerk liberals…..” shows that you probably have never ever been a dem in your life.

    Who are you to judge who is allowed at the dem convention when you lie as to who and what you are

    A typical conservative Neanderthal.

    Las Vegas , i expect you to forsake your SS check when you retire, to forsake medicare coverage when you retire, to give up what few gay rights we have, to tell any african americans you know (probably none) to give up their right to vote, etc…………Because without TED KENEDY spearheading and or backing all such legislation over the decades you could not appreciate such privelages.

    You hypocrite and bold faced liar

    Bill Perdue, I have constantly spoken out against the invasion of Iraq. Obviously you have no clue what you are talking about.

    Iraq never attacked america. In fact the majority of 9/11 attackers were saudis. they trained in Afganistan. The invasion of afganistan to oust the taliban was just and supported by the majority of the arab world.

    Bush screwed up by outsourcing to afgan warlds moving into the Tora Bora area where osama was hiding. Bush screwed up afganistan by going into Iraq based on lies.

  7. david in davenport iowa says

    I like a few of Sheryl Crow’s songs, but she has to stop the RFK comparisons to Obama. She wasn’t even wakling around when RFK was shot in 1968. Barack Obama is unlike Robert Kennedy then same way that Dan Quaile was unlike John F Kennedy.

  8. Las Vegas says

    Also, I opened my first retirement account when I was 17 and working. I vaev almost always had two jobs or more jobs my entire life to pay for my retirement and whatever else I wanted or needed. I don’t expect you or the governement to pay for me. I know that it seems easier to someone like you to sit home and wait for the check every month. The reason I did this is because a very famous Democratic Senator from my home state of Massachusetts frankly told me he thought that the whole thing would collapse before I retired because Congress can’t keep their damn hands off that money. BTW it was John Kerry who told me this while mom was working on his campaign.

    I might also remind you…you self righteous liberal asshole that it was DEMOCRATS who set the dogs and the hoses on the blacks in the south. It was DEMOCRATIC governors blocking the integration of the schools in the south. I might also add that the Civil Rights Legislation had to be passed by a very strong Republican backing to make it. WHY? You may ask. Because despite the leverage of LBJ at the time DEMOCRATS from the South were having a FIT over the whole thing passing.

    I don’t judge who goes and who doesn’t go to the convention I just point out some interesting points to consider. I realize as you are sitting there drinking the Kool Aid by the gallon that all Republicans are bad and all Democrats are sainted. Most idiots like you would still be screaming not to re-elect Gorge Bush if someone had not clued you in he can’t run again.

    Back up your claims I’m a delegate instead of just spewing your toxic waste lies. Just because a liberal ass says something doesn’t make it true although but probably you’ll do what I expect and just keep repeating the same thing over and over hoping someone will decide it must be true if you keep saying it.

    I don’t delude myself for one second that either side gives a shit about the gays except to scare the Republican’s base or to get the gay community to once again take out their wallets and give them a vote.

    So let em know where you’re living when you retire so I can send you my Social Security check because you were stupid enough to actually put your life in their hands…I’ll be lying on the beach someone where…laughing my ass off at you.

  9. says

    To all the gay Republican trolls:

    Years from now, when you are being tortured in a concentration camp (“Welcome to Gitmo II”), you’ll look back at this time and wonder what happened. Perhaps, with the help of the electrodes attached to your scrotum, you will gain this striking insight: you really should have shaken off your I’ll-be-a-pissy-queen-and-vote-for-McCain attitude, and voted for Obama instead.

  10. Las Vegas says

    OMG thanks I needed a laugh today and that has got to be the most funny over the top statement I have seen in months. You say the Republicans use scare tactics…I mean really is that supposed to make me run out and give Obama 2300 dollars and the HRC a million?

    Last time there were concentration camps for American citizens on American soil was when a Democrat was in office..something think about…huh?

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