Democrat Pissed He Can’t Be Gay for McCain

Craig Brownstein of Edelman PR in Washington says he’s a reported McCain supporter who went to the campaign’s website and was rejected when he tried to order a personalized sign professing his support according to The Examiner:

Mccainbush“Although $25 will get you ‘Jewish Americans for McCain’ or ‘Business Leaders for McCain’ (or most any other variation) T-shirts on McCain’s campaign Web site, if you give 10 times that amount — $250 — you’ll have much less, not more, luck getting a personalized sign. [Brownstein] headed to McCain’s presidential Web site to make a contribution and noticed that, for $250, the McCain campaign’s store would create a customized 3-by-6-foot outdoor banner for Brownstein…The purchase went through, but “a few hours later…Brownstein received a call from a woman fulfilling the McCain store’s orders, and she informed Brownstein that the text was not approved. ‘I was told it could only be personalized with names,’ said Brownstein (they would, for instance, accept ‘Craig and Doug for John McCain’).”

Why is this a surprise coming from a man who’s afraid of gay sweaters? And the more obvious question — why a proud gay Democrat would want to profess his love for John McCain…

For signage, money gets you nowhere [the examiner]
(via huffington post)