Two Mexican Teens Arrested in Grisly Gay Sex Killing in Cancun

A gay couple in Cancun, Mexico were slaughtered in a brutal killing by four teens in a robbery that turned deadly, according to Mexican news media.

CancunarrestsOn Top magazine reports: “Ricardo Humberto Santos and Cesar Castillo were the victims of an apparent homophobic attack in their home last Saturday. The teens, ages 14 and 15, planned on injuring then robbing the couple of a car and a plasma screen television, but killed them instead. The teens then took off with several worthless electronic devices, including a DVD player. Police say the minors lived only 3 houses away and had been inside the house previously. Two other teenagers, both 16, are wanted by the police as suspected accomplices…According to the police, the men were killed while engaged in sex with the teens. Results of an autopsy showed that Santos was stabbed 38 times and Castillo 34. The boys confessed to police the gory details of slicing one of the pair’s throat while having oral sex.”

The teens are thought to belong to a neighborhood gang and scrawled anti-gay messages on the side of the home which led to their arrest.


  1. JerzeeMike says

    Oh, and before anyone jumps up my ass about the guys in this story having sex with underage kids, does their transgression make their murder acceptable to you?

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    Good Lord, it does make me think, “…the chances I took.”

    You’re right, JERZEEMIKE, the two gay guys didn’t deserve to be slaughtered. They didn’t deserve to be hurt at all. They made a foolish mistake that turned deadly. The teenage murders are beasts…that happens sometimes when teenage boys hunt in a pack.

  3. LIYON says

    Killing is never right, but I don’t really feel that bad since they were having sex with teenagers. That’s disgusting… If they weren’t perverts they could have been still alive today.

  4. JerzeeMike says

    DAVEYNYC and LIYON, you’re actually going to tell me that these men deserved to be targeted and slaughtered the way they were. Do you think these kids were completely innocent in the proposal of sex? If you are, then you’re naive. Did these gay men deserve to go to jail and be punished for engaging in sex with underage boys? ABSOLUTELY. Did they deserve to have their throats sliced. NO, NO, NO!!!!! This is why mankind has laws and judicial systems people.

    What’s the next justification for teens targeting gays? “Well, your honor, these fags were walking down the street holding hands so, you see, I had to kill them. Oh, BTW. I’m only 16 so it’s OK, right?” Pathetic.

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    “…I don’t really feel bad since they were having sex with teenagers.”

    LIYON, have you ever been out at night in a big city? Often the red-light districts and “gay ghettos” are hunting grounds for teenage “trade” who prey on “easy targets”. I was approached often by boys. Being small in stature, I had enough sense to say “no”–especially if there was more than one boy. No, in our society, grown men should not have sex with teenage boys. Also, teenage boys should not go out on the streets with the intent, “Hey, we can get some money from this fag.”

    You know, LIYON, I first saw “Suddenly Last Summer” when I was about eleven years old. I immediately identified with the gay character, Sebastian Venable (and Mr Williams, the author). Sebastian suffered the same horrific fate as the two gay guys in this horrific true-life incident. But many times, in the gayborhoods, the adult gay man’s mistake is more stupid than it is sinister.

  6. JerzeeMike says

    Thank you, DERRICK! Finally, someone here gets it. These kids were not innocent victims! They planned this crime with the intent to hurt and rob these men and it went beyond their original intent for whatever reason. I’m not defending the actions of the gay couple, they should have known better, but like DERRICK said, “more stupid than sinister.”

  7. John C says

    Interesting seeing people here jump to the defence of the murderers whose words are the sole account of what actually took place. Can we expect to see this happen next time there’s a gay-bashing murder and the killer isn’t underage?

  8. Mark says

    The number of comments that blame the victims on this blog really sickens me. You pious bastards sit back in your cozy manufactured world and pass judgement on people and circumstances of which you have no first person knowledge.

    How does that make you different from the fundamentalist christians and right wing extremists that so often get blasted here?

  9. nic says

    fuck you on this, DAVEYNYC.

    had they been raping the teens, maybe. but apparently the boys were complicit — with the ulterior motive to rob. those who would blame the victims disgust me. the boys were the predators in this case. i have no patience for vicious killers no matter the age, nor for their apologists. remember lawrence king?

  10. 24play says

    And, not to let a little thing like the law get in the way of a spirited discussion of molestation and disgusting men, but…

    “In most of Mexico, the age of consent for sexual activity is 12, and only in Mexico state is it over 14.”—Human Rights Watch

    (Not sure if that applies to homosex as well as heterosex.)

  11. 24play says

    And a little more on age of consent laws in Mexico:

    “Rape is prosecuted at the state level, and state laws vary. A review of criminal laws in all 31 states showed that many required that if, for example, a 12-year-old girl accused an adult of statutory rape, she had first to prove she was “chaste and pure.” Nineteen of the states required that statutory rape charges be dropped if the rapist agreed to marry his victim.”

    That’s from 2002. Don’t know if any of that has changed. But it gives a little background on the legal situation here.

  12. JerzeeMike says

    DAVEY, you think these kids were innocent? They were picked up at a mall and taken somewhere and forced into sex with these men? WRONG!!! They targeted these men and the men were stupid enough to fall for it. They used sex to lure the men into a situation that NEVER should happen. NO SEX WITH KIDS, GUYS!! EVER! My point is that teens habitually target gay men and kill without regard to punishment because they can hide behind the juvenile court system and get off with a slap on the wrist. I’m NOT defending the actions of the men who thought sex with children would be fun. I just don’t want people thinking that these kids should have no responsibility for their actions.

  13. John C says

    “Sometimes when you’re being molested by disgusting men, your thought process may not be perfect..”

    And the only evidence for that happening is statements by the killers, right? So it must be true, right?

  14. gabriel says

    Thanks 24PLAY for the additional info. My assumption was that the legal age in Mexico was much lower than in the US…

    It seems the majority of us here agree that this was a disgusting crime and the killers were not innocent *at all*

  15. o says

    Does anybody remember the case where a child molester was being transferred through an airport and the father of the child was waiting and shot the molester dead. This is the same thing. When ever I hear a story like this I always go back to that story. I feel the father was justified. For people that don’t agree, I think

  16. Mark says

    O: I was sexually active at 14. I knew exactly what I wanted and where to find it. In this case, these are not innocent kids being molested. They are alleged gang members. There is no parallel to child molestation and these brutal murders.

  17. Derrick from Philly says


    A 30 year old gay man (rather slender in body stature)is solicited by a rather large 15 year old… the gay guy performs oral sex on the 15 year old. THen the 15 year old beats the slender 30 year old to a pulp. After the police arrest him, the big kid claims, “the faggot sucked my dick, then he wanted to do more…so, I got scared and beat him.”

    You would side with the 15 year old hustler against the 30 year old gay man–whose in the hospital with broken facial bones and busted internal organs?

    O, you’re talking about a “child”. I’m talking about a gang of violent teenage hustlers and gangbangers who commit violence against gay men, or “faggots” as they call us.

    And the hustlers usually don’t pick some John Amechi lookin’ homo, they’re more likely to prey upon someone like Truman Capote or Christian Sirano.

  18. thin mint says

    The news story offers little more than hints — the lurid conclusions that we are all (including me) jumping to say a lot about the state of gay culture.

    If those conclusions are in fact correct, then there are few things lower than someone from an affluent country who travels to an impoverished one to use its poverty as leverage in securing sex with kids.

    However, one of the very few things lower than that person — is a murderer.

  19. 24play says

    Thin Mint,

    What was that about leaping to lurid conclusions?

    I don’t think the victims traveled very far. They were murdered in their Cancun home.

  20. Anon says

    I was molested by a much older man when I was 14 and didn’t know how to get out of the situation. But having your dick sucked is never a justifiable reason to kill someone, whether you’re gay or straight. These kids lived three houses down and wanted some cool electronics, and were willing to kill for it. That’s it. They deserve zero sympathy.

    If the victims had been (anally) raping them, I might have some sympathy. But given these details, I do not.

  21. GV says

    Why do so many here seem to be taking the murderers` explanation at face value…
    The first thing I thought when I read the kart about them having sex was that this may have been trumped up by either corrupt police or by the murderers (possibly on the advice of someone who knows a jury will say, “Oh well, they must have deserved it, so let`s go light on the sentencing.“
    We can`t hear one side of the story because they are DEAD. The side we are hearing is from a group whose moral compass is such that it allows for not only theft but also slicing other human beings` throats.
    It astounds me that anyone would jump to the conclusion that we`re hearing the real story when you look at who is telling it.

  22. White Collar Boy says

    Great point, GV. And anyway, who gives a fuck if they did have sex with consenting teenagers. Americans are so fucking uptight about underage sex. You’re a bunch of fucking Puritans . . . except that Puritans weren’t nearly so hung up on age. Even they thought underage sex was fine (in marriage). Morally, it is so fucking screwed up to think that sex with a consenting teenager is worthy of inflicting torture and death on an adult.

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