1. John McLaren says

    Your reports reads:
    This is the building where Sarah Palin got much of her executive experience — Wasilla City Hall. It’s relatively close to Alaska, which, no doubt, has prepared her for the face-to-face with Putin.

    I think you mean “It’s relatively close to RUSSIA….etc”

  2. Matt says

    So it’s a small town. Hum…I didn’t know the constitution forbid people from being vice president based on their towns population size. Wasn’t Lincoln from a small town and a cabin at that? I’m still not voting for McCain and her but seriously the whole small town arguement is a stretch.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    If only the Democrats would simply use this short video as a campaign commercial, except at the end have a picture of Sarah superimposed upon an American flag waving.

    Sarah: Brave and tall. Ready to serve.

    I didn’t see one Eskimo in that damn town…saw a black guy filming somebody though. He must be the only Democrat in town….him and the librarian. Lonely, baby.

  4. Las Vegas says

    I’m sitting watching this cringing a little. John to run that as a campaign commercial would be suicide for Obama. There was a flap a while back because Obama essentially said somethings that in context or not about people’s gun and religion and it really gave the Republican’s some ammo for a while.

    What this video says does is confirm the contempt that liberals have for small town people. While I can see that it might be funny to all of you but really it is a VERY dangerous piece of ammo for the right to seize on and manipulate to the hilt right now. SO have your laugh now but if this ends up on Hannity, Limbaugh, or Levine you won’t be laughing so hard after that.

  5. Jake says

    Is it just me or are gay men the most MISOGYNISTIC, SEXIST people out there? I can’t help but be kind of proud that this woman has taken the political world by storm and all we can do is trash her repeatedly. And it’s not just because she identifies as Republican, because the gay support of Hilary clearly was lacking too, if one were to read past entries on this blog.

    I serious think gay men only think with their dicks and there must be a subconscious thing under the surface of why you would throw your support behind Obama, a young, exotic, relatively attractive political figure without a ton of experience but alot of charisma and showmanship, but totally crush Palin, who is….a young, exotic, relatively attractive political figure without a ton of experience but alot of charisma and showmanship.

    Don’t forget these figures people :
    More than half of the US is women
    Of those women, 75% have children
    60% don’t live in big cities, but in small towns like Wasila
    1 in 10 men are gay
    Blacks make up 20% of the US population.
    Christians make up 3/4 of the US population
    Everyone had a mom at one point (even Andy)
    The American population still has deep rooted racism and new Muslim-phobia.

    And the list goes on and on. The only point here is that gay men are the minority and we continue to make ourselves seem like total assholes when we discount facts like the ones above. Step off 8th Avenue/Fire Island Blvd/Castro Street/Commercial Street/Santa Monica Blvd/South Beach/ etc etc and realize that there is a HUGE USA out there. Wasila is part of that USA whether you like it or not.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    “close to Alaska” “close to Russia”

    Close to no where, honey. The Republicans ought to be ashamed of their unscrupulous asses.

    And don’t you dare bring up Harry Truman. He’d been in Washington DC for years before FDR chose him. Don’t you dare!

  7. Dan says

    Jake, you are full of shit.

    There is nothing misogynistic in pointing out how extremely unsuited Palin is for the position of VP. She has never served in national office. When she has been asked to serve in local office, she’s made a complete mess of things. If she can’t even manage a town of 8000 people without alienating half her constituents, imagine how much worse it’ll be if she gets into the WH.

    Calling out her deficiencies is not sexist. Indeed, I believe you are the sexist here. You seem to think that we shouldn’t be subjecting Palin to the same vetting we would anybody else… simply because she’s a woman.

    And finally… just to show I can piss everybody off in one message…. let’s shut up about Palin already. Yes, she’s pathetic. But she’s the VP. Have we completely forgotten about McCain? Let’s save our venom for the guy who truly deserves it.

  8. Tyler says

    Jake and Las Vegas you need to WAKE UP! We are in the worst economy in years and it was brought on by republicans playing fast and loose with our laws.
    The republicans not only hate gays, they are selling off the government to wall street and then asking us to bail them out!
    Small towns like Wasilla are scary, period!
    Democrats are the only hope we got, and we do not need Evangelicals running the show, they are bad with money, and too concerned with gays and abortion. They prevent economic sucess, and we cannot afford to pander to nutjobs in this economy.
    You must be closeted or straight and non christian, because you are not concerned about the least among us (which is the LGBT community) and you do not see the crisis we are facing selling our souls to China and letting the media be taken over by one or two people. Or maybe you are just plain racist, in which case i feel sorry for you.

  9. sexyback says

    MATT – I think the problem is not with the small town, the difficulty is that she didn’t even govern her <9,000 residents very well. Being President is about executive prowess for sure, but one also needs legislative experience, diplomacy, bipartisan compromise, brains… Where are hers? Population size is VERY relevant. Alaska is not representative of the US – Illinois is. It is much easier for a white woman to become governor of a small state (<700,000 people) than for Obama to break the racial barriers to become contender for the White House.

    JAKE, yes gay men can be misogynists and sexist for sure, but gay men tend to be pro-woman on many levels: contraception, abortion, equal pay, etc. There were a LOT of gay men for Hillary and they were called racist because they didn’t like Obama. What’s a guy to do: racism or sexism? Hard choice.

    We trash Palin because she is a bad candidate for a school board, never mind for VP. She is tough and mean, but that’s about it. She is NOT fiscally responsible, she is socially REGRESSIVE and has virtually nothing to offer other than “novelty”. Hillary, by comparison, has been a stalwart fighter of discrimination through the years and has fought long and hard for health care and children. Palin offends me on so many levels that I don’t even need to read rumours to dislike her.

    Obama is a very positive candidate in both his speech and actions. McCain was once too – but he sold out so easily to the right. I could never ever vote GOP but McCain is so much worse now.

  10. giovanni says

    “So it’s a small town. Hum…I didn’t know the constitution forbid people from being vice president based on their towns population size”

    You know I don’t think it makes me a bad person because I have grave misgivings about a person going from governing a town of 6 thousand people to possibly being leader of the free world in less than then the time it takes to graduate from high school.

    I am sorry, my friend, but it is a HUGE stretch and the Lincoln comparison is an even bigger one for a variety of reasons not the least of which is 150 years of a changed world.

    If Sarah Palin had gone though two years and twenty five debates worth of introducing herself and her beliefs to the country like Obama then perhaps you would have something to complain about but the fact is we know nothing about this woman and yet she may dictate the course of all our histories.

    It’s absurd and insulting to all women (including our mothers) to suggest that the vigorous questioning of Sarah Palin’s qualifications to go head to head with Putin or Ahmadinejad is somehow misogynistic. Get a grip dude This is not only our future but THE FUTURE OF THE WORLD WE ARE TALKING ABOUT!

  11. Matt says

    Obama is as unqualified as Palin.

    If I’m wrong, why doesn’t Obama stand up and say this explicitly? Why doesn’t he address Palin and say that she is not qualified to be VP? (“Sarah Palin, you are not ready to lead.”) No hints, no insinuations. Grow a pair and say it, please. Have the guts to say it.

    You and I both know why, because it would turn the spotlight back on Obama, who HILARIOUSLY cites his leading of a presidential campaign as executive experience.

    I was leaning Obama but the more I see him in action, the less impressed I am.

  12. Franklin says

    Virulently anti-gay? Evidence please.

    She’s a Christian. Like millions of other Americans. And she hasn’t bashed gays in her political career to advance herself, unlike so many other Republicans (who deserve to be defeated).

    Bill Clinton is more anti-gay in my books. DOMA, anyone?

  13. John says

    JEFF says: “she’s virulently anti-gay.” Virulently? Really? Where does that come from? She sat in a church preaching against gays. Yes, many of us have sat through a church service have heard that too. Anyone who’s a Catholic or Baptist has. Does it means she agrees? Did you stand up and object or did you sit there quietly? I have yet to hear one anti-gay quote from her. She did veto (her first veto) anti-gay legislation. That does not equate with someone who is “virulently anit-gay”. I am not trying to defend or support her, but if you want to attack her–be correct about it. As far as I can see the attacks so far have been useless or flat out wrong. This post is totally correct about the size of Wasilla. What does that get Obama? Nothing. It just puts down small towns and makes them more likely to vote McCain. She is far-right. Period. That’s your argument.

  14. Obama is Over says

    And frankly one of the best ways to be pro-gay (especially for all you well to do DINK “double income no kids” GAYS) is through tax breaks, so you can buy that house in that marginalized neighborhood and maybe your gay friends will follow suit, and you can buy that wedding you have been dreaming about, and pay for the airfare to Massachusetts to get hitched. Those are true GAY RIGHTS.

  15. Las Vegas says

    Tyler and Giovanni, while making a valid point, are expressing attitudes that exemplify one of the Democrats greatest weakness points. Only people who come from big cities or central points of American can possibly have any understanding of how the world works.

    Being from a small town or from a more rural state doesn’t make you stupid, backward, a bigot, or anything else you seem to want to add. It also doesn’t make you unqualified to run for President.

    Giovanni comparing Obama’s pursuit of the Oval Office to Palin’s RECENT invitation to run for VP is rediculous. Obama has been campaigning for almost 20 months for the top please don’t be so stupid or are you saying now that a VP pick needs to be out there campaigning 20 months in advance too?

    Really, if you look back over the last 100 years most of the people sitting in the Oval Office have had more experience than Mr Obama. These men have been governors, seasoned Senators, ambassadors or at the very least served at executive federal employees (Bush as CIA director). So to question Mr. Obama’s experience is not so far fetched.

    The worst mistake Democrats can make right now is to feed into any of the broad strokes the Republicans have been painting regarding East/West Coast elitism and intellectual snobbery of the Democrats and liberals. Making snide comments about small towns and how “scary” they are merely confirms those claims.

    Stop talking about how you “feel” and start using facts to back those emotions instead…like someone on here posted about Palin leaving the town in the red. Small towns struggle with things like that all the time. Small town people would view that as a very negative check mark because they know if a mayor can’t keep the town in the back how is she going to balance the Federal budget?

  16. Giovanni says

    ” and you can buy that wedding you have been dreaming about, and pay for the airfare to Massachusetts to get hitched.”

    That is until the constitutional ban is in place and the sodomy laws are reinstated to to put us all in alignment with gods plan. Hey at least you have your tax cuts to make you feel better. Assuming of course you are in the top five percent – if not, which is clearly is more likelY to be the case – you’re kind of fucked but you get what you pay for.

  17. Giovanni says

    “Being from a small town or from a more rural state doesn’t make you stupid, backward, a bigot, or anything else you seem to want to add. It also doesn’t make you unqualified to run for President”

    Nor does being from a city or the northeast for that matter yet the Republicans have managed to convince half the country that they are somehow superior because they never had the balls to leave their “small town” and venture out into the world. Small towns are great but so are big cities – you know like the one that was attacked on sept 11th.

    And I just can’t take anyone seriously who genuinely believes that Sarah Palin is ready to lead this nation and the world through two wars and threat of two more. I am not buying the bullshit and neither would you if Obama had picked the former mayor of West Bubble Fuck, Oregon.

  18. says

    What scares me about the video is not that she comes from a small town (mine is about the same size, though it’s a college town in Vermont), but rather that she would spend $15 million and put the town in debt for a SPORTS COMPLEX! Jesus, what next, a Presidential candidate who owns a baseball team or something? Oh…? never mind.

  19. Las Vegas says

    …and that Giovanni is why you will not see Obama in office. You’ll have another 4 to 8 years to stew over the fact that the Democrats screwed themselves over again when it was their election to lose. You’re focusing on wrong things and making the wrong issues important.

  20. Giovanni says

    Actually Las Vegas I was focusing on the subject of this posting which is Sarah Palin. You know, the lady who carries all of your eggs in her fiesty yet attractive home spun basket.

    As long as Obama does not allow himself to be run over by the McCain/Palin/Rove machine we will rightly win this election.

  21. Dan says

    Y’all realize that the only way McCain/Palin can win this is if they turn it into a personality contest, right? And that’s exactly what they’re doing. And by continuing these attacks on Palin’s backgroud, we’re just helping them with this whole thing.

    Let’s focus on the issues. God knows they don’t have a prayer there.

  22. Rocco says

    I know I am kinda new, but where did all these trolls come from? How common is this?

    Anyway, it takes about five seconds to bring up Palin’s anti-gay record using any search engine. The big ones: opposing domestic partner benefits (for public employees in Alaska I believe)and she supported the constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage up there.I also think she is against GLBT folks adopting, but I am less sure about that one. I will have to look again.

    These things are not hard to find, guys. That is waaay anti-gay enough for me. Besides, her views on abortion are extreme. I have two daughters! She would force women/girls to carry any pregnancy to term regardless of the circumstances i.e. rape/incest?!? If any of the info. her defenders claim is made up by the “mean Obama people,” I am quite sure she will clarify on national television tomorrow night with Charles Gipson. Can’t wait!

  23. Jack H. says

    I see this interesting video has brought out of the Internet woodwork all our right-wing Repuglican “friends” who otherwise would never venture to a site like this. Palin is a sick joke of the far-right fundies being foisted on the national electorate. I started voting way back when 18yr olds were first given the national vote folks, so I claim a slightly better informed historical perspective.
    To suggest that the Obama/Biden ticket has fewer qualifications prompts me to ask: What the hell are you smoking?
    BTW, the average R.C. parishioner is NOT hearing an anti-gay rant on Sunday, but Palin’s Assemblies of God church is rife with your anti-gay and anti-science crap (“The earth is 12,000 years old and man walked with the dinosaurs”-OH SURE!).

  24. Mike_in_Maryland says

    I think we all agree that Sarah Palin will be no friend to LGBT people. Her life experience is fair game in the campaign but this Slate video is not about Sarah Palin. It trashes Wasilla in the most stereotypical elitist dismissive manner. Mr. Alex Sheshunoff uses a way too clever halting presentation to describe Wasilla while some kind of old Looney Tunes music plays in the background. These are the points from the video:

    •Wasilla is a place to get gas and pee before heading north to Fairbanks
    •Downtown has a faux frontier ambiance. (Get it? It’s really a dingy strip mall!)
    •You can get Mexican food (get it; Wasilla’s cold and really far from Mexico!)
    •The FUBAR Equipment Company is there too; really, there is a FUBAR company; get it? It’s really FUBAR there! Can the ACME Corporation, Wile E. Coyote and that darn Road Runner be far behind?
    •A huge Target will open in Wasilla but sadly, the new Dairy Queen opened in a town down the road.
    •Four-wheeled vehicles are everywhere and they’re towing trailers full of four wheeled vehicles!
    •Mayor Palin tried to ban books with dirty words and did not approve the construction of a new library.
    •Mayor Palin cut funding to the town museum.
    •The zoning laws in Wasilla aren’t tough enough. The storage shed dealer is allowed to keep his inventory along the side of a road!
    •Top Gun Taxidermy is a breeding ground of libertarian thought. What a shame that the polar bear statue is missing its left foot. Oh well; ha ha ha ha ha ha.
    •The sports complex cost 15 million dollars and left the city in debt. Thank God it wasn’t a billion dollar stadium like in those big places!
    •Two “toughs’ in a pick-up told Mr. Sheshunoff to fuck off. No mention of banjo music. Paddle faster Alex!
    •Wasilla isn’t an incubator of the new economy because a tattered “We Ship Fish” sign is barely clinging to an (abandoned?) van. Another example of lax zoning laws.
    •City Hall is not a marbled, columned, giant temple to government. Sarah Palin must have worked really close to a bathroom.
    • Mr Sheshunoff tells us the office holder experience of Dick Cheney, Al Gore, and the 1st George Bush. Sarah Palin got her 1st passport last year. No doubt she is using it to visit the United States!

    I’m sure the Daily Show can make a trip to Wasilla funny but this Slate piece is just mean spirited.

  25. GregV says

    “Is it just me or are gay men the most MISOGYNISTIC, SEXIST people out there?“

    I think it`s just you, Jake. My experience has been exactly the opposite. Every gay man I`ve ever known supports equality without regard to sex.

    “I can’t help but be kind of proud that this woman has taken the political world by storm and all we can do is trash her repeatedly.“

    That “trashing“ has nothing to do with her sex. No one here has trashed her sex. I`m a gay man and I voted, for example, in local elections for a straight woman who was running against two gay male candidates, and my choice had nothing to do with her sex or orientation. It was because her policies made sense. Sarah`s policies STINK.

    “…there must be a subconscious thing under the surface of why you would throw your support behind Obama, a young, exotic, relatively attractive political figure….“

    I would add the words: `who has opposed various anti gay initiatives and has supported improving the treatment of same sex couples by the US and state governments.“

    “…but totally crush Palin, who is….a young, exotic, relatively attractive political figure without a ton of experience but alot of charisma and showmanship.“

    None of her beauty awards or “showmanship“ matters to me when she has argued in favor of throwing gay people to the back of the bus, has argued against equal rights and only allowed same sex couples LIMITED rights in Alaska because she was advised she had no other choice due to the constitution. She STILL argued that she wanted to see things changed to take away even limited rights for same sex couples. She supports a church that stands against human rights and that awaits a bloody international confrontation.

    “Wasila is part of that USA whether you like it or not.“
    I`d be glad to vote for a candidate from a town like Wasila who is fiscally responsible, knowledgeable, articulate, open minded, internationally well read and driven toward peaceful resolutions, and supportive of human rights and fair treatment for all. I have NO requirement that such a candidate be of a particular race, sex, orientation or sexiness quotient. THIS candidate from Wasila is not that person and her policies and outlook are far inferior to either Hilary`s or Obama`s.

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