ACLU: McDonald’s Employees Served Up ‘Faggot’ Slurs

The ACLU has stepped in to help five men in Louisville get an apology and refund form McDonald’s after they say employees at the restaurant referred to them with anti-gay slurs:

Signs“Ryan Marlatt, Teddy Eggers, and three other friends had stopped for lunch at a McDonald’s restaurant on East Market Street on July 26, 2008 while visiting Louisville for the weekend. While they waited for their food to be prepared, an employee behind the counter referred to them as ‘faggots’ to another employee. Marlatt and Eggers then approached the cashier, said they didn’t come to the restaurant to be insulted, and asked to speak with a manager. As they waited for the supervisor on duty to appear, the employee who had called them ‘faggots’ started arguing with them, repeatedly calling them ‘faggots’ in front of other customers and calling one of them a ‘cocksucker’ and ‘bitch.’…’Nobody should be treated the way my friends and I were at that McDonald’s,’ said Eggers of Indianapolis, Indiana. ‘When we finally got to speak with a supervisor, she said she didn’t see what the big deal was. I couldn’t believe what was happening.'”

According to the ACLU, the McDonald’s supervisor refused to issue Marlatt a refund and his attempts to contact management higher up were met with silence. The ACLU has filed a complaint with Louisville’s Human Relations Commission.

Ironically, McDonald’s has been the target of right-wing Christian group American Family Association recently for its pro-gay agenda.


  1. MAJeff says

    “THE QUEEN works at McDonald’s? Makes sense.”

    Always check the ketchup dispenser. It might be her tampon residue.

  2. says

    someone should post the information of how/where to email McDonalds to let them know we will not be dining at their restaurant until they act.

  3. crispy says

    If a McDonald’s employee called me a faggot, I would laugh hysterically and kindly remind him: “Oh, honey, you work at McDonald’s.”

  4. Frank L says

    The post doesn’t point out (and should have) that the folks who got treated this way also said that the McDonald’s cashier who they complained to should be commended because she “was the only person behind the counter who seemed to get that this was wrong, and she was trying to get the woman who was calling us names to stop.”

  5. JAYDUB says

    I live in Louisville and had no idea – it hasn’t hit the news here at all. I’ve forwarded the story to all the stations in town and the CJ (newspaper).

    East Market… doesn’t surprise me. There is a gay bar, literally, right beside of this McDonald’s and they have been at each other for years because of parking lot issues.

  6. SteveH says

    Dan B –

    How about It might be a better idea to see how the company handles the issue. They have thousands of restaurants and hundreds of thousands of employees. The action of one employee and a manager does not represent the company.

  7. says

    Thanks, Steve H.

    I had no clue that McDonald’s is a multi-national restaurant chain with thousands of employees.

    I continue to think it a good idea to pressure the company to handle the issue in a positive way, and make a statement by dismissing the supervisor.

    It is only when people stand up and demand respect that they will ever get it. Please feel free to sit back and enjoy the things that people who take a more active approach get your your sorry ass.


  8. the queen says

    no dahlings, i don’t work at mickey dees (where i’m always treated with the utmost of respect and courtesy as is due me) but love their food… and haven’t used a tampon in ages, menopause at time warp speed ya know… however there quite a gay fast food place in my neck of the woods (and i won’t name names ’cause i certainly don’t want to spoil anybody’s fun) complete with flaming queens taking and cooking your order, flaming fag customers of every ethnicity possible and even some interesting restroom action… eat your heart out dahlings…

  9. Ernie says

    I called McDonald’s Headquarters after reading this article and was told that they knew nothing about it.. I gave them my informationa and the link to this page.. not sure what will happen.. but at least it will go through the channels..hopefully.
    Personally, I think that an apology is not the only thing that these men should get from McDonald’s. The employees should be fired including the supervisor.. and this Franchise should be fined at least $100,000.00 (which could go to a non profit gay organization) A memo issued to all franchise owners so that they can be made aware that this kind of behaviour is NOT ACCEPTABLE and will not be tolerated. Customers should never be treated in this manner..EVER!
    Here is the phone info for the Corporate headquarters.. PLEASE CALL and Voice your concern and Outrage.
    Call us. Within the U.S., you can call us on our toll-free telephone number at 1-800-244-6227