Brad Pitt Wants to Meet You in the Shower


Not only is Brad Pitt pitching in for marriage equality in California, as many of you know he also has put in much funding and time for the rebuilding of New Orleans.

Pittnola_2To that end, as I mentioned last month, he’s collaborated with Kiehl’s to develop a biodegradable body cleanser that’s not only environmentally safe but benefits the rebuilding of NoLa. 100% of the sales of this cleanser go to Pitt’s ‘Make a Right’ foundation.

Since I’m a big fan of Kiehl’s anyway, I’ll certainly be putting this on my next order. What easier way to thank Pitt for the funds he’s donated to the fight for marriage equality?

“Aloe Vera” Biodegradable Liquid Body Cleanser [kiehls]

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  1. peterparker says

    As I stated yesterday in the post regarding Pitt’s donation to fight Prop 8, he is the sexiest man alive! And I obviously love his political positions. Unfortunately, I have to take issue with the claim that this Kiehl’s product is ‘environmentally safe’. It is an environmental nightmare.

    It comes packaged in a plastic bottle. Plastic is made from petroleum products. In other words, somewhere along the way, someone drilled for oil just so this product could be a gel as opposed to a bar of soap. And while the bottle is probably recyclable, not everyone recycles. Furthermore, the pump on the bottle is almost certainly not recyclable which means it will end up in a landfill for decades and decades. Another consideration is the formulation of the product. One of the main ingredients is surely water (to allow the soap to remain in gel form), making the product exponentially heavier than a bar of soap. Distribution of the product consists of flying and driving plastic bottles filled mainly with water all around the globe. Each trip from factory to store has a much higher carbon footprint than if the product came in the form of a bar of soap.

    I hope Brad Pitt and Kiehl’s will reconsider the formulation of this product. And I hope everyone who was planning on buying it will reconsider that decision as well. There are plenty of more environmentally friendly ways to help out, like logging onto a charity’s website and donating.

  2. crispy says

    Thanks for the info, PeterParker. I just logged onto an environmental charity’s website using my all-natural computer made entirely of peat moss and stones.

  3. sparks says

    I’m trying SO hard to hate this guy for looking THAT hot at 44 years old … but he’s making it impossible!

    Hot, smart, sexy, generous… gah.

    Wonder if Angie would auction him off for a weekend or something. Just a thought. Could raise boatload of money for some worthwhile charity!

  4. American Patriot says

    The Word for the day is not TRUST it’s TRUTH

    When are he and his fire-breathing dragon-girl going to come out?

    When are they going to admit that they are both gay and that Silvestein is the terrorist who admitted to pulling down the trade center in controlled demolition. He likely got the nukes from Ariel Attias in Israel. The Jews name reminds me of the Aerial maneuvers of Attas. Aerial Attas. He likely worked with the defense minister of Israel in his attack on the USA on 9/11.

    Stop blocking truth. When is the mainstream media coming out with their collusion in aiding and abetting global terrorists who work as Inside Traitors and Inside Traders in the leading industrial nations.

    Israel is a nation of retards. They are trying to destroy us from with.

    We have the right to make a citizens arrest of Larry Silvestein who made 7 billion off of his 9/11 terrorist attacks. We’ve followed the money and all roads lead to Terrorist Larry.

  5. American Patriot says

    PeterParker I like you’re pecker… I mean, I applaud your wisdom about better packaging. It will help reduce pollution which is the cause of cancers, tumors and a host of diseases that the labor forces of the world have to pay for in excessive medical fees and bills that corrupt fascist CEO’s are charging us in collusion with corrupt fascist politicians.

    We have to be smart because the fascist leaders aren’t.

  6. peterparker says

    CRISPY…the difference between my computer and a bottle of Kiehl’s shower gel is that my computer will be used for years whereas the Kiehl’s bottle will be used for a month or two at most. But I am glad to see you have a biodegradable model…maybe I can find one of those next time!

  7. says

    yeah Brad is so sexy! and so generous and seems to be a genuine person. He puts his money – and muscle – where his mouth is, getting in the thick of things and actually helping to rebuild rather than just talking about it.