1. gabriel says

    I’m beginning to love Campbell Brown. She did a great job interviewing her and calling her out on how she was making no sense. I didn’t get to see the whole thing as I was on my way out, so if anyone has a link to it I’d love to see the whole thing (and for everyone else to see it)

  2. gr8guyca says

    To me, the issue isn’t that she chooses to support McCain instead of Obama. She is entitled to vote for whomever she pleases. But why make this so public? Why bother to announce that you are backing McCain? It’s one thing to vote for McCain, it’s another to deliberately try to hurt Obama. And, ultimately, who cares? She hardly has a major following that will be influenced by her defection.

  3. gr8guyca says

    To me, the issue isn’t that she chooses to support McCain instead of Obama. She is entitled to vote for whomever she pleases. But why make this so public? Why bother to announce that you are backing McCain? It’s one thing to vote for McCain, it’s another to deliberately try to hurt Obama. And, ultimately, who cares? She hardly has a major following that will be influenced by her defection.

  4. Josh says

    The problem with her calling Obama “elitist” is that it’s a thinly-veiled racist comment. Because apparently the Obamas are “elite” for not speaking ebonics, eating fried chicken and singing in church for publicity. Even though the McCains have no recollection of how many houses they own, the Obamas are elite because they must think they are better than other black people.

    Give me a break.

  5. MattDTW says

    What a complete lack of self-awareness. She calls people rednecks after claiming Obama is an elitist? Huh? Someone please explain to her the definition of irony.

  6. Matt says

    Let me break this down for you people. It’s easy to understand why she now backs Obama. Under the Obama plan, he would increase taxes (i.e. roll back the bush tax cuts for her income class). Obama would also raise the Capital Gains tax. Her and her husband would stand to lose a lot of money under this administration. This goes back to my comments time after time on this blog. People don’t vote for civil rights, or the rights of their neighbor. They vote with their wallet and whomever they perceive as keeping them wealthy or employeed.

  7. Rad says

    Wow… I mean WOW! What a load of hypocritical crap!

    I would really like to know what the definition of “elitist” is to these people? Josh, I think you summed it up;

    “Elitist” is the new black. I guess we have whole inner cities full of “elitists”. Katrina displaced a 200,000 “elitists”. The “elitist” servants wipe Lady Lynn’s ass when she goes off on a bender.

    “Republican” is the old racist.

    It is well time for the “elitists” to rally and vote.

  8. Derrick from Philly says

    I know she can’t be deported, but what about Sir Rothschild?

    Is it possible for the Speaker Pelosi or Chairman Dean to throw this aristocratic lump of shit out of the Democratic Party? Slim Jim can’t do it–he’s a gentleman.

  9. Matt says

    Derrick from philly,

    I’m assuming that’s a joke. I don’t agree with her backing of McCain but it’s not very American to want to deport someone who disagrees with your viewpoint. I mean after all we let Janice Dickenson stay here and she is bat shit crazy.

  10. Derrick from Philly says

    You know I’m joking, MATT. THe English have more American citizenship than you or me. Hell, JACK THE RIPPER wouldn’t even be deported, but let some African man be caught having sex with another man–out he goes….unless he can get to Canada.

  11. noteasilyoffended says

    Let me get this right….A “Lady” aristocrat is calling a elf-made man of a single-parent home is an “elitist”? A man who uses logic over personal destruction to make points and share his views in a respectful way is an “elitist”? Was this woman a Hillary supporter due to Hillary’s stance on the problems facing our country or because Hillary is a woman? Sounds like the Democratic party has scraped a barnacle from their underside. Oh wait, the “Lady” is still a member of the Democratic Party. Seems, like Maire Antionette, she wants her cake and eat it too. Don’t even get me started on how the average American will ever be able to enjoy life as the “Lady” does in the current state of our State.

  12. noteasilyoffended says

    LOL! and elf-made man. Me stoopid. Of course my sentence should have read self-made man.

    And funny how “elitist” has now replaced “liberal”. Irony. How rich! (or not).

    Oh, and Andy, could you please make your blog compatible with firefox? Smarter people use Firefox. There was a study. It was in print. It MUST be true.

  13. the countess de gooch says

    I must agree with the Baroness. I find her argument compelling and persuasive. Also, she made a comment about the Roe vs. Wade issue being a noose tightened around womens’ necks scaring them into voting democratic. After all, as she wisely pointed out, there has been no reversal of the Roe vs. Wade decision for some years now even under the Bush administration so why should we expect it under a Mccain/Palin watch? MATT, your comments are insightful and of course you are right. We do vote with our wallets. All in all, I believe that one’s financial position is the issue at stake here and not anyone’s civil rights.

  14. Mother says

    I think this just goes to show that Hillary’s supporters are no more real Democrats than she has been. As one of her constituents, I voted for her in 2000, but after 6 years of nothing for New York STATE, and barely anything for NY CITY from her, I voted Green in ’06. The only real Democrat that ran this year was Kucinich, and shame on our party for letting the press silence him and select our candidate for us.

  15. Rad says

    Mother, ah yup. My only wish is for there to be a strong 3rd and 4th option for election. I remember when there were a number of good, strong Independents that ran in the 80’s (John Anderson), and they got my vote. Now it’s more voting “the lesser of 2 evils”. At least with the Democrats, I feel there is a lot more focus on society as a whole, than the GOP that focus’ on societies, er.. um.. (it will only hurt for a moment) hole.

  16. gr8guyca says

    “Countess”, the Bush administration has not overturned Roe v. Wade, but it’s not for lack of trying. They have simply not had enough Supreme Court vacancies to fill to shift the balance of the Court. The ones that have opened up have been filled with conservative justices who would probably overturn Roe. Another conservative President would have 4 more years during which Ginsburg or other liberal justices might have to retire. Make no mistake, a vote for McCain means a vote to overturn Roe v Wade. Any doubt about how McCain thinks was answered by his choice of Palin who opposes abortion, even in cases of rape or incest.

  17. says

    She’s just pissed that all of her money and power couldn’t buy her the democratic primaries. Sorry, Lynn, but you did leave the democratic party, and sadly you left because the democratic party still believes in democracy votes count. I’m sorry that someone with her resources isn’t more rational, but we don’t need someone with such corrupt values having that much power in the party. She’ll fit in much better with her new friends in the certainly soon to be reinvented Republican party.

  18. arch says

    As for the suggestion that she should be deported out of the US – we certainly don’t want her here in the UK…

  19. says

    Jesus, what an insane old trout. Obama should put this woman in a prime time ad slot. The Duchess calls the mixed race single mom scholarship boy an elitist.

    Priceless. Who knew Dowagers could be so droll?

  20. Derrick from Philly says

    You’re absolutely right, ARCH. The British don’t deserve her. What about the Falkland Islands? She and hubby can rule over the penguins.

    Humph. Her facial skin looks like she’s already been living in the harsh South Atlantic.

    After 500 years, you’d think a Rothschild should know better than to marry a shiksa.

  21. says

    Campbell Brown is making me question my gayness. She’s hot and she rocks.

    Lady Lynn is an attention whore. (Trouble on the elitist homefront, Lady?) Her switch to McCain makes no sense, which is the only reason–besides her bling–that she made news. She blabs on about the nobility a middle-class background, which Obama came from. Then she says he’s elitist because “you know it when you see it.” (In other words, how dare that smarty pants black guy tread on my white elitist turf.) As if she’s in touch with anything non-elitist. And, if she thinks McCain is so wonderful, why wasn’t she supporting him to begin with? Campbell treated her nonsense with appropriate skepticism. Since Lady’s purchased 15 seconds of fame have elapsed, she might want to pick up a new hobby or a redneck stud.

    The stupidest thing is they’re all elite. Average people don’t usually run for the presidency. Oddly, it’s okay to be wealthy elite in this country but somehow bad to be intellectually elite. Blackness and intellect seem to be an especially threatening combination.

  22. Jimmyboyo says

    De Rothschild

    has a title

    was wealthy before her marriage (married = out of this world wealthy)

    has homes in london, NY, Paris, Monaco

    Her fleeing to mcshame = (Picture it)aristocrats fleeing into the castle while waving on idiot religous nuts with crosses to fight the masses with their pitchforks gathering outside the gates. inside the castle the aristocrats like de Rothschild sipping champagne and laughing at idiot religious nuts dieing to protect their wealth and elitist privelage

  23. Zeke says

    Let’s be fair here. Her Ladyship made one excellent point. McCain would in fact be the very one to teach us how to become rich and privileged just like her. All we have to do is follow the examples of McCain and her Ladyship and we too can be fabulously wealthy.

    Pay close attention now and I will share with you the secret, step-by-step McCain/Lady Rothschild method of attaining enormous wealth and privilege.

    Step one: MARRY someone with enormous wealth and privilege.*

    Step two: …um, well, alright there is NO step two.

    *Important note: step one may not be available to all people in all states)

    There you have it folks. Through his example, in one easy step, McCain can help us to attain wealth and privilege just like Lady Rothschild.

  24. dc8stretch says

    You are all missing the point- even Campbell Brown. This “Lady” is on the news because she is the tip of the iceberg- there is a boatload of Democrats who backed Hillary who are going to jump ship.

    Obama not putting Hillary on the ticket (and don’t whine to me about Bill coming along for the ride) was a Titanic mistake- it was a slap in the face to the 18,000,000 voters who supported her and what she stood for. If Obama couldn’t find room on the ticket for her- he may not find room in the voting booth for many of us.

    This would have been smooth sailing (to overwork my analogy a little further) if the dream ticket had been punched. But NOOOOOOOO. Now his campaign been capsized by a chunk of Alaskan ice.

  25. 24play says

    Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Make believe again about how Hillary’s 18 million primary supporters are gonna harpoon Obama’s candidacy.

    NEWSFLASH! The vast majority of those 18 million have long ago put hurt feelings aside and come home. Only the sorest of sore losers (and I do mean LOSERS) are still bitching about Hillary’s primary loss.

  26. Mikey says

    Ok, don’t yell at me too much, but I interpreted her comments slightly differently. She doesn’t believe Obama is an elitist because of his background or social status, she believes its his personality and self-confidence that implies elistist ~ she’s saying McCain wants to be president to serve his county, where as Obama wants to be president to serve his ego. I don’t buy that, but McCain does do a very effective job at playing the whole “I’m only doing this because I love my country” bit.

    Part two, she admits her current lifestyle is upper class, but she admits that she didn’t start that way and in that sense she does represent the American dream ~ don’t we all want to grow up to be just like her? And she did it. I won’t hold that against her.

    Finally, she isn’t labeling those who disagree with her as rednecks ~ if you listen closely, she’s paraphasing Obama’s statement about those who cling to guns and religion and implying that HE was characterizing them as bitter rednecks and she is saying she is one of them.

  27. Chadnnocal says

    She has to vote for McSame. Obama wants to tax the wealthy, this rich bitch has more money than sense.

    Let’s hope her plane goes down over the Atlantic. Better yet, let’s hope her plane goes down on the Bush estate in Crawford Texas.