Decisions, Decisions…


An Ohio farmer who creates an annual corn maze on his property has gone with an election theme this year:

“Fourth-generation farmer Bill Irons, 40, has been coming up with a different theme for each of the past eight years. His original inspiration: a picture of Larry Bird carved into a cornfield on an Indiana farm…Irons creates his design the old-fashioned way. He draws it out on graph paper, then enlarges it on 16 to 20 pages of graph paper that he tapes together and mounts on a board. The corn field gets special attention, too. It’s planted in two directions – like the intersections on a grid, he said. The corn comes up extra thick that way. When the corn starts growing, Irons gets out his tractor, and sometimes a hoe. He grooms his creation the entire growing season. Irons chooses not to use a GPS device, a piece of technology that would guide him more easily through the cutting process. ‘I use my head and my hands,’ he said.”

Posted September 16, 2008 at 1:03pm ETC by Andy Towle
in Art and Design, News, Ohio