1. Nick says

    And this is why the other ladies on The View, find ways to make this bitch cry.

    Seriously, she thinks she’s witty. But really she’s crass. And they cll her out on it.

  2. says

    Derrick, I’m sure she spent most of her time talking about her time in the Peace Corps, where she taught beauty makeovers and how to set up a microbrewery at home.

    And Elizabeth honey… bitch please. I don’t believe for a moment that Mrs. McCain showed up saying “Oh, just ask me about anything y’all want to… ” McCain might be a doddering old fart, but his handlers most certainly are more organized than that.

  3. johnny says

    Monica Crowley, Anne Coulter, Elisabeth Hasslebitch, they’re all the same toy, just come in various sizes and with various recordings stuffed up their asses.

    Just pull the string! She talks!

  4. ATLsteve says

    This is the girl from Survivor, right? And then she got this gig?

    Who gives a rat’s ass what she thinks or says … seriously, why was she hired by the View?

    This country is full of idiots.

  5. Disgusted American says

    I can not stand this Hasselbeck bitch..never could…Michele Obama obviously knows where this little snake lies…and wouldn’t want to give her the time of day – why would she? I wouldn’t. Shame I don’t meet her on the street so I could tell her to go Eff herself with her Buy-Bull! Her and Sherry Shepard.

  6. ichabod says

    This woman is such a puppet. I have no doubt her vagina is stretched completely out of shape from all the arms thrust up there to work her mouth.

    Wait, why are we even talking about this D-lister?

  7. Robert says

    Isn’t this backstage chatter crap kinda like stepping on somebody’s privacy?…Bad business, too. If folks are gonna have their personal BI splattered all over the place, maybe they’ll just quit going on The View entirely. Think before you yammer, Liz.

  8. says

    Elizabeth Hasselbeck is a bottled blond right wing spawn of the DEVIL…

    she really can’t talk about michelle obama since she SPENT most of the time obama was on the view, fighting with sherri shephard over who would suck him off first…

    she’s pointless, irrelevant, and doesnt have her facts straight most of the time.

    I love it when Whoopi and Joy take turns attacking her AND Sherri for being morons..

    and, is there ENOUGH SPACE to talk about Sherri “Chile, I Needs A Man To Love My neck snappin, finger wagging, too many sizes too big to be wearing little girl clothes, devoted to God and Obama when he talks about Christianity only” Shephard? I mean really, The View would be FINE with whoopi, joy, barbara and another woman who fit the view audience–MATURE WOMEN.

    Something Elizbeth Hasselbitch and Sherri Shephahooch are NOT.

  9. Chad says

    I believe that the ONLY reason why the The View has kept this talentless beyotch is because of ratings. It makes for good TV (if you don’t have a day job). I refuse to listen to this blond ditz and what she has to say about pill-poppin’ Cindy McCain. HasselCRACK, McVain, and Moose-skinnin’ Palin = EVIL!

  10. Bobby says

    They reason they keep Elizabitch Hasslecunt is because the man in charge of the The View, that’s right ladies and germs, the person who runs the show is not Barbra Walters but Bill Geddes, who is a fucked up fuckin’ republican.

    I watched that show when Rosie was on and catch it occasionally because I love Whoopi, but the more they allow her to put her christian/republican talking points on, the more I hope the show tanks.

  11. Sportin' Life says

    Are all Republicans lying demagogues who traffic in rumor and innuendo, and who never, ever talk about serious issues in a serious way? An honest question.

    Re: Cindy and Michelle

    When your big accomplishment in life is inheriting money, why should anyone be impressed? Rising from the working class by being smart and working hard–that’s what America is supposed to be about.

  12. paul says

    I like everyone on the show, and I liked all the old hosts too. Oh yeah, except for Star.

    People can say what they want about Elizabeth, but she’s the youngest one on the show and completely outnumbered 99% of the time…but she stands up for herself. She’s brave.

    I don’t agree with her and all the disgusting Bush support, but I do respect her for staying true to what she believes.

    But as Robert said, it was unprofessional for her to talk about what guests request backstage. That’s one thing Barbara would never do.

  13. jby says

    PETTY NASTY QUEENS!!!! i am at a loss by all the hatefulness from you people. you are just as bad as the the people you complain about. your like a bunch of cattle and the democrats are the herder. elizabeth did nothing wrong when she made the statement. god forbid anyone say anything negative obama and his wife. BTW todd if anyone on that show is a C**T, it is joy and her feminazi attitude toward men and the right.

  14. OH SNAP says

    STFU b*tch maybe she had a list of questions she didn’t want be be answered because the obamas don’t want the media all in they personal life cindy had no questions to hide because no one cares to ask her personal questions because they suck and are old as dirt

  15. Tyler says

    Elizabeth is one of those shrill republican woman who actually should be home having babies and serving their man, according to the bible.
    I wish Bush would just criminalize abortion so that the progressives would rise up and say ENOUGH! with their vote.
    Of course this will not happen because gays and fetus’ bring out the vote for them.
    We are being USED to scare people into voting republican.

  16. miap says

    This bitch is so dumbe you shouldnt even compare her to the other republicans..even on fox news she manages to sound dumbe..who the heck gave her a mike..Babwa walters should be ashamed of putting sucvh a dumbe bitch on tv as a representative of women..she makes my skin crawl..the only educated women on the view alwasy get dumpes simply because babwa’s journalist prowess must have began and ended with teh cating couch and she cant think either….

  17. paul says

    Misogyny — alive and well here at Towleroad.

    Elisabeth isn’t anti-gay. It’s foolish to make that assumption because she so stupidly supported Bush for the last 8 years.

    As someone else said, the level of hatefulness here is sad. Remember Karma.

  18. Republigirl says

    Joy, Whoopi and Barbara illustrate all that is wrong with this country today. Godless, liberal fembots that would like nothing more than to turn this country over to Obama so he can destroy it.

  19. Middle says

    Michelle Obama is an ugly left-wing radical and Cindy McCain is a stuck-up rich bitch. I don’t like either of them! I can’t stand their husbands either!

    Everyone here is as stupid as Elizabeth! Calling her names just shows what kind of crass and low-class you people are!

    Idiots and jerks are all around in this case!

  20. Anonymous says

    Too bad when you say some stupid Sh!t like this you don’t just spontaneously combust….people always want to stray from the point and this idiot does that EVERY SINGLE DAY. Blondes = Drama Why doesn’t she just get blacklisted already? Oh i forgot its cuz no one likes her ENOUGH to give a shit where her career goes so she will just keep trying to put her name in people’s mouths with stupid political comments. She’s gettin old real fast, NEEEEXXXXXXT

  21. the queen says

    i for one was impressed with cindy mccain at the republican convention. i’m not republican but i admired her poise, her graciousness, sense of fashion style, and her humanitarian work to which i think she is truly devoted to and sincere about. hasslebeck is another matter of course. the less said about her the better. but i’d love to see sarah palin on the view and let miss whoopi ask her some choice questions. i’d bet they’d rock, palin and whoopi, the both of them.

  22. CK says

    Elisabeth really has nothing important to say, she is just an annoyance. To all those saying we should not be criticizing her, though, we will leave you to your little sactimonious self-loathing beds of nails, shall we?

    Understand this: EH will do any and everything she can to make sure people that hate everything about us get elected. Ugh! Nothing could be worse for us or the country!

    Ultimately, though, what she did really was very bad form… the TV equivalent of talking out of bed… shows REAL class, right Elisabeth?

  23. achoo says

    nothing to hide. oh, except for that whole drug-addiction-stealing-from-her-charity thing. and the fact that she’s a stepford wife flown in from outer space.

  24. leopardgirl says

    This woman annoys the crap out of me. That is why they like to make her cry on The View. For someone that claims to be extremely conservative and a Republican, she sure can’t suck it up and handle it like a real woman. Stop crying when Barbara Walters is trying to debate with you. Geesh…

  25. toledo says

    She annoys me too! She’s so naive and stupid!
    i want someone to slap some common sense into her! The only reason I still watch The View is because of Whoopi and Joy. Barbara is starting to get on my nerves but I love watching her treat Elisabeth like an annoying little child.

  26. JA says

    jeeez…why is everyone so mean? everyone has a right to their own opinion. i agree that this elizabeth lady isn’t the smartest tool in the shed…but there’s no reason to jump on her for stating her beliefs.

  27. Davd T says

    I think people react strongly to her because she’s sarcastic, she’s extremely defensive, and very smug. There are other Republicans who aren’t as offensive. If she’s going to act that way, then she’s going to get a strong response from people.

  28. FunMe says

    Ah who cares what this dumb blonde skank “thinks”.

    Elizabitch is just there for “controversy” since her “views” really are just typical republiCON self-righteous blabber.

  29. Shakira says

    Elizabeth Hasselbeck is an intelligent, well spoken and elegant lady unlike many of her co-hosts. She is bright and smart enough to see the details and mention them to us. Elizabeth manages to respond to the Democrats surrounding her and keep her pace in an often hostile environment. Thank goodness someone is able to speak up and say they are Republican without feeling too intimidated by the bullying self righteous Democrats.

  30. neutralme says

    Jeeze are all liberals as bitter, angry, self centered and un educated as those posted here. Seriously, democrats wanting to figure out what goes wrong with your party, just read the comments posted. How can you even have an intelligible conversation with people like this! Uhg!

  31. Kimberly says

    Please note: for any celebrity, activist, and/or guest of a talk show, when deciding to appear, your host will obviously be very hospitable to your face, but once the so called “curtains” close, they will go out publically and talk “smack” about you for obvious personal reasons.

    Nice business practice! I wonder if she learned that trick from Scranton (Cranston).

    I will end with this lasting message: If you support an organization that steals the oppositions idea, “change” then shouldn’t you start that process right off the back by not insulting one of your guests!

  32. Kitty says

    This trick is crazy and fat Sherry! Elizabeth is a whinner, and a cry baby, she doesn’t have a clue, and we’re going to Boycott The View! Sen Obama and his lovely wife has done the right thing! No matter what they do the Replicans, and Ms Cry baby is gonna have a problem! Jealously is sad! I thing I have to Rosie give her a call! I was taught family values I will, and want to be a mommy to my kids! No Job is worth the joy of my kids! I guess gov Palin and Ms Cry baby, and Ms McShame and her rx drugs are unware of what 95% of Americans go thru! Hey McShame use to date a striper, and cheated on his 1st wife, and Gov Palin is more interested in trying to be like wacko Nicole Wallace! Gov Palin take care of your kids, no wonder her daughter is pregnant this is poster family of kids raising kids with no direction, other then the gates of hell! McShame sit down!

  33. Missy says

    Regardless of how she feels towards ANY democrat, she should always show professionalism and tact during her rebuttals and stoop the level of which she has chosen during the McCain luncheon. What this little girl did was simply uncalled for and shows her lack of maturity, sense, and professionalism. She painted Cindy as damn near a saint who floated in with angels on both sides of her with harps. We all know that is far from the truth. I am positive that whatever Michelle did not want to discuss that day pales in comparison to what I am sure no one was able to ask Cindy. For instance, her being McCane’s jump off, drug addiction, stealing from her charity, etc. Again, NEITHER of these women are running for office. They will simply have the privilege of being First Lady. So, again, what this twit did was uncalled for. In the press, it was stated that Palin will not accept any request for interviews until she is treated with “respect and deference”. When was Michelle ever treated that way. Cindy has “nothing to hide”, huh? I wonder does she feel that way about Palin. Hmmmmmmm…….

  34. survivor308 says

    The fact that people like Elisabeth still exist in this world is scarry to me. I respect people who views are different than mine BUT at least let them be logicial. I try to watch The View for Joy and Whoopi but sometimes she becomes unbearable and I have to turn!

  35. starr says

    I love the View and listening to intelligent co-hosts Whoopi and Joy. But!! Elisabeth! Arggh! is a very unprofessional, has been dissed by almost every guest on the show,humm! wonder why! She is a racist, rude, confrontational “B” who obviously lacked attention as a child. I no longer watch the view. BARBERA WALTERS DO NOT RENEW HER CONTRACT!!!

  36. BC says

    Liberals are very scared of intelligent good looking well spoken women. Liberals are mostly secretive , phony baby killing frauds. If you want to see compassion look at tax returns Obama made 240,000 and donated 1,000. But he wants to give your money away and even expand taxpayer funded abortion,, nice, what you do unto the least of these,,,,,,,,

  37. Lesley says

    Elizabeth is very confrontational and smug. She acts like a high school brat. She’s defensive about EVERY SINGLE comment any of the other ladies make. I like Whoopie and I liked Rosie, and I sense Whoopie’s frustration with Elizabeth a lot lately. Even Sherry called Elizateth a pit bull today. It was so funny! Sherry is an idiot too, but the pit bull comment was brillant!! Seriously, The View portrays women as petty, childish bitches who cannot have a mature conversation. I HATE that they talk over each other all the time. They remind me of my 3 teenage kids!

  38. LA James says

    Elizabeth is H back is certainly not a favorite to many. And her views come off carved in stone, so there really is no discussion where she is concerned. She is often wrong and misguided…but she is a sheep, not a SHEPPARD. Its like watching a brain washed spoiled rich kid spew off things they’ve heard the elders talk about. Its really rather scarier to think ABC has given her a podeom to spew her crass rantings. Free speech is one thing, free airtime is another…I mean really. And finially…the view is a group of women with different points of view coming together to disuss things, and learn and grow. Elizabeth does not seem to embody this idea. And its how we perceive her that really matters. As she is the young persons point of view, perhaps its time for her to step down and have a new and more appropriate young voice be heard. One with perhaps more freedom of though and a less crass delivery. I’m curious what a young 20 something would add. I think the seat she sits in should revolve every so often anyhow. Maybe every two years. Perhaps she is better suited to designing shoes or something. :)

  39. MAJeff says

    ” Its like watching a brain washed spoiled rich kid spew off things they’ve heard the elders talk about. ”

    Welcome to Boston College, where she got her degree. She’s fairly representative of the student body there.

  40. Cynic45 says

    It’s interesting that E-LIES-abeth Hasselbeck never has anything to say about the lies and prevarications that are spewed by her party and her candidates.
    What has she got to say about how her glorious Republicans handled Katrina and now has made the mistake of not only stranding the people of Dubay’s home state of Texas but the very rescuers that risked going down there to assist them with NO water,food or any supplies. The people that were suppose to be
    receiving help turned into the rescuers!
    She is awfully silent about the charges that are emerging that the McCain camp has tried to ignore,after they did MUCH vetting,
    in regards to Gov. Palin’s edict as mayor of Wassila that her staff was NOT EVER speak to the press.
    She has currently lied about how she sold the state jet,fired a county manager for not firing her former brother -in -law among several other issues and is now refusing to allow her current staff or herself to be questioned by a special investigator looking into improprieties by her in her current administration.
    What has she to say about McCain’s glaringly large lack of understanding about the state of the economy under 8 years of Republican waste? Unemployment is higher than it was 8 years ago. The real estate,stock and agricultural markets are in extremely worse conditions than they ever were 8 years ago.
    Our deficit has TRIPLED under Bush and Cheney. While we all want to be safe at home it shouldn’t be at the cost of our young men and women unnecessarily. Iraq has a 7 billion dollar government revenue surplus this quarter alone while we spend about that every month along with our blood sweat and tears when the Iraqi’s are saying “Go home already! Let us deal with our country’s business ourselves. We understand the delicate balance and nuances about our people and land. you don’t!”
    We are there paying for American contractors to “rebuild” Iraq,
    who hire “slaves labor” imported from India, Thailand, Pakistan,etc. with the promise of work at 4 star hotels for a fee
    equal to about $1000.00 USD only to arrive in Iraq and have their travel papers taken away and put to work for little more than room and board and a few cents above literally sweat shop wages.
    When these projects are built incorrectly or are substandard they have to be torn down and rebuilt again…..guess what? |we have to pay for it again!
    I’m surprised Mr. McCain ,as a war hero (as we are reminded every other breath but I would NEVER question his patriotism), has yet to say ANYTHING about what is to be done about the families left behind by those who bravely gave of themselves for us? What is to happen to those who are fortunate to come back alive but may be missing limbs or are severely traumatized?
    Does HE not remember the plight of Korean War and ESPECIALLY
    the Vietnam Vets? What about Bush Sr.’s disastrous Gulf War vets? Anybody remember the “mystery” illnesses that have plagued them and those that are still suffering?
    These are just some of the truths that can be found with a little effort various news sources from around the world as well as this country. As well as eyewitnesses.
    There are questions that have to be answered honestly and fully if you claim to be about change and you agree with what we have already. What makes you SO DIFFERENT? especially when you use different words to conduct the SAME business?
    So,E *LIES*abeth lets start with these and work from there ….. I’ll have some crow waiting for you!

  41. dean says

    The Republican’s are really screwed if this chick is their answer to Oprah Winfrey! Dr Michelle Obama came from a humble working class background through her pure grit, handwork and determination she graduated from Harvard Law School became a qualified civil rights lawyer, and then became partner in the law firm …compare her to Cindy McCain a trust fund baby who in the Republican conference used her adoption of two Bangladeshi as publicity for her charity work (pathetic!)

  42. Trouble says

    Michelle Obama along with that disgusting fat slob of a pig Oprah totally make me sick. You stupid people that believe the smut that these idiot Obama supporters comes up would also suck shit through a straw.

    You peeps would have to be black because whites would not show such ignorance! Obama is a FREAK, a Side Show Freak, yet you idiots stand with him………….

    Your kind is truely pathetic!

  43. rich says

    Wow Dean, way to set a good example for mankind. Im sure you could have expressed your feelins in a more educated way. Oh yeah and im white. And rich lol.

  44. rich says

    Sorry about that Dean I thought you wrote the racist comment but it was actually “Trouble”. So disreguard Dean, you are safe. Trouble…You need help!

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