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    McCain is Flippity McFlipper! Not to be a poll geek (as opposed to a pole dancer, which I am) but FINALLY the American people are starting to wake up to this gasbag. Swing state polls show the race tightening and McFlippery’s post convention bounce deflating.

    ‘When pigs with lipstick fly’ anyone??

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    You’ve got a great site which I have enjoyed for a couple of years but could you please be less of a shill for the DNC and provide more objective and fact-based political news? I understand the legitimate antipathy towards John McCain on a host of issues but do you know that Barack Obama as a Senator has received the most money from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae executives than every congressman in D.C. except for one, and John Mcain sponsored legislation in 2005 to greater regulate these semi-government entities? I get that Obama is preferable to McCain — although my man is Nader — but how about a little critical examination of Barack Obama for a change unless you are abandoning all efforts to provide even a modicum of objectivity news gathering and reporting for your readers.

    I love your site — always have and always will — but it’s certainly not one I rely upon for objective political coverage.

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    Actually, Barack was third. Here are the top recipients of campaign contributions from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, 1989-2008:
    1. Dodd, Christopher J: $133,900

    2. Kerry, John: $111,000

    3. Obama, Barack: $105,849

    4. Clinton, Hillary: $75,550

    McCain tried to address the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac issues in 2005, and no one was listening because the money kept rolling in. This is simply one reason why I am in favor of Ralph Nader, and am rather dismissive of both Obama and McCain.

  4. PAULIE IN SYD says

    @ HOGB
    most would appreciate if you have different views… but Towleroad is not an official news source.

    My view is that (like most blogs) it’s a place of news tidbits, personal opinions and biased observations – you know, like Fox News, which may be more to your liking :-)

  5. Warmsun says

    HOG – I don’t remember seeing anything on this site claiming that it’s aim is to be an “objective news source” for political coverage. It represents the views of one guy, and if you don’t like how he views the world and his politics, complain, air your views, or go someplace else. Personally if you feel like being a chicken for Colonel Sanders, that’s your business, but everyone else is going to laugh and ridicule you.

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    If Hate-filled Obsessive Gay Bore is such a huge fan of Towleroad, you’d think he’d show Andy and the rest of us a little respect and not pollute the comment threads with troll turds deposited under multiple screen names.

  7. Skip says

    Antipathy is not the word for describing my feelings about McCain. Disdain and disgust are more like it. I see no need to attempt to manufacture positive things to say about McCain; there just isn’t much there to say that is good.

  8. Rob says


    “In 1999, McCain supported comprehensive legislation deregulating the financial-services industry, including the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, which separated commercial and investment banking and was one of the hallmarks of President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal economic program. While that allowed banks and securities firms to compete more directly, critics say it led to excesses because it wasn’t replaced by a new law reflecting changes in financial markets.

    McCain also supported a law that deregulated derivatives trading and exempted energy trading from oversight. And he backed a federal law that preempts state laws, some of which are stringent, against anti-predatory lending.

    In recent years, McCain supported 2005 bankruptcy-overhaul legislation, an industry-backed bill that made it harder for some people to discharge their debt. Obama voted against it.

    Obama has been in the Senate since just 2005, so he wasn’t around for many of the pivotal debates over financial deregulation throughout the years.

    He touts Senate legislation he introduced in 2006 to clamp down on fraudulent or risky mortgages as evidence that he pushed regulations aimed at preventing ‘this turmoil from occurring in the first place.’ ”


    Of note: Neither the bill that McCain supported in 2005 or the bill that Obama supported in 2006 were passed into law.

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    Rob: I agree with you that the repeal of Glass-Steagall Act was misplaced, and in the Senate the number of Senators who voted for the repeal was 90 (including Joe Biden) and only eight Senators were against the repeal. President Bill Clinton then unfortunately signed the repeal into law. And just as a point of record: John McCain did not vote on the repeal. My point is that Wall Street special interests are just as entrenched in the Democratic Party as they are in the Republican Party, and I expect little “change” from either Obama or McCain on restoring confidence in the finacial service industry or the financial markets.

    REPUBLICANS FOR (52): Abraham, Allard, Ashcroft, Bennett, Brownback, Bond, Bunning, Burns, Campbell, Chafee, Cochran, Collins, Coverdell, Craig, Crapo, DeWine, Domenici, Enzi, Frist, Gorton, Gramm (Tex.), Grams (Minn.), Grassley, Gregg, Hegel, Hatch, Helms, Hutchinson (Ark.), Hutchison (Tex.), Inhofe, Jeffords, Kyl, Lott, Lugar, Mack, McConnell, Murkowski, Nickles, Roberts, Roth, Santorum, Sessions, Smith (N.H.), Smith (Ore.), Snowe, Specter, Stevens, Thomas, Thompson, Thurmond, Voinovich and Warner.

    DEMOCRATS FOR (38): Akaka, Baucus, Bayh, {{{{BIDEN}}}}, Bingaman, Breaux, Byrd, Cleland, Conrad, Daschle, Dodd, Durbin, Edwards, Feinstein, Graham (Fla.), Hollings, Inouye, Johnson, Kennedy, Kerrey (Neb.), Kerry (Mass.), Kohl, Landrieu, Lautenberg, Leahy, Levin, Lieberman, Lincoln, Moynihan, Murray, Reed (R.L), Reid (Nev.), Robb, Rockefeller, Sarbanes, Schumer, Torricelli and Wyden.


    DEMOCRATS AGAINST(7): Boxer, Bryan, Dorgan, Feingold, Harkin, Mikulski and Wellstone.


    REPUBLICANS (2): Fitzgerald (voted present) and {{{{MCCAIN}}}}

  10. gr8guyca says

    I’m just waiting for the McCain people to say that, by using the
    phrase, “old boy’s network”, Obama was playing the “age card” or being “ageist.” They’ll say it was a dig at McCain’s age. And we’ll have another “lipstick on a pig” debate. Remember that the McCain camp wants to do anything it can to keep people distracted from the issues. They know that if they keep the election about personalities, they win. If they make it about actual issues, they lose. So, they will try anything that will provide a distraction to a discussion about the economy, taxes, health care, and the war. Any day that the media are not talking about the issues is a victory for McCain.

  11. DAN A. says

    At this point the only thing we should be interested in is getting our people to the voting booth. There is no need for any unbiased discussions, McCain supporters are not going to change their minds and neither are we. We democrats are in a war that we need to win. Andy, keep the heat on McCain so our side will realize what is at stake and hopefully get out the vote.

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