1. countess de gooch says

    ah poor matt damon… another liberal lightweight who can’t act his way out of a papersack…

  2. kujhawker says

    The funny thing about that clip is I can easily see a movie exec watching that and thinking that is an excellent idea for a movie.

  3. sexyback says

    COUNTESS, I guess then he’s kind of a copycat of Palin… you know, the conservative lightweight who can’t string a sentence together but unlike Damon is vying for public office. If she had half his acting talent then she might have had a shot at winning in November.

    Oh and where were you and THE QUEEN on the posts about the Couric interview? Oddly silent. The stench of Palin’s failure must have knocked you unconscious. Hope your tiara didn’t break.

  4. noah says

    Poor Craptress De Grouch, just another simpleton who needs to affect royalty to lift himself and finds fulfillment by knocking down others. What great accomplishments have you done?

    Somehow, I don’t think that a gay man who uses feminine nom de plume/nom de guerre would be embraced by Sarah Palin’s church that believes in praying the gay away.

    Matt Damon? A terrible actor? Who would have known since he is generally well regarded by most critics. Lightweight? His Oscar for writing and Harvard education mean nothing, right?

    Hey, it’s Banned Books Week! I’m sure Sarah Palin must be sad that a week is given to challenge idiots like her who want to decide for others what they can or cannot read!

  5. dumb and dumber says

    Matt thinks he’s being smart. Is Vladimir Putin still relevant? Get your facts straight Matt, Dmitry Medvedev is President of Russia since May 7th.

  6. joe says

    For christ’s sake, lighten up guys. they’re all crooks..I don’t trust the lot of them…most of the actors too for that matter.

  7. Mr. E says

    Dutchess/the queen(?)- why don’t you kick off your shoes, get pregnant and head to the kitchen where you belong.

  8. Claire says

    Dumb & dumber: Putin is the prime minister of Russia. I suggest you google “prime minister.” You’ll find that it is, in fact, a very prominent and “relevant” position…especially if you happen to live in Georgia and are on the receiving end of those “peacekeeping” bombs that Russia has been dropping.

    Before you cast dispersions on Matt Damon, do your homework!

  9. Derrick from Philly says

    “COUNTESS DE GOOCH LOL@MR.E. like Bette Davis in “Dead Ringer”! LOL!”

    “Dead Ringer”? This is getting more like “The Great Lie”, and you’re playing Davis and Astor…and Consuelo, dammit.

    It aint healthy, honey.

  10. Brendan (Boston) says

    Countess of Cooch (close enough): the thing is, Matt Damon isn’t running for vice president with a high possibility for presidency. When he runs for office, we’ll shoot him down. Until then, he actually has a point.

    Dumber and Dumbest: actually, Russia splits the executive branch into two heads. The president is the head of state, while the PM is head of gov’t. While the president is still the format “leader”, the PM is the person that actually presides over the cabinet. Thought you’d like to know.

  11. Jack H. says

    I’ve refrained from commenting and said nothing about the regular poster who uses female pronouns and mock aristo titles, even when I found it pathetic in this day and age for a gay man (and I’m in my 60’s so I’ve lived through that outdated era) and a throwback to a time when gay men were expected to be swish and effeminate.
    The beauty of the net is that on social networking sites we now see a new young gay man. More masculine, more mainstream and likely to know more about sports and outdoor activities than silver screen divas.
    Obviously some find this threatening and revert to old stereotypes. I have also pondered the possibility that the “Queen” and “Countess” are actually a Larry Craig closet type who deals with his feelings by perpetuating outdated attitudes.

  12. Phil says

    I love it when people like DUMB AND DUMBER mention that Vladimir Putin is no longer president of Russia, like they think that’s relevant. Putin is now Prime Minister, as in he’s in charge of foreign relations, and Medvedev was practically appointed to his position by Putin… Knowing one fact doesn’t clear up the whole goddamn story.

  13. the queen and the countess de gooch says

    ROFLMAO@JACK H. like Bette Davis in “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.”

  14. Derrick from Philly says

    @JACK H.


    I understand your point of view about feminine gay men and “queen humor”, but never forget there was a time when flamboyant queens were the gay males who didn’t “pass” for straight. We didn’t didn’t/couldn’t hide back in the 1960s and for centuries before. I disagree vehemently with THE QUEEN about this election, but THE QUEEEN’s sixty years of courage is not to be dismissed.