1. michael mohrlang says

    As a longtime DWTS watcher, this looks like the worst season ever. Maybe it’s because I got used to ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ where everyone is great (which is where Lacey came from), but most of the ‘stars’ didn’t show any promise at all. Lance and Lacey were amazing, especially for the first round, Warren Sapp was excellent and adorable and Brooke Burke looks like she’ll be good as well. But that’s it.

  2. Mark says

    Well done! I do think, however, it’s time for Lance to move beyond the “Something About Mary” hair gel.

  3. David B. says

    What is the point of having an openly gay man on a dance show dancing with a woman. Sooo not interested. I would’ve watched if his partner was a guy.

  4. Rob says

    Its unfortunate that of all the members of NSYNC Lance had to be the gay one. He seems like a nice guy, but there is nobody who can tell me that he has charisma. Watching him and listening to him talk is as dull as watching gay Preston on Top Design this season.

  5. mark says

    Poor Lance. He has an extreme case of Gay Face (manic wide-eye, constant raised eyebrows, constant creepy smile).

  6. Mike Burns says

    And here I was thinking I could pass on this season of DWTS. Whatever I thought of Lance before, he’s much cuter gay than he was straight and those tight pants are really doing wonders for his ass. Cute little bod, too. OK. I’m shallow. I’ve learned to cope.

  7. Drew says

    You know, if Lance stands up straight, doesn’t smile, looks down and doesn’t open his eyes much, he’s quite hot.

    Unfortunately, he doesn’t do these things in unison enough. But, he’s oddly attractive on Dancing With The Has-Been’s.