Lance Bass Wants to Do the Gays Proud on Dancing with the Stars

Lance_laceyLance Bass tells E!’s Marc Malkin that dancing with a male partner on Dancing with the Stars would have been “like making fun of something” and would have overshadowed the competition:

Says Bass: “I think it’s so important for me to do this. But my biggest concern is I just hope it doesn’t hurt the gay community in any way because, you know, we definitely can be scrutinized and picked apart. I definitely feel a responsibility of making sure I represent well.”

Malkin adds: “With countless hours now spent rehearsing—DWTS has a three-night premiere starting Sept. 22—the 29-year-old Bass is one tired puppy. His boyfriend Sebastian Leal isn’t too happy about it, because ‘he really wants to learn’ the dances, Bass says. ‘But we haven’t had time. When I go home, all I wanna do is just sleep and eat.’ Bass did, however, make sure to find the time (and the energy, for that matter) to appear on Saturday night at event producer Tom Whitman’s West Hollywood fundraiser for No on 8, a campaign to fight a November ballot that would ban same-sex marriage in California. ‘I’m definitely not political,’ Bass explains. ‘But I know what’s right and wrong, and I know that’s wrong. So I’m going to speak up about it. It’s just common sense.'”

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  1. Hoah! says

    That would have been so dumb had he had a male dance partner. Just because he’s gay he has to have a male dance partner? That would have been exploitive and ridiculous!

    Thank goodness better minds prevailed. Can’t wait to see hottie Lance Bass dance up a storm. 😛

  2. says

    I dont think anyone ever considered pairing him with a male. I think the media speculated on that. it was entirely made up by the media. like when they speculate on vice presidential picksand suggested mccain would pick a completely untried, untested, unqualified female governor of alaska. oh wait…

  3. Sasha says

    WHY is it ridiculous to think of him having a male dancing partner? He’s gay. What’s ridiculous is that the fact that the dance world and society in general is so heterocentric that he still has to dance with a woman.

    It’s sad that he, and other people, are so brainwashed that they think there would somehow be something wrong or ridiculous about him dancing with a man. Male duets can be fantastic – you just have to see the dancers Michael Nunn and William Trevitt (who, incidentally, aren’t gay) together – or just think of pairings in old musicals, like Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor doing ‘Moses Supposes’ in Singin’ in the Rain. Or the Prince and the Swan in Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake.

    Yes, I know that mainstream ballroom dancing competitions have rules that are based on the assumption that the dancing pair will be heterosexual – but that needs to change. And there’s no reason it can’t, as the numerous same-sex couples doing specialist ballroom dancing competitions attest to.

  4. jason says

    Lance Bass has become the straight community’s useful tool. His purpose is to make straights look good in terms of how accepting they are of the presence of gay men in their midst. There is not even the remotest interest in Lance’s sexuality, and certainly not in terms of pairing him with a male partner. Overall, it proves that Hollywood is homophobic towards the male-male interaction.

    As for the notion of Lance starting up a “gay dance show”, give me a break. Segregation is not liberation. We’ve spent our whole lives breaking down the closet doors only to find that people like Lance wish to re-establish those doors.

    We should be out there in mainstream dance shows being who we are and interacting with people of our gender. If the producers of Dancing With The Stars don’t want us there, we should point out their hypocrisy at the very least.

  5. WeHoTweekers says

    Bass is such an embarrassment to the gay community. He is not a roll model for anyone. Even his book was a failure. Who needs to read about his silly unimportant life! There are bigger and better roll models out there for gay men than this loser.

  6. T says

    I don’t understand why dancing with another man is somehow less serious, making fun of, or disrespectful–as if a reality TV show deserves respect.

    I tried to think it through this and the only compelling argument that I could come up with insinuates that Mr. Bass does not see any type of equivalence in same sex sauntering as in opposite sex sauntering. It smacks of self oppression, and a lack of self respect.

    I don’t care if he dances with a man or a woman. I don’t even watch the show. However, he should show a little bit more respect for himself and other people of common sexual orientation by not putting down a male-male dance pairing.

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