Man Arrested in Homophobic Boston Assault Free on Bail, Curfew

Fabio Brandao, the 28-year-old man arrested in connection with an anti-gay assault against 4 others in Boston’s South End over the weekend, has been charged with four civil rights violations, four counts of assault and battery and three counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. He was released on $10,000 bail Tuesday and given a 10 pm curfew pending an October 10 pretrial conference, and been banned from entering the South End.

BrandaoThree other suspects have not been apprehended and Brandao’s attorney denies his involvement: “Brandao and other men allegedly got out of the car and attacked the four before speeding off. Two of the victims were able to get the car’s license plate number, [Assistant District Attorney Vincent] DeMore said. Also, a cell phone found at the scene belongs to Brandao, he said. The defendant’s attorney, Francis Doran, said neither of those things proves that Brandao was involved in the attack. Doran said his client is a father with no history of violence. Brandao worked for Brooks Brothers for 10 years, in addition to working as a chimney sweep.”

Meanwhile, one of Brandao’s alleged victims spoke out after the hearing, saying he wants to start carrying pepper spray: “I’m very, very nervous. I am going to be very cautious.”

Man Arrested in Connection with Anti-Gay Boston Assault [tr]


  1. JerzeeMike says

    Wanna bet this ass-hat gets off? I hate breeders anymore. I know I shouldn’t be like this but there are too many assaults against LGBT people lately and I think it’s getting worse. I applied for a permit to carry this week and hopefully I’ll never need it but it’s nice to know it’s there.

  2. the queen says

    is he portuguese, brazilian or what? hmmm… what is the story here, where they riding around looking for fags to beat up… shameful.. i think that queen who got attacked is right, pepper spray is certainly something i’d be carrying around these days…

  3. PatrickPatrick says

    ‘he wants to start carrying pepper spray: “I’m very, very nervous. I am going to be very cautious.”‘

    Screw pepper spray. Start carrying a gun! With pepper spray, you run the risk of simply stopping an attack but leaving the gay-bashing prick alive. With a gun, you at least have the chance of ridding our streets of these slimebags we have to read about all too often.

  4. says

    This goes to show you what a bunch of wimps gay men are. Brainwashed liberals. They are getting the shit kicked out of them and all they can do is try to call police on their cellphone? And after nearly being beaten to death, they don’t want guns because it is politically incorrect. Not only will they not defend themselves with pepper spray, but they feel the need to ask the police for permission to carry it? What a bunch of wimps. Gay men are *easy* targets because they are wimps and won’t fight back during an attack. And even after being attacked they wont protect themselves. remember gay guys, be polite and respectful to people who laugh in your face. Do not stop at GO,”go” directly to the gas chambers.

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