New Ad Campaign Focuses on LGBT Seniors


Adrants reports on the new campaign: “Under the slogan ‘Because there is no expiration date on a full, active life,’ Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders (SAGE) ferreted them out for an ad campaign. Warm, approachable images of them — as actors! families! Dianic priestesses! magicians! — will be used on subway metro cards, in print ads, in phone kiosks, and on bus shelters.”

A PDF with more of the ads can be found here.

Visit SAGE here.


  1. Paul R says

    In college I was in a group called SAGE, but it stood for Straights and Gays for Equality. After my name got printed in the paper announcing the group’s formation I started getting threatening calls at my house. What a fond memory.

    Not to sound critical, but GLBT is an unusual formulation, and using one acronym inside another is cheating. But I can be a bit picky about things like that.

  2. the queen says

    you know something, i was just talking about this whole thing with an old friend of mine… seems like there are no more bars where us old bags can hang out and have a few drinks and talk to the drifters and hustlers and shoot the breeze, maybe give a handjob or blowjob in the toilets… you know an old fags social club like they used to have at the pub in west hollywood before the russians moved in and started closing down the hustler bars on santa monica east of fairfax… there was another hustler bar there that i can’t remember the name… gone with the wind i guess… there’s nowhere to go now these days except maybe starbucks and that’s a friggin bore… where are the hot boys to be found these days… eye candy, baby… that’s what i want and that’s what i need… you don’t see them on the streets anymore with their shirts off like it used to be on santa monica. now i’m told they’re on craigs list hustling their wares… oh well.. back to qvc and the home shopping network…

  3. wisebear says

    PAUL R, I agree that the GLBT usage is weird, especially since their website consistently uses LGBT throughout the site. But I think they shoehorned a new name on the existing acronym for the original organization, which I believe was the now painfully outdated “Seniors in A Gay Environment.”

  4. tjc says

    Paul R– Lots of organization that only used the word “gay” in their name kept the single G but added “LBT” in their full names.
    Like PFLAG (and an extra F) — otherwise they’d be PFFLALG (they may or may not care about bi’s and trans-folks).

    It’s simpler and cleaner, and allows for inclusiveness without the mess of huge unpronounceable short names.

    Yes, nested acronyms can be annoying, but I don’t fault the (Boston) AIDS Action Committee’s use of AAC, or SAGE, or PFLAG, or others using AIDS or GLBT / LGBT.

  5. peterparker says

    TJC…I was actually focusing on the artwork, specifically the image of the black guy in robes wearing a crown. I half expect him to come to life and demand the execution of the two men who have invaded his house.

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