Outkast’s Andre 3000: I’m Not Gay


At a party for the launch of his clothing line called Benjamin Bixby, Outkast’s Andre 3000 told the New Yorker Observer that just because he dresses like a dandy he’s not gay:

“People feel like, just because you like to dress well … that don’t mean you’re gay! I don’t know where that came from! My thing is the 1930s. You had rough guys who played football, but they were impeccably dressed. So now, if a guy wants to wash his face, they call him a metrosexual or whatever. So my thing is, cut all that out. You know? It’s clothes!”


  1. Phil says

    This is a totally harmless statement from from a totally harmless person. Andre’s never been suspected of being gay by any gay man I know, but he works in an machismo industry that oozes homophobia; the man’s just saying what he needs to say to appease the musicians, management, and crew he has to deal with.

    As someone who has dear friends who are musicians that record with various big name artists, I know that it’s not okay to be gay. In the times that I’ve met people, I’ve been warned, “Don’t let them know I’m gay.” It’s fine for me to be, because I don’t play with them. But for my friends…

    And my friends aren’t closeted. One of them was telling me that a couple of people were asking each other basically if he was gay, and he said simply, “If they would ask me, I’d have to tell them, but as the nature of the business goes, I’m glad know one is being upfront.”

    Also, what does this have to do with Ann Coulter or Anna Nicole Smith? Something’s up with your tags, dude.

  2. SexyBack says

    PHIL, it surely varies from genre to genre – big difference between gospel/country singers & electronica/pop.

    But you’re right; this was a very harmless statement.

  3. SEAN says

    I absolutely adore Andre and his style. And fully suspect he’s ‘OK with the gays’. Agreed this is a harmless statement. His politics – and personal ethos – are in the right place. (And he’s vegan too!)

  4. DJ Tenn. says

    I met Andre 3000 briefly early in his career 11 yrs in ATL Ga @ a concert after party & I was with 2 well known local drag queens & Andre3000 could not have been more funny , kind and just mad cool, unlike the other hypermacho tranny chasin DL foolios in the hip hop game.
    He gets alot of grief within his genre for not looking like the rest of the face tattoo’d hateful gun totin frownin clowns and actually making MUSIC and having fun.
    Right on Andre 3000, everyone has forgotten the fashion stylings of Barry White, Prince, Curtis Mayfield , Isaac Hayes, & the heavyweights of yesterday , keep on doin it

  5. Idee Fixe says

    I love Andre 3000 and I fully agree with DJ Tenn. Why can’t people just be who they are and enjoy what they do?

    Although, I do think Andre 3000’s style is a bit slave-esque.

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