1. rudy says

    Jason, “snarky” is neither the point nor the intent, and certainly not what Andy is doing. Rather, he is offering his criticism in a mature and literate manner. I do agree, however, that politics is a subject about which Andy’s writing excels. Keep it up Mr. Towle.

  2. voet says

    If this is an example of “gotcha journalism” then what do you call McCain’s charge against Obama for saying virtually the same thing? A “Gotcha” debate tactic?

  3. Brent says

    Excuse me, but isn’t “slimy Republican” redundant? At least in this election cycle?

    I have Republican friends at work who are dismayed by their party’s tactics. Like yesterday when more than 2/3 of the Republicans voted against the bailout and they blamed the Democrats.

    And by the way, is McCain going to suspend his campaign again now that the bailout and the economy are in more danger than even last week?

  4. rudy says

    What a brazen display of fatuity. Watch as McC twidles his thumbs and quivers his lips as his chosen VP candidate veers once again perilously close to going off-message, despite intensive re-indoctrination by his staff.

    “Gotcha journalism?” Only the most partisan hack would agree with that lame characterization. Good for Katie calling them out. She has really stepped up her interviewing skills with this faux campaign and bubble-girl candidate. (It appears that Katie had a successful perkynectomy!)

    The VP debate should be interesting–and perhaps decisive–as La Palin strings together buzz words and verbal winks at the audience. Cute is not what America will choose when we are at war and the economy is tanking. One hopes that Biden is able to control his logarrhea so that La Palin hangs herself with her own ineptitude. He merely must pin the unpopular wars and the looming devastating recession on the Republicans and their candidates.

    Please control your rhetorical flourishes Joe. Just let Palin be Palin. That is enough to frighten the “Undecideds” into overcoming their prejudices and voting for the Dems.

  5. noah says

    Hey, you’re all being mean and sexist! Americans should no better than to ask questions of their monarchs in waiting! Do you people think we live in a democratic Republic? Do you think that Americans actually deserve intelligent, articulate leaders?

  6. Jimmyboyo says


    Just caught the tail end of CNN claiming mcshame is talking about suspending his campaign (never actually did) again.

    Damn, he is such a gambling addict. It didn’t work last time and he wants to roll the dice again.

    Of course it would all be about canceling the VP debate.

    If the debate goes through then look for the ear piece and battery pack for a radio device. Bushs’ battery pack was so evident 2004 under his jacket and strapped to his back.

  7. Andalusian Dog says

    Wowee! Thaynks, Dad fer comin’ to the rescue an all. I was sooper scyared that that mean ol’ Vice-Principal Couric was gonna yell at me again fer bein’, oh ya know, such a gashdarn, sassy idiuht. Yer right, Dad, she’s just jealuss of my bein’ sooper cute and a former second-place Miss Alaska at that, so that she just doesn’t keep her eye on the ball an’ ask the questions that are nice and that voters really wanna hear.

    Hey, Dad? Couldya remoov yer hand now out from up my asshole? I think the puppet show is over fer now…

  8. Larry says

    As frightening as this story continues to be, I still believe many in the party’s base agree with this rationalization. I actually am concerned about the VP debate because Palin has the ability to play victim, and many will look at Biden as the big bad wolf.

  9. patrick nyc says

    It looks like McDouche is going to reach over and snap Palin’s neck when she does not hit the talking points they drilled into her al night. Then after he jumps in with the ‘what was it a pizza joint’ line, you can see them both start to grin. Man are they so transparent.

  10. David R. says

    So Palin, foreign policy and military expert, knows that you don’t just shout out your military tactics in public, yet does just that on the street in front of the cameras that she loves. She could have said, “I don’t think it’s appropriate to get into the detail of that in this venue.”

    And what did she learn? There’s “gotcha journalism”…from voters. WTF?

  11. Derrick from Philly says

    “…I am sure Andy has a fine set….”

    Yes, and they aint bat wings either.

    I don’t think old McCain has bat wings–it’s dry in Arizona. Humid as hell here in the east…bat wing country.

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