Paterson and Newsom to Headline NYC Fundraiser to Defeat Prop. 8

New York Governor David Paterson and San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom will headline a $5,000/ticket fundraiser on Thursday at the upper east side pad of philanthropists Michael Recanati and Ira Statfeld:

Newsom_paterson“The money raised will be used for efforts to defeat Proposal 8 (sic), the ballot initiative that would amend the California constitution to recognize only marriages between heterosexual couples. Proposal 8 was put on the ballot in response to a decision in May by the California Supreme Court, which ordered the state to begin processing marriage licenses for same-sex couples…Advocates of same-sex marriage in New York have found a loyal supporter in Mr. Paterson, who directed all state agencies earlier this year to recognize marriages between homosexual couples that were performed outside the state.”

EpIn other anti-Prop 8 news, Ellen DeGeneres posted a message on her blog urging her readers to “Vote NO” on Prop 8.

Said DeGeneres: “There’s a California Proposition on the ballot that’s a little confusing. It’s Proposition 8. It’s called, ‘The California Marriage Protection Act’ — but don’t let the name fool you. It’s not protecting anyone’s marriage. Not yours. Not mine. The wording of Prop 8 is tricky. It’s like if someone asked you, ‘You don’t want dessert, right?’ But you do want dessert so you say, ‘Yes,” which really means you don’t want dessert. And if you say, ‘No,’ which means you do want dessert — it sounds like you don’t. Either way, you don’t get what you want. See — confusing. Just like Prop. 8. So, in case I haven’t made myself clear, I’m FOR gay marriage. And in order to protect that right — please VOTE NO on Proposition 8. And now that you’re informed, spread the word. I’m begging you.”

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Spielberg and Capshaw Give $100,000 to Fight Gay Marriage Ban [tr]
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Former Mormon Bruce Bastian Gives $1 Million to Fight Prop 8 [tr]


  1. rudy says

    Where is your MONEY Ellen and Portia? Please put it where your mouths are. Posts are good; donations to the cause are better.

  2. JT says


    Lots of people log in to her website. Lots of people read and appreciate what she has to say. And who knows that she hasn’t donated money privately?

    When straight celebrities donate, it sends a more powerful message (when one fights for something for which one doesn’t necessarily or obviously benefit, it tends to legitimize the cause), so I am glad that Spielberg made the donation publicly. Gay celebs would be expected to support this cause – no news there, no extra bang for the buck.

  3. says

    This has nothing to do with the story but if you live in or visit Las Vegas please don’t patronize THE EAGLE.

    While trying to set up an OBAMA PRIDE event I was told they couldn’t do “a Democratic event because we’re McCain supporters!”!

    Please stop supporting bars and companies that take our money to kill our movement!

    Sorry to go off subject but this is important.

  4. Leland Frances says

    How LAME, Mrs. Degeneris-De Rossi! 99.9% of those taking the time to find/read Ellen’s blog are ALREADY going to support marriage equality so her “begging” is cold coals to New Castle. She should be begging for DONATIONS to No On Prop 8 to help them convince OTHERS to vote against it AND begging for forgiveness for apparently not yet having GIVEN A FUCKING DIME OF HER OWN MULTIMILLIONS!!!!

    The NY fundraiser is great [straight Gavin to the rescue AGAIN] BUT how big is that “pad”? In 1977 when Anita Bryant was trying just to take away job rights in one CITY, a bunch of show biz powerbrokers got together and put on a dazzling fundraiser at the huge Hollywood Bowl that featured Bette Midler [has SHE donated?], Lily Tomlin [has SHE donated?], and Richard Pryor [he has an excuse—he’s DEAD….BTW, he had a hissy fit on stage that night that’s interesting but beside this point].

    WHY isn’t something like THAT being repeated…starring Ellen et al., and attracting not just big Hollywood bucks but lots of hoi polloi money AND generating tons of publicity against 8???? Why isn’t she booking herself [they’d kill to have her] on Letterman and Leno and Kimmel and radio shows and new Ralph’s openings to plug for votes and money??? SHAME ON YOU ELLEN!!! Others have sacrificed tons so that you and Portia could have your serve your silly vegan red velvet wedding cake. When the two of you end up with a kid, what are you going to tell him/her that YOU did to win this war????

    Ellen, Rosie, Melissa, Elton, Berlanti, ad infinitum you are apparently still MIA with the moohla and THERE IS NO FUCKING. EXCUSE!!!!

  5. misquoti says

    If you look at the images on, you can see that California’s gay activists have (once again) taken the white-supremacist route. Meanwhile, the campaign is racially inclusive. Should we really insist that Ellen donate to a racist group like No on Prop 8?

  6. Leland Frances says

    Puhleeze, JT! WHY the fuck would THESE people do it privately? This isn’t like some “Bidders hidden” listing for some eBay porn. Everyone already knows they’re gay. Everyone already knows each of them has a well-deserved reputation for giving to causes.

    And, AGAIN, giving privately while publicly encouraging voting is not only contradictory but irresponsible in terms of throwing away the opportunity to encourage others donating by their heroes’ example.

    And gay media et al., as evidenced by last weeks IN LA mag article which revealed the MIA status of so many famous/rich gays,

    are going over donation reports with the proverbial fine tooth comb. Trust me, they would figure out who was behind any donation from, let’s imagine, “Acme Foundation for Poor Puppies.”

    Leave the puppies to others, Ellen, and cry and cough up for your own PEOPLE!

  7. Peter says

    Misquoti, dear,

    are you saying that homophobia (as represented by the swine of is perfectly okay as long as it appears racially inclusive? Because that’s certainly the message you’re sending.

    Besides, how do we know the haters’ display of non-white faces aren’t like the proverbial two or three black faces at the Republican National Convention? That homophobe fest had the lowest percentage of black attendees in history. Yet the RNC tried to make it appear that there were plenty of black people at the convention.

  8. JT says


    Have you ever been to her website? Did you see how many well-wishers posted about her wedding?

    I think Ellen does her part by being visible. I think she did her part by getting married. I imagine she inspires a lot of people to donate but more importantly, she is reminding her many fans of the need to vote, i.e. turning good will into action. Donating space on her blog to the issue is worth a lot, yet it didn’t cost any fundraisers a penny.

    She’s giving. Just not in the way you think is best.

  9. misquwoti says

    no. i’m saying that racial exclusivity (as represented by the swine of is not perfectly okay, even when it is being used to promote gay marriage.

    “how do we know the haters’ display of non-white faces aren’t like the proverbial two or three black faces at the Republican National Convention”

    – we don’t. but what’s the excuse for not showing a single black face on its website?


    LELAND is right, and JT is apparently an assistant to Ellen’s publicist.

    It’s sad that Ellen’s mom came to speak at a No on 8 volunteer event, yet Ellen has not been a very visible part of the campaign.

    Fuck her blog! DOLLARS are needed right now to match opposition fundraising. This Towleroad post is one of the only media mentions of her measly blog post supporting No on 8. And it didn’t cost her a penny to post it, and she no doubt had someone do it for her. And, it is unceremoniously plopped between two other posts titled (I shit you not) “Come Visit the 26th American Wine & Food Festival!” and “Wolfgang Puck’s Stir-Fried Veggies with Tofu and Butternut Squash Soup Recipes!”

    Imagine the coverage if she gave a million dollars? And asked all the legions of ‘well-wishers’ on her blog if they might donate some money, JUST LIKE SHE DID, so that her marriage doesn’t go POOF on Nov. 5?

    And JT, why don’t you make Ellen (ET AL.) aware that more than a few of her fellow homosexuals who are donating lots of their own time and money think that her real or imagined “private” donation to No on 8 should be made public.

    Heartfelt thanks to Brad&Angelina, Steven&Kate, Bruce Bastian and others who have helped the campaign with their VERY VISIBLE SUPPORT.

  11. JT says

    I’m not sure where all the vitriol is coming from, and why it is directed at Ellen (with a little bouncing off in my direction). I guess some of us just aren’t the right kind of gay.

    But anyway. When your marriage makes national news; when millions of people watch you every day and can now put a face on the issue of gay marriage, and because they like you may actually vote against the measure because of their emotional connection, I’ll cut you some slack, too.

  12. JT says

    PS Was just checking email through AOL. On their site, on the roll of stories one is enticed to read, is a headline about a TV host advocating for gay marriage. One follows the link, and it’s about Ellen. So the fact that she is advocating for gay marriage is also making the news. So the example she sets again is exposed to millions. Millions who are reminded that she is gay, and is married to her same-sex partner. Millions who like her (as well as those who don’t and who would never be swayed no matter how much money is spent). Millions who are reminded that this measure takes away a right. Millions who, because of this connection, may be inspired to vote.

    But I guess that sort of exposure just isn’t good enough.

  13. Leland Frances says


    No that is not enough, any more than Obama [or anyone else] would expect to be elected by simply begging people to vote for him on his blog or giving interviews.

  14. JT says

    “may… may… etc.”

    Not that you’ll ever read this, but…

    A realistic person uses the word “may” because saying “will” MAY be unsupported by fact, which can only be ascertained through a careful study. You may believe that all the difference in the world will be made through donations of money. I believe that through example and connection, people are compelled to act in a way that reconciles their beliefs with their actions. You believe that knowing Ellen donated money will make people more accepting. I believe that a perceived connection to her will be a more likely catalyst.

    I believe that my friends will be more likely to vote against this measure because they know me and my partner rather than because of ideology. Because knowing a real person makes acting against them more difficult. I believe that knowing (as much as anyone can know a celebrity) Ellen will make a big difference. I base my beliefs on what I know of psychology (2 degrees in it might explain this). Feel free to disagree.