Rep. Tammy Baldwin on Pick of Sarah Palin

Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin issued a statement to on Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as McCain’s VP pick:

Baldwin“A real test of a presidential candidate’s judgment is his choice of a running mate — the person who is next in line to become the commander in chief. As we face serious global challenges and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, John McCain has chosen someone with virtually no national security or foreign policy experience. This choice calls into question both Sen. McCain’s judgment and a McCain administration’s ability to lead a nation in crisis. To the extent that this choice represents an effort to court supporters of Hillary Clinton’s historic candidacy, McCain misjudges the reasons so many voters rallied around her candidacy. It was Sen. Clinton’s experience, skill and commitment to change, especially in the areas of health care and energy policy, that drew such strong support. Sarah Palin’s opposition to Roe v. Wade and her support of Big Oil will not draw Democrats from the Obama-Biden ticket.”

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