1. Anonymous says

    The Tina Fey sketch is hilarious — she is amazing. The problem is that it wasn’t far from the real thing — which was also hilarious — if it wasn’t so scarey.

  2. gr8guyca says

    One of the hardest things for a politician to survive is outright ridicule. It’s interesting to note how much harsher this SNL parody is on Palin than the last one. It captures the public mood that Palin has gone from a slight dimwit to an out-an-out embarrassment. Following the CBS interview and this, some Conservative writers are beginning to suggest that she should step down. Stay tuned.

  3. Ben says

    The most damaging thing for the Republicans was that Fey didn’t even have to fake much of the dialogue – she used large sections of Palin’s own response verbatim, while other parts were only lightly paraphrased. Not only was that a clever move on Fey’s part, but also a searing indictment of Palin herself. It goes well beyond Jon Stewart’s practice of using politicians’ own words to undercut their arguments – Fey is basically saying that Palin is so stupid and preposterous she satirises herself.

  4. says

    I agree with GR8GUYCA—ridicule is venom. Think back to how Dana Carvey weakened George H.W. Bush, who couldn’t even beat a philandering, sloppy-around-the-edges newcomer like Clinton. Who of course went on to be a great president…and who of course now is an asshole. The (only!) other part of SNL that was truly hilarious this week was their take on Clinton hemming and hawing about supporting Obama. It’s so unfunny in real life that it’s funny as hell in parody. No worries; Obama can win without the Clintons, which is probably why Hillary, at least, is graciously pitching in anyway.

  5. anokie says

    This was classic! The bit about using a life line and calling a friend had me on the floor! I agree with most if you take the two and put them together there isn’t much difference which is SCARY.

  6. says

    Trust me, if SNL could pull together a skit about Obama that’s as spot-on hysterical as this was, they’d do it in a flash. Great comedy bits are few and far between on that show, and it’s ludicrous to think they’d pass on something that could bring them more viewers and revenue just because it’s Obama. Hell, even Republicans would have to admit that this is funny.

  7. Charles says

    They actually didn’t alter much of what Palin said in the actual interview-some of it was lifted straight-that’s what makes it so frightening when you stop to think about it.

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